I Had a Great Time@Genting Highland

Its a long weekend. Due to the public holiday celebrating Deepavali.

Therefore I planned a family trip to Genting. Couldn’t recall when was my last visit. Few years back?? I think so. Dad made the room reservations. Unfortunately sis called up & said she couldn’t join us. What a disappointed call 😦



Had our breakfast cum lunch & departed from Seremban at about 11.40am and arrived safely at the peak at about 2pm. As we reached the peak; we saw several cars broke down & cars were moving bumper to bumper.


Its so difficult to get a car park even if you are staying in the hotel. ITS ALL FULL! Anyway; we got our car parked & check in our luggage into our room. The room is spacious and has a comfy bed! Heard that they have just undergone a renovation.

Deluxe Room of Resort Hotel


From Resort Hotel; we walked to First World Plaza through the link way about 10 minutes apart. Had our brunch at Coffee Bean. It was quite crowded there. Everywhere we walk….there’s just *people mountain people sea*. At about 4pm we walked to the outdoor theme park which is just 1 floor below. What I like most; is the weather is very cooling & breezy. The temperature was at 19 degree. I hardly sweat. Isn’t that nice? 😉


In First World Plaza


First World Indoor Rides


Some portraits taken by Alex


Ticket to Outdoor Theme Park at RM40/person


The entrance pass covers all the outdoor rides. All you have to do is just queue. We skipped most of it because of the long queue.





Antique Car


Flying Coaster


Space Shot




Grand Prix Fun Kart




Tunnel to the Land of Dinosaurs



An Overview of Outdoor Theme Park


It was about 6.30pm by then. We headed back to First World Plaza for our dinner (next post). Had a nice dinner and got ready for the next schedule. GLITZ!! A Performance by several well known people; Charles Bach (Award Winning Magician from USA), The Mystical Grace of The Huachen Acrobatic Group and Daria Pushankina (Sand Animation Artist from Ukraine). What inspires me the most is the sand animation! She actually can make several arts or figures using sand. She even can do several images of our beloved Michael Jackson.

Phew….back to room, took a bath and went to the casino to try our luck.

CHEH!! Made me lost money…..How I wish I can print money 😀

There goes a tiring day. Am I getting old? As I gets tired fast now…. *sigh*

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