Kungfu Panda TUMBO

Another item added into my collection.

My recent movie on last Saturday was Fast and Furious 5 together with Alex. And also Marcus. Yea right…I know we were quite far behind from the first day of screening. Just want to conclude that it was an awesome movie which don’t get you bored….in fact…every episodes are equally good! Worth watching…Marcus said, he is going to buy the original DVD once it arrives here.

Usually we watches movie on Saturdays at TGV. And also not forgetting the sodas, chips or popcorn while watching it. While we were queuing to make our purchase, I saw this  Kungfu Panda TUMBO displayed at the counter. I was so excited as in jumping for joy seeing it. I felt that its cute and special. A drink cup and a popcorn cup attached together, where you can all detach them. I insisted Alex to purchase it!! He replied with; OMG!! you are just the same like a ‘BIG KID’. Duhh…’big kid’ term for me?? Doesn’t matter anyway… *GRIN*

Nah…Kungfu Panda 2 movie is not showing yet.  Purchased this Kungfu Panda TUMBO set of drink & popcorn for RM14.90. In future I can fill it with chips & soda while watching movie at home….. weeeeee….

7 thoughts on “Kungfu Panda TUMBO”

  1. I love tumbos from movies I still even have the Episode 4 Star Wars, but the best one I had was from Universal Studios and it was a tumbo shaped like Homer Simpson

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