My Trip Back to Sarikei for CNY 2013

So fast CNY has over. But my mind still stuck in this festive season lar. Can’t CNY be 1 month? hehe….

HB and I often travel few days earlier before the CNY to avoid the crowd and also the expensive air fare.


While most of my friends were at work, I say goodbye to KL. Making many of them feel envious :-p soli lor….


We missed the cheap fare which fly directly to Sibu. Therefore we took the alternative way by going to Kuching then from there took another flight to Sibu in the late afternoon. Alex’s friend, Frankie who is in Kuching brought us here for the nice Sarawak Laksa. I also had a bowl of β€œTian Miang Ngu” which look like our ‘min fun kou’ but they taste differently.


Frankie also brought us to this place selling lots of Kek Lapis (Sarawak Layer Cakes). Here, you can sample varieties of kek lapis for free. Very attractive isn’t it? But some are quite dry. I did not buy much, because Alex said MIL has ordered alot for the CNY. I still have those cakes in my fridge ler…next year kena tell MIL not to buy so much for us edi πŸ˜‰


When I reached Sarikei, what I must eat the following day is the Kampua Noodle! I do know there some people in West Malaysia prefer Wantan Mee over this. For me…I think I like both of them also la..cos they are different!

600788_10151349251937740_1276457709_nAlso not forgetting the Kolok Mee. I will never miss having both of them!


Although Sarikei is famed for its pineapple, but I seldom eat. Too cooling for me. Trust me..the pineapples there are very sweet!


Other then pineapple, Sarikei is also famed for its pepper. Have you seen a real pepper plant? I meant before they were process. I often come back to buy their pepper. And I noticed each time I buy, the price also increased 😦


A day before eve of CNY, followed MIL to a CNY bazaar at Nyelong.


It was a wet CNY. Luckily the rain stopped while on our way to the bazaar and I noticed this rainbow. I feel joyful each time I sees a rainbow.

32157_10151351805947740_1589792264_nBeautiful orange sky at about 7pm.

526389_10151351442447740_487768349_nHave you ever seen this kind of dish served in a fast food outlet? can only get this from Sugarbun Sarawak! I also never fail patronizing this place whenever I return Sarikei. I seldom order the burger but will normally order the fried chicken with their special rice.


On one afternoon, we skipped lunch and felt hungry later. So, MIL steamed these plump and meaty ‘siew mai‘.


Family reunion dinner. Some of it are bought from restaurant and some are prepared at home. Too much of food, we couldn’t finish all.

485204_10151353701817740_620259095_nPeople were launching Kongming Deng (Sky Lantern).


It was like a fireworks competition on eve of CNY. Watched them for free. Unfortunately I sprained my knee when I was running back home when a firework at our neighborhood went haywire. *so dangerous* 😦

149489_10151354792332740_1452928158_nAs usual, we will go friends house visiting (pai nien) on first day of CNY, after having a bowl of mee suah.


Time flies…its time for me to return to my own hometown. I traveled back on 2nd day of CNY. Beautiful sky leading my way to Sibu airport.


Before traveling back…I want to have these for my breakfast! Kampua, pig’s liver soup and bien nuk! Will miss them for several months lu…

45309_10151367021377740_556057551_nMIL knows I like midin. She bought a few bunch for me (they are nicely wrapped in layers of newspaper) and that night we had stir fry midin (cooked with garlic, ginger & red rice wine) for dinner.

For more food photos and places in Sarikei, do refer to my previous post:-

22 thoughts on “My Trip Back to Sarikei for CNY 2013”

  1. Wow foods . Yummy . Always make me drool when seeing foods pic . OMG !
    Never been to Sibu before , so wanna plan to go for a visit one day . kekekeke
    What is “Midin” ??? I can’t figure out seeing yr pic . Is this available in KL .
    Thanks Mel for sharing yah πŸ™‚

    1. Jen – Food and lifestyle there may differ from KL. Midin is a type of fern. KL only can get pucuk paku. Slightly different from this. This is how it looks before cooking. “ πŸ˜‰


    i have tasted most of these food *smirk* what i miss the most are Sarawak laksa and Midin! and also Umai! oh and Kek Lapis πŸ˜€

    you all serve kek lapis during cny ar?

  3. heheh, yeah, i miss the CNY holiday season. now it’s all hard work until the next stretch of public holidays, which seems to be many months away. arghh!!! πŸ˜€ nice-looking food. i don’t think i’ve ever tried midin before, but i think i’d like it! πŸ˜€

  4. Ya…I like the tilapia with rice at Sugar Bun too but my favourite is still the fish burger. Yum! Yum! Hmmmm…food porn! So nice, the food in Sarikei…and you did not stop in Sibu – I’m sure you’d explode…all the nice things to eat here….not like Seremban hor? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. As usual your food posts make me miss Malaysia. I remember my last CNY there was in Klang ang the fireworks are amazing, we have to fire our own fireworks and its like war at ground zero. Very exciting, very festive

  6. Gosh… I miss Sarawak Layer Cakes! I tried once bought by my colleague and they were quite delicious! Can’t get good ones in KL.

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