Dinner @Village BBQ Steamboat, Puchong

Do you like steamboat? I like having steamboat especially when there’s a gathering with family or friends. I like the atmosphere where everyone happily enjoying the one pot thing.

photo from their FB page.
*typo on the word ‘Grill’*

Despite having the old skool way of steamboat, ever thought of 3 in 1? The other day I came across this newly opened steamboat restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Steamboat business is quite competitive in this area. 3 in 1 Buffet Steamboat look interesting to me. Steamboat + Frying (on pan surrounding the pot of soup) and BBQ on a small mobile bbq pit.

There are only 2 types of soup base offered here. Chicken soup & Tom Yam. Choose only one. I for sure to choose Tom Yam soup lar…. LOL!! But their tom yam soup was nice wor….

Buffet style means you can eat everything they served on the serving table. All you can eat buffet steamboat priced at RM35 (adult) RM25 (children). For children below height of 120cm…there is a minimal charge too. But I can’t recall the exact price. Sorry.

I took some cooked dishes from this section to fill my hungry stomach. I had some fried rice with curry chicken and some delicious lala (clam).

types of dried noodles to use for steamboat.

Varieties of frozen meat balls or processed meat.

Varieties of skewers consists of meat and seafood use for BBQ. Also assorted of marinated sliced meat use for grilling/frying.

More fresh seafood.

The vege corner. Assorted fishballs, mushrooms and beancurds.

More vege and cut fruits.

Types of dipping sauce. Opss…the empty slot were brought into kitchen to replenish.

Types of drinks offered here. They also provide Liong Cha (Chinese Herbal Tea).

When I was picking up some raw ingredients… I thought their washing area is kinda nice. Don’t you agree? :-p

Look, what we scooped for our steamboat.

scallops, mussels, clams….

BBQ-ing in progress.

This small BBQ pit in place next to each customer’s table, easier for us to do the BBQ thing.

Siew Kai Yik….siapa mau?? 😀

Yea…lets feast!

Good dining experience here. The food selections were not bad I felt. The choices of seafood offered, the prawns sizes are quite big I thought. Moreover the ingredients were fresh. Service was acceptable too. Hope they could maintain its quality for long term. Not only when its newly open lar hoh. 😉

Steamboat will not be complete without ice cream. True or not?

Assorted ice cream flavors. But these kind of scooped ice cream is too common edi….

Ta daaahhh….more ice cream! Got in cone lar…. stick lar…. ice cream potong pun ada. Yay!
ADDRESSNo. 1GF & NO.1-1 Jalan Puteri 2/6 Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong Selangor.

CONTACT INFO EMAIL ADDRESS: info@villagebbqsteamboat.com.my
TELEPHONE: +6012-772 0400

18 thoughts on “Dinner @Village BBQ Steamboat, Puchong”

  1. looks like a good one to bring my family to! they’re very careful about cleanliness at restaurants, so this one looks very neat, with fresh and abundant options for a reasonable price. thanks! 😀

  2. ewwww, “gill” steamboat, sounds VERY fishy, haha, i like the assorted ice cream available, considering the extensive choices available, rm35 is not too expensive

    1. Ken – LOL! Ah ‘gill’…what so fishy huh? 😀
      High 5!! I also like the assorted ice cream. Yealo….its a buffet type..so I consider the price quite okay. Imagine if we buy all those ingredients to have own steamboat..probably cost more than that :-p

  3. So many choices, nice!!! We have one place here – around RM20…all the frozen supermarket stuff – I might as well have my own at home. Not worth going.

  4. Yes, it is a good restaurant for family and friends. Really enjoyed last Sat dinner there.
    Only lack is the satay peanut sauce.
    Little children RM10 only (they will measure the height of the little children to check if they qualify for this special rate).

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