Sharing my experience of my first tattoo.

Many years back I saw my late friend did some tattoo on her body. I told her I wished to have it too. She replied, “go for it”! But I wasn’t brave enough nor have the courage to be inked. Moreover I couldn’t think of a nice image. I wanted it to be something meaningful because it will stays permanently on my body part.

Each time she sees me, she would ask have you done your tattoo? I laughed and said not yet.

On September year 2020, I stumbled upon a post in a FB group asked about recommendation for tattoo artist. A person recommended Selina Tattoo Studio in Seremban. I went to browse her work on her Facebook page and immediately like her work! Without hesitation I texted her to make an appointment on that weekend. LOL!

Located at Pusat Perniagaan Templer, opposite Chinese Medical Hospital.

Selina Tattoo Studio

Address: D-8, 1, JALAN PPT 2, PUSAT PERNIAGAAN TEMPLER, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Phone: 016-665 1562

I made an appointment with the tattoo artist on the earliest session. HAHAHA! We had discussed earlier on the tattoo design that I wanted. Upon arrival, she printed out the design that I wanted to trace the outlines for tattoo. I intended to place the tattoo on my arm. Whether to be at bicep or triceps, I seek her opinion.

Assorted ink colors uses by the tattoo artist.

I suddenly felt like I am seated on a surgery chair / in a dentist. I began to feel nervous. But my tattoo artist named Selina ensured that it is not as painful as what I thought. (Successfully traced the image on my hand).

The inking process! For safety and cleanliness, Selina uses new needle and wears gloves while handling her clients.

Apparently Selina has over 10 years experience in tattooing. She started off from Taiwan. Most of her clients here are females, she said. We chatted abit, but most of the time she was quite focus, to ensure she done a proper job. We do have 5 minutes break in few sections.

Ta daa…the first image is up! I can feel that the needles move rapidly up and down, kinda like a sewing machine. HAHA! Look at the fine detail lines. Selina said she want to make sure the lines are inked closely, so that I do not require to touch up.

If you asked me whether was the pain bearable? I would say 2 out of 5. You will got the pricking feeling, towards the armpit will feel abit more painful than the rest. The whole process took about 1+ hour .

I was required to send daily photo to the tattoo artist to monitor the healing progress. Thank you for being attentive. To take care of this tattooed area, less contact with water, no soap and to apply a thin layer of lotion to keep it moisturized.

My current tattoo since September 2020. Its an image of 2 elephants which represents a mother elephant (which is me) raising the baby elephant (which is my son) with love <3. Selina did a good job, hence my tattoo still looks good after 2.5 years with minimal care.

There it goes my first tattoo experience. Feeling of getting a 2nd one…still looking for the ideal image. hehehe…

Unfortunately I couldn’t show this to my friend who is no longer in this world. All of us misses her.


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