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Dine for 12-hours at Atrium Café, Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Atrium Café of Pyramid Tower Hotel introduces the first 12-hour Marathon Buffet. What are you expecting here? Multiple entry to Atrium Café from 11am to 11pm for a 12-Hour feast of the finest Pan-Asian cuisine. In another word, they named it as Marathon Buffet. Sounds interesting and feeling the excitement with ‘multiple entry’ throughout the day!  Imagine I can do my shopping at Sunway Pyramid, feeling hungry? Then returned to the dining hall to fill my stomach. So convenient right? (Sunway Pyramid linking to Atrium Cafe at 4th Floor)

Successfully grabbed this deal with the recommendation by Baby Sumo….for just paying RM55

Sparing and arranging my time will all the good deals coming around, finally I’m redeeming my coupon just before it expires. Traveled from Seremban, I reaches at 12pm. Regarding about the ‘multiple entry’, how do they identify their guests? Alex & I were, each were given a handwrist tag. (just like what you got went you visit theme parks. e.g: Sunway Lagoon). Therefore my all day long meals are settled here. My lunch, my tea break, my dinner. And if time permissible, I can continue with supper too! ^^

Atrium Cafe is located on the Lobby Level of the 4-star Pyramid Tower Hotel, adjacent to the 5-star Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

The long buffet spread!

Expecting some Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine? Well…you can get it all here.

The freshly bake bread.

Condiments to prepare your own version of sandwich.

I made myself a yummy croissant filled with egg-mayo, tuna & slices of tomato. The croissant was good. Fluffy and has nice taste of butter.

Assorted dressing for Salad


Individual stalls are set up, serving local cuisines.

Stall #1 – Serving Penang Fried Kuey Teow

Stall #2 – Serving Curry Noodles with condiments

Stall #3 – Assorted cut fruits

Stall #4 – Serving Congee/ Porridge with condiments

Stall #5 – Serving Hainanese Chicken Rice. Flavorful rice together with tender chicken meat. Unfortunately the chili sauce wasn’t good.

Stall #6 – Serving Roti Jala with Curry Chicken. Also Ayam Goreng Berempah. YUM! Love the fried chicken and curry chicken.

At The Noodle Section, one should not miss this Prawn Wanton Mee! The springy noodle goes well with the flavorful soup. Additional credit to the plump & crunchy prawn wanton.

A bed of fresh seafood (mussels, crabs, prawns).

The best Malay cuisine. SATAY! Together with peanut sauce, cucumber, onions and nasi impit. Satay was surprisingly good and its not overdone!

My “not so good” Fettuccine  Marinara, from the Pasta Section =(

Assorted Nyonya kuih.

Dessert Time! Dessert section for people who has sweet tooth….

Cakes & Puddings

Cakes & Tarts. (love the dark chocolate cup) *slurp

Ice Cream Section with condiments.

Assorted condiments for the local favorite. Ice Kacang or known as ABC.

The overall dining experience was average. I was expecting them to serve different types of food between lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, what I see mostly are repeated food. There were about 70% similarity. Abit disappointed lo..imagine eating the same thing throughout the day.

Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +603 7492 8000