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Steamboat @ O.K. Tuck, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

With the daily temperature of 14° (min) to 22° (max), Steamboat became a popular thing here in Cameron Highlands. Knowing that the Chinese loves having something warm (a hot soup perhaps) ….therefore you can see many restaurants here serves steamboat. Steamboat on a chilly evening? Since there are so many of them, so which restaurant should I go?? To play safe, I asked my friend Wanyi who went there twice this year… ^^ I told her I want a nice steamboat and without ‘cut throat’ price. Apparently Wanyi suggested O.K. Tuck.

We were quite early. It was about 6+pm. I felt that it was a good time too…as the place was still quite vacant. The crowd grew when it was 7+pm. At O.K. Tuck, you’ll have the choice to either order the Chinese Style stir-fry dishes or Steamboat (which we were aiming for). Since we were there for the steamboat, therefore I didn’t bother to read the menu. =p

We have 5 diners. Each diner is priced at RM15 for the steamboat (its not buffet). I would say the price is reasonable. Well..I’ll leave it to you guys to judge the food based on the photos below. Apart from that, you may choose your choice of soup base. Choice of Herbal Soup, Chicken Soup, Tom Yam. Choose either one or you can opt for “yin yong” (2 types of soup). As an Asian…of cos I would like to have ‘Tom Yam”. Therefore we went for “yin yong”.

This restaurant is pretty visible because it has a huge signboard. Located opposite KFC.

1 person is entitle to 1 egg. Rice Vermicelli for steamboat. A pot of tea is price at RM3.

These are all the ingredients served.

Chicken Fillets & Fish Fillets.

Bean curd & Cuttlefish.

Fresh Mushrooms.

Jellyfish & Fried bean curd (Fu Chuk)

Prawns & Fish ball.

Check out the GREENS! So many types of fresh vegetables were served ♥♥♥

Put in the ingredients and boil them. I preferred Tom Yam soup over Chicken Soup. Chicken Soup was quite bland.

Yeahhh….ready to eat! The piping hot soup along with fresh ingredients….the feeling was so great. The satisfaction!!

O.K.Tuck Restaurant
26, Jalan Besar, Brinchang, 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: 05-491 2380
Business hours: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm

Tea Break @ BOH Tea Centre, Sg. Palas Cameron Highlands

I struggled walked relaxingly up the hill and steps through bush walk for 200m. Apart from the magnificent and spectacular view, there’s this half overhung platform cafe sitting proudly on top hill. Barely any bricks…don’t get it wrong..I meant its built with metal frames with much huge windows (they are worries). Guess..the tourists never fail to pay a visit here.

The weather was fine..though it drizzles a little.

Look at it? Its an eye-catcher right? This is the platform cafe that I’m referring.

No outside food – Checked! No smoking – Checked! No Pets – Checked!

The interior. This was the crowd on a regular off peak weekend. So, you may expect the number of visitors during peak season right? The overhung area is on far end, which is the most ‘laku’ place. Seats are usually occupied. Unless you got the patience to wait lo…

Self service here. Queue to place your order. Besides the popular Boh Tea, there are also Cakes, Tarts & Pie for sale.

Cameronian Gold Blend – RM3.30 (recommended)

Tea from teabag..yet taste nice when you are sipping it in a different environment. Imagine if the same drink but you are having it in a lousy room..I doubt it would taste that good ler…Besides that, the tea are available for sale. Grab your purchases, varieties of tea packed in box. Bear in mind..the price is not much difference compared to supermarkets.

Scone – RM8 (recommended)

Scones are served with Strawberry Jam & Fresh Cream. The scone was quite good. Freshly bake and its not too dry.

Strawberry Tart – RM3.50

Tart filled with Strawberry Jam… Bad Tart!! The sweetness kills my tooth.  The pastry was flaky and not buttery. Both pastry & jam were too sweet for my liking…*sigh.

Strawberry Cake – RM6

Everything is about Strawberry in Cameron. Unfortunately this cake is below average. Texture of cake is quite dry. Guess…you be able to judge through the photo right?

Butter Lemon Cake – RM3.80

The not so lemony yet not so buttery cake was below average too.But still better than the Strawberry Cake above

BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre
Jalan Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang 39000
05-496 2096

What to you expect to view from this cafe? A beautiful panoramic view of Boh Tea plantation.