Mel’s birthday – Part 2

Hubby celebrated my birthday over the passed weekend.

Initially we thought of dining at “Chili’s”. However I changed my mind few days ago. Thought of trying something new instead. Since I know there are plenty of new food or restaurant which I’ve not tried before. Despite of trying something new, I do not want it to be too pricey though. I asked my friend, asked Ashley for suggestion. She suggested Chinoz. Well, since it has good reviews from some food blogger too…Therefore I told Alex, the changed of plan. Alex answered; up to u….’lei wa si…lei tai sai today’ ~  (u decide, u are the host today) :-p

the sauces

Alex’s orange juice – RM13

My Mango Fizz – RM12

complimentary toast bread

crispy potato wedges – RM9

Fish & Chip – RM28

(the fish meat is very yummy)

Grill Chicken with brown sauce – RM25

I like the fries very much though!

CHURROS – RM20 (with hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce)

I seriously miss this dessert very very much. I have no idea what’s its made of. Its like a soft dough, like soft donuts texture, warm, top with cinnamon powder & sugar. Dip into the chocolate sauce when its warm. VOILA~~~

when I looked up; I noticed this beautiful high ceiling right above me.

Mel cam-whoring….

NOTE: Nice ambiance, cozy, quiet. Food are nice. Price is above average.

Food portion size is average.

chinoz @ THE GARDENS (no longer available here. pls head to KLCC outlet)
G212, Ground Floor
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2287 8277

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