Mel’s Birthday – Part 1

Owww…..sad to know that my 28th birthday has just over.

I’m aging year by year….gosh…time flies really fast without one realizing it..

As usual, I’ll be celebrating my birthday with my family & my loved one.

This year, I spared the earlier weekend to celebrate with my family.

We decided to have dinner at a cafe, which newly opens not long ago. Received some good reviews from friend & colleague. Therefore decided to give it a try. They serves fusion food. (western & chinese).

the very 1st dish. “tom yum soup” ..

not so good…. doesn’t taste like tom yum 😦

black pepper udon – NICE

fried chicken wings

-yummy….taste of ‘nam yi’ –

pork meat balls……tasty

Spaghetti – delicious

black pepper chicken chop

chicken maryland – SOSO only!

YOO….We siblings ROCKS!!

Note: This cafe is located in Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2.

I think their western food (those chop chop) so so only. Their chinese food taste nicer….. Out total bill came up to be RM80+ (with drinks). Quite fair lor…each person average less than RM20.

After our dinner; I suggested for 2nd round – ice cream as dessert over in A&W. The place where we able to makan cheap ice creams. Unfortunately, they no longer serves various types of ice creams anymore 😦

Therefore we were restricted to few types only…..*sigh*

I ordered the ‘chocolate ice cream’

with mom, niece, sis & bro

Hubby & I

After all the makan & food, we return home. My mom surprised me with a cheese cake which she made it the day before. Wahhh….I’m so happy & touched.Thank you mummy…thank you everyone!!  😉

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