Dinner @ The Ship

It was on Christmas day. In additional to that, it was Alex’s birthday as well.

Since we were at Bukit Bintang area, we decided to have our dinner at “The Ship” – claiming it as The Best Steak in Town! (but we did not make any orders on steak^^)


I thought I could drop by at 4pm to make a reservation. Unfortunately the waiter told me, there wouldn’t be any reservations considered on that day. It would be on walk-in basis. Alright. Fine. We will come again by 6.30pm then.


As we got into the restaurant, the guests were about to fill up the entire restaurant. And to my surprise; the tables were placed so close to each other. Barely a meter away. I recalled my neighbors were about a 30cm ruler apart from me. You are not allowed to speak much louder, or else you will be sharing your story to everyone next to you. “Welcome to the story telling section”.


On that day, they do offered Christmas set dinner, which I felt not really worth eating. Therefore, we opted for the ala-carte.

complimentary bun & butter


A bowl of salad upon ordering sizzling chicken


Thai Seafood Tom Yam – RM10.90

I would claimed this was the best dish for the entire meal. The rest of our orders sucks.


Sizzling Chicken Fillet – RM22.90

Tender chicken perfectly grilled and topped with gravy, served on a sizzling hot plate with french fries and a bowl of salad

-apparently the sizzling word has removed from my order. Because it came without any sizzle at all-


Seafood Platter – RM34.90

Combination of grilled king prawns, fish fillet, grilled squid, fried soft crab and fried scallop served with french fries and mini salad

-No doubt the squid is quite big. Unfortunately its not well cooked lor, the inner layer still abit raw!!!-


Apple Juice – RM6.50


Orange Juice – RM6.50



Price : Affordable

Food : Would advise please do not dine during festive season. The food quality drops alot.

Service : Moderate


The Ship  

102-104, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
102 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03- 2144 3605
Restaurant Business Hour : Daily (12.00pm to 3.00am)



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