On His Birthday cum Christmas

Its Christmas! Its Alex birthday! Yeap. Both falls on the same day!


Planned the agenda earlier. Alex got me to help him book a room at Piccolo Hotel 2 weeks ahead. Its located at Bukit Bintang in between Lot 10 and Fahrenheit 88. I would say this hotel is good! In sense of location, design and price. Just walk down the street, and you will be able to find ample of food and shopping venue. You can easily return to you hotel room to get some rest. Everything was good. Unfortunately the breakfast was bad. =_=


Our Deluxe Room. Clean, Stylish & Bright. I like it!


The wash basin is placed outside the bathroom



The separated shower area and toilet


The celebration on that day wasn’t much I would say. Mainly were on food & shopping. Pavilion, Fahrenheit 88, Lot 10, Sg. Wang were the places we shopped! ^^


This 2 fella can be spotted at Bukit Bintang. You’ll gotto pay RM2 to take a photo with them.


I bought 3 slices of cakes from ‘Bread Talk’. Requested a candle from them. Personally brought a box of matches from home ^^


Happy Birthday to beloved hubby!! 😉

*wonder what wish he made*


my damage of the day. a pair of shoe again! (yea..AGAIN* as quoted by mom)



Yea…my Christmas present from Alex. THOMAS SABO Charm.

(which I’ve been longing for one)

Thanks alot Alex!! Merry Christmas ar….Happy Birthday ar…Thank kiu thank kiu ar….


p.s: Dear Ashley; You have successfully poisoned me on this. I want to thank you very much. MERRY CHRISTMAS! ^^

8 thoughts on “On His Birthday cum Christmas”

  1. Happy Birthday to Alex! 😀 Wish you many happy returns.

    Eh Melissa Tham, said i poisoned u lor….. u not steady lah, sikit-sikit oso kena poisoned…. wuahahahahhaa…… Hmm… u got the charm, how about the necklace? Better pair it with Thomas Sabo geh necklace oh…… pair with other silver don’t look nice leh….. Kakakakaka….

    Oh, almost forgot, Welcome to the CLUB! TS Club! LOL! 😛

  2. it’s true de leh… other silver pair with TS not shining enough lah…. *smiles evilly* kekekeke…..

    Called me cobra lor…. T__T I didn’t eat u neh…….

  3. I have to agree with Ash, pair with the Silver Necklace from TS.. I also wanna buy 1.. the one which is the most thick chain you have to search for it as not many outlet have it! Mel.. welcome to the Club!! And Nice Pick! And Happy Birthday to Alex! And Merry Christmas And Happy New Year! And so many And I should stop here

    1. cheryl – betul ke?? how much is the necklace then? most thick chain? wa…ur most thick reminds me of those ‘tai yi long’ ger gold chain lar… =p
      thanks for the wishes. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!! 🙂

  4. Mel, the thick chain is like the bracelet charm type. Its really chic and classy when u wore them.. I am so gonna get it!! Once I beli I’ll post it for u to see k!! wahahahhahaha

    Ops the necklace about RM380 + – forgot..

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