Buffet @ The Mill, Grand Millennium KL

With an irresistible deal offered by Everyday (a website that constantly offers great deals) for only RM39.90 we were able to enjoy an international buffet in a 5 Star Hotel. What a steal!! All thanks to Christine whom enlightened us about this deal!! Initially we wanted to use this as a reason to have a small gathering among the MB members. However within 2 days… with an overwhelming response…its SOLD OUT! They managed to sell about a thousand over coupons. Such a good deal, who doesn’t want wor…Me myself managed to grab few for my family.

It end up just myself, Ashley and Christine went for the buffet. A reservation was made few days before we were there. (advisable to do so to avoid disappointment). The Mill, Grand Millennium KL is strategically located next to Pavilion Shopping Centre and directly opposite Fahrenheit 88. The Mill served International Fusion cuisines with a comfy ambiance. I was quite impressed with the varieties of food they served.

Smoked Delicacies

Parmesan Cheese Wheel – To create an extra flavor to your salad.

Assorted Cheese

Christine claimed that the buns are very nice.

Mini buns with chicken floss & slices of cucumber

The Japanese Cuisine

The Japanese Cuisine : The freshly made sushi

The Japanese Cuisine :  The absolutely fresh sashimi. Salmon is my favorite!!

The Chinese Cuisine : Siew Mai & Mini Pao (The siew mai are very meaty & yummy)

Fried Rice & Fried Koay Teow (don’t look nice…but was surprised with the taste. Because taste yummy)

The Chinese Cuisine : Assorted condiments for porridge

Tauhu Sumbat

The yummylicous satay which I returned for more. By the way, the chicken satay taste better than the beef satay.

Pizzas with thin crust.

The Indian Cuisine: Nasi Briyani and Curry Massala

The Indian Cuisine:  Naan & Curry

Specially made Cheese Naan with Lamb Curry which were truly awesome.

Fresh Seafood : Mussels, Prawns, Scallops

Fresh Prawns, Oysters, Crabs. We noticed that they replenished the seafood continuously which is good.

Assorted Mini Cakes & Nyonya Kuihs

Chocolate Cakes

Pies & Cakes

Puddings & Jellies

Chocolate Fondue & Marshmallows are perfect match!

There were some other food which I may have missed out here. All 3 of us  happily filled our tummies with these yummy and quality food. Definitely we would revisit. Apparently this place was the best buffet I had so far.

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur 
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
MalaysiaT: +60 3 2117 4888
F: +60 3 2142 1441


22 thoughts on “Buffet @ The Mill, Grand Millennium KL”

  1. Honestly speaking, the best buffet I had was in Sheraton Subang, but too bad it is now Grand Dorsett, and the buffet now sucks big time. So, The Mill now is the best I’ve had so far!!! Very impressed ler…… Even with the normal price I’d still visit again. It’s well worth the money than Jogoya!

    1. Ash – I seldom try the buffets from Hotels in KL. Therefore this is definitely the best I ever had. Jogoya arr….I don’t really like, as its crowded and arrangements are quite messy.

  2. Ashley, have you tried Lemon Garden @ Shangri-la? I love the buffet there but the price are quite steep! RM90-100.
    I remember I will gasak their prawns, oyster, cod fish, crab all expensive seafood before I attack other food and the chocolate fountain! Yummy!!!

  3. Cheryl, I’ve heard but not yet try oh. RM90-100 lunch or dinner? Maybe next time should go try 😀

  4. Hey you should try Sunway Hotel Atrium Cafe buffet if you like buffet…. they have promo on milkadeal now for RM55… 12 hr marathon buffet.

    1. Baby Sumo – 12 hours?? WOW! That’s really long hours. Found the promo at ‘milkadeal’….I’m quite tempted le…duno wthr to buy o not lar…. =p

      1. The buffet here is one of the best I’ve tried in KL/PJ. You can go makan, go shopping, then go back to makan again… can makan 2-3 meals if you wan 😛

      2. Baby Sumo – OMG! Because you said its multiple entries…the first thing I did this morning was to buy the coupons!! Die la…so many buffet offers every now and then…sure FAT* ..Hahahahha 😀

  5. Very nice pictures!

    But how inconsiderate some hotel guests may be!
    You noticed the soiled spoon they left on the block of cheese ?
    The whole block of cheese probably cost a few hundred RM..

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