Pimp your kicks from KUMO by Leng Yein

I’ve been keeping track on Leng Yein’s FB updates. (am just a silent reader but not a stalker ^^) Knew about her ups and downs. Well…it doesn’t matter anyway…I know she is hardworking and strong. She now spent most of her money onto her new branding, which she was aiming and planned earlier.

KUMO by Leng Yein, located at Tokyo Street of Pavilion KL. Opened for business since April 2012. When I knew about it, I dragged my GFs to pay a visit. hehe….

Apparently KUMO is selling varieties of cool and funky shoe accessories for people who love to create a ‘new look’ for their shoes.

The Interior (By the way…I like the vibrant colors of the paper bags!)

Adorable Poppies price starts from RM18

Cool Wings are price at RM150/ pair

Okie…I started off with something simple 1st. In future will purchase more so that my shoes can ‘make up’ abit. ^^

Ashley trying out the “Hello Kitty” frames. Haha….so cute lahh…She was forced to use this photo as her FB profile picture. *nice wat…

Varieties of “Hello Kitty” frames. Price starts from RM35.

My fuchsia color ribbon poppie for RM18. Does it resemble Hello Kitty??

Pimp your kicks from KUMO by Leng Yein. So, what do you think? Matches my shoe or not?

P6.18.00 & P6.19.00 ,
Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Facebook Page  

Remark: This shop has closed down. Thank you.


12 thoughts on “Pimp your kicks from KUMO by Leng Yein”

      1. How to b modern ah Po?
        Btw how old r u ms future ah Po?
        U know wat I really don’t know wat is lmao until I google it….
        I m such an old fashion uncle ya…

      2. Simple person – Wahahaha…now you know ler…My age ar? Aduh…dun wan disclose so obvious here la…What’s ur guess then? Hmmm…modern Ah Po can be many ways…dress hot hot…drives sports car…do manicure..hahha =p

  1. next time go out with us you must wear ah. Kakakaka.
    Yalah, forced me to use that as profile pic…. ish ish….

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