Lunch at Just Noodle, Seremban 2

I preferred noodles over rice. How about you?

I was in Seremban over the weekend. Mummy mentioned to me about this new makan place in Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2. Mummy too is a noodle lover, so we head over there for our lunch. You know lar…new place..everybody will be ‘new toilet’ (hangat hangat tahi ayam) that includes us too..expected more crowd. But not till the extend, that the whole town people come lar…. LOL!


Located opposite of the PKNS building.

20121229_130804Not using wallpapers..instead..a creative way, sticks all the porcelain bowls on the wall. Other than that, the lamp shades are also of porcelain bowls.


Ohh….The Chinese saying…

20121229_134354Choose your preferable type of noodle. This page somehow look familiar to me. If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen it some where…some other noodle house.

20121229_131127From Left; Sea Coconut Longan & Ginseng Chrysanthemum. Both are priced RM2.70/cup. The drinks are quite concentrated. Nice.


Bro’s Laksa Noodle (RM6.90) arrived so much earlier than us. He chose egg noodle. And the noodle portion was quite big. I wouldn’t say the curry broth is perfect..but just okay.

20121229_133416Sis ordered a bowl of Traditional Pan Mee (RM6.90) which I felt the soup is quite oily although its tasty.

20121229_133852Mom ordered “Char Cheong Mee” (RM6.90) using spinach noodle. Konlou noodle in spicy sauce topped with minced pork and preserved vegetables (char choy). The noodle is quite springy. order was a bowl of Hakka Mee (RM6.90). The hakka mee not too bad actually. The amount of tasty minced pork cooked with fried pork lard was quite alot too.

Overall Rating (for above food) : 7/10

Unfortunately many people complained about the poor service and the mixed up orders. Understand its newly open, many of the owner’s friend came to support..but that doesn’t mean they get their food first right?

Restoran Just Noodle

No. 234, Ground Floor,

Jalan S2 B10,

Uptown Avenue, Seksyen B,

70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Remark: This restaurant has closed down. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Lunch at Just Noodle, Seremban 2”

  1. i think i’m a noodle fan, since there are so many interesting types of noodles to try, from the chinese ones to the japanese ones to the italian, etc. i like the color of the spinach noodles, it makes the dish look pleasantly healthy! 😀

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