Lets try some Fuzhou Cuisine @Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine, Subang Jaya

In Malaysia; Fuzhou dialect is widely spoken, especially in Sibu, Miri, Sarikei, Bintulu, Yong Peng, Sitiawan and Ayer Tawar. How do I expose to Fuzhou dialect?  My husband is a Sarikeian cum Fuzhounese. Can I speak in their dialect? Well…I tried learning…by hearing their conversation. I can speak a little..perhaps those simple ones lar… I can understand a little…but don’t speak too fast okay :-p Alex’s friends commented that Fuzhou language is like an alien speaking language. LOL!!

Other than speaking, of course their food is different too. I do like their food actually. No complains. However its quite difficult for us to find Fuzhou cuisine here in KL when there aren’t much Fuzhounese. Unless I cook at home. But sometimes, we can’t get the exact ingredients here. For instance, ‘red rice wine’. Fuzhou Red Rice Wine Mee Suah is my favorite and comfort dish!

I was quite excited to know about this new place, near to where we are staying…..serving authentic Fuzhou cuisine. Not from Sarawak, but Setiawan.

Photo by Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine

Newly opened on July 14 2013. Its located opposite to One City Mall. One City Mall is yet to open…only some shops opposite the mall are occupied now. Never expect a quite area here draws a number of customers too.

Part of the menu.

Types of noodles served here.

We started our meal with Kompiah as appetizer. Thin and crispy dough topped with sesame and filled with minced pork. It was served hot. Therefore it was quite good. You can eat it on its own or by dipping in the Kampung Koh Chili Sauce. Yea…Kampung Koh Chili Sauce is also a production of Setiawan.

You can browse here to see how kompiah is prepared → Kompiang and Mou Mou from Sitiawan, Perak

Here comes the signature dish and also my comfort dish.

Koufu Red Wine Noodle – RM10.90

Using mee suah as the noodle. The mee suah is very thin and smooth. Tasty red rice wine soup with pieces of chicken and 1/2 no. of hard boiled egg. The Fuzhounese would usually serve this during celebrations like birthday and Chinese New Year. Anyway….MIL’s mee suah is still the best. hehe….

Currently they are having a Grand Opening Promo. Buy 1 Free 1 Koufu Red Wine Noodle till 31st of July 2013….which is a good deal!

Fried Meat Dried Noodle – RM7.90.

For this konlou noodle (mee kicap), the noodle tasted fresh while the texture is chewy too. Topped with slices of fried pork, fried shallots and spring onions. I like the fried meat. It was tasty and juicy. However I felt that the noodle portion is abit small. hehe….

We ended our meal with this bowl of icy cold,

Koufu Tang Shui – RM4.90 (Small). Though we ordered the small one but the portion can shared among 2 person also. Unless you are very thirsty, then cannot lar…LOL! Contains 10 ingredients in this bowl of dessert. It was refreshing and not overly sweet. The taste sort of reminds me of ‘Lin Chee Kang’.

1000042_478914292190020_1067468957_nSo, if you miss Fuzhou cuisine too… do drop by Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine to give it a try. Overall I’m quite satisfied with the taste of the food I had there.

Remark: This restaurant has closed down. Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Lets try some Fuzhou Cuisine @Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine, Subang Jaya”

  1. ooo, i like the different types of noodles! fun to try each one and see which one you prefer 😀 this is a cool place to bring fuzhounese friends, rite. i had some coursemates in university who were from sitiawan, but not sure if they’re fuzhounese 😀

  2. Wow! Your husband is Foochow! 🙂

    Yup, Sibu and Setiawan is the major ones coz Wong Nai Siong went to these two ports during his pilgrimages from China. I guess you can call him our predecessor, of sorts.

    I’m half – my mom is Foochow but my dad is Heng Hua.

    The dry noodles look like there has been some liberties taken to it but the red wine noodle is spot on!

    I wouldn’t mind giving this a try!

    1. maggie – Both are actually made from glutinous rice. But red rice wine will need to add ‘red yeast rice’. I personally felt that our rice wine has more ‘pekat’ taste.

  3. I’ve seen this restaurant posting on facebook before, guess they are quite successful in terms of marketing?

  4. my ex-roomie is a fuzhou and after 3 years staying together i still catch no ball of any word seimou!

    it’s indeed like an alien lingo to me! 😛

    i miss my fren’s mami’s ang cho mee sua T_____________T

  5. That is kompia???? Hmmmm…except for the mee sua, they’re quite different from what we have here…and RM10.90 for the mee sua? *faints* And just half an egg, so miserable.

    1. suituapui – Yalor..this kompia is kinda different from what I had in S’wak.
      I too think RM10.90 for that portion is abit pricey. Half egg…and no mushroom wan! T_T
      Shhh…I’m gonna visit again before the buy 1 free 1 offer ends :-p

  6. i always thought that koufu serves expensive chinese food but the price seems ok for an airconditioned restaurant. The kompia is actually peninsular style where u can find in ipoh or setiawan 🙂

  7. oh i’m sarikian as well…but i’m not fu zhou but GuangXi Canto. i’m browsing through your blog to dig nice food to go:) anyway it’s a nice blog!

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