Breakfast @ Yuen Garden Dim Sum, Puchong

Having dim sum as breakfast just like the Hongkie ^_^

There are countless dim sum restaurants in Puchong. So far I’ve only tried 2 from 2 different restaurants serving decent dim sum with an affordable price, at Bandar Puteri Puchong. I seldom go for dim sum breakfast…usually had noodles. I preferred to dine with 3-4 person, so that I could order more types of dim sum.

This time around with my mummy, sister and little niece; I would like to bring them to a different restaurant for dim sum. So I did a google search and looks like Yuen Garden Dim Sum has many positive reviews from the customers.

photo by "KVINLIM"
photo by “KVINLIM”

Occupying the corner lot of a 3-storey building.

However this restaurant is non-air conditioned.

A sign of “Please wait to be seated” is placed at the entrance. I felt its more organized this way. Rather than standing/ chupping next to a table hoping that person would quickly swallow their food and drinks so that I could get a seat.

Siew Mai….

and Har Kau are both abang adik that you should order in a dim sum restaurant. In my perception..both has to be good else I wouldn’t give a pass to that restaurant. hehe…

Luckily both Har Kau & Siew Mai were not bad. Meaty and the prawns were fresh and crunchy.

Minced Pork + Century Egg Porridge was quite smooth and tasty.

Their Lo Mai Kai fulfilled the criteria for having all the ingredients. Pork, Chicken, Chinese Sausage & Mushroom. The taste was good but I would prefer if the glutinous rice were to be softer 😉

Steamed Pork Ribs were alright.

Stuffed Chili was quite nice. Generous stuffing and the taste was good.

The firm Fish balls

Ohh… I like these Fried Chicken Wings! Crispy exterior! The end part of wing is stuffed with fish paste. Special right?

Char Siew Pao

My favorite Wu Kok! Very ‘yam-mie’ and crispy with nice pork filling.

Flaky crust filled with wobbly egg custard, Egg Tarts were alright but not the best I’ve eaten 🙂

I like the sight of my table filled with baskets of dim sum 🙂

Everything is served warm. If there’s any dim sum that you would like to order but its not available on the push cart, you may order from the staffs. They’ll bring it to you. Overall the food, price and environment are acceptable. But I end up feeling quite thirsty after the meal. I suspect may be the porridge. =_=

Yuen Garden Dim Sum
Jalan Kenari 18,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Tel: 03-80763818

25 thoughts on “Breakfast @ Yuen Garden Dim Sum, Puchong”

  1. What a coincidence! Went for dim sum too yesterday…very nice one here, chef from China. How much your total? The lo mai kai we had not nice though – not the same as yours. Can’t find a place with good lo mai kai here… 😦

    1. STP – I saw your posting on FB. So much choices! Hmm…may be chef from China not so pro at making lo mai kai?
      Our total bill was, RM70+ if I’m not mistaken. There were 4 adults.

  2. Thirsty? MSG… tsk tskt sk. I like those steamed fish balls and i do realize that if i ever visit any dim sum outlets, it’s gonna be around 11am LOL, just couldn’t be bothered to wake up at 8-9am just for dim sum :/

    1. Ken – Ya…I suspect they put too much MSG into the porridge. Becos the person who had less porridge did not feel as thirsty as me T_T
      I also prefer to go around 11am. One of the reason is same as yours 😀 …and another reason is, I noticed go around 11am..lesser crowd. hahaha!

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