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Wanhoi YAMCH’A @Sky Avenue, Genting

With the newly opened Sky Avenue at Genting, you’ll be surprised with the food varieties. One should not worry about feeling hungry. Instead you will be spoilt with choice. Price from moderate to expensive, from Asian to Western food.

On my recent visit to Genting, I settled my lunch at Wanhoi YAMCH’A. I google about this place and discovered something cute and fancy here. 🙂


Wanhoi YAMCH’A is a restaurant inspired by the renowned Oversea Group. Serving Malaysian Cantonese cuisine.

Besides that, dim sum is also available at Wanhoi YAMCH’A.

The interior is quite classy yet modern.

Part of the menu to show you the prices.

Crispy Pork in Sweet & Sour Sauce (RM38.80). It tasted like ‘Ku Lou Yuk’, but this has a crispy texture because the pork is thinly sliced then deep fried. Next, its coated with caramelized sweet and sour sauce. Its quite an additive and appetizing dish.

Stir Fried Kangkung Special Sauce (RM28.80) was a mouth watering dish. It may looks simple, but the flavors were good. With the hint of spiciness from the cili padi (bird-eye chili), and shrimp paste to enhance the flavors of this dish.

BBQ Pork Belly (28.80), was alright. Not the best I’ve eaten.

The above dishes were eaten with white rice (RM3.50/bowl)


We wanted more. Hence we would also love to try their dim sum which claimed to made fresh.

Steamed Pork Ribs (RM11.80)

Siew Mai (RM12.80) . The siew mai however was just average, not memorable.

BBQ Pork Bun in Zhu Zai Shape (RM14.80). Consist of 2 adorable piggy steamed buns served hot in basket.

Pao dough has good consistency while the BBQ Pork filling was tasty. Glad that the pao dough wasn’t too thick.

Custard Pau (RM14.80)

“Wuek…I spit custard..” 😀 😀 Isn’t this pau looking cute? It is a steamed bun which is served hot. This yellow looking creature (pau) is filled with runny salted egg custard which literally ooze out once you take a bite. Very nice I felt.

A lovely pair of bird in a cage!! Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Paste Filling (RM15.80)

This dish really caught my attention.

The pastry is a buttery kind like what we had for Shanghai Mooncake. Its filled with smooth lotus paste.

Verdict : Food prices are on high side, food portion also quite small. But luckily the overall food taste was acceptable and quite satisfying.


Wanhoi YAMCH’A (near PictureHouse Cinema)

Level T2, Sky Avenue,, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Operation Hours: 11am – 10pm

Contact Number: +60 3-2144 9911

*solely based on writer's own opinion*
*imposed 10% service charge*
*Genting member entitled to 10% discount*




Dinner @Palsaik Korean BBQ, SkyAvenue Genting

When Palsaik Korean BBQ newly arrived in Malaysia, I heard about it through social media. I got attracted when friends shared about the 8 flavors of pork on a long tray. In Korean Palsaik [pa:sek] means ‘eight colours’.

Palsak Korean BBQ is now available at Mon’t Kiara (1st outlet), Scott Garden, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kota Damansara & Kepong.

Apparently, Palsaik is a popular Korean BBQ in Korea. When I was at Genting’s SkyAvenue, I didn’t want to miss a chance to dine here with my family.

Located at Lot No. T2C-08 & T3-08, SkyAvenue,Genting.

Seats are available at 2 floors.

It was on one Saturday night. Hence the crowd at 8+pm. We were put under the waiting list by jotting our name,number of pax and contact number. I wasn’t sure if they accept any reservation, but regretted that I didn’t try doing it.

Our waiting time was at least 30 minutes. But the outlet manager was very attentive and friendly to accommodate every waiting customers.

As shown on the wall, the signature 8 flavors pork belly.

Thus I ordered the 8 color set which is ideal for sharing. On menu stated, sufficient for 3-4 person. We did add on some other dishes as well. 8 Color Set – RM158

At Palsaik, the eight flavors are ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot pepper . All the color is naturally-derived, making the pork served at Palsaik 100% natural and free from coloring and any synthetic flavor additives.

The highlight of the night! Palsaik pork belly seasoned with 8 different special ingredient (75g per piece flavors)

The 8 colors set comes with a pot of Clear Clam Soup which is non-spicy. There were choice of 3. From non-spicy to mild then spicy soup. We added a portion of Ramen Noodle (RM8). Do note that the soup can’t be refill.

Complimented with some lefty vege (types of lettuce to wrap the meat). But surprisingly no banchan is serve here.

Leave the job to the professional. The trained staff will do the meat grilling for you.

As you can see, on the grilling pan its filled with kimchi + bean sprout (refillable), mushroom and enoki mushroom before the grilling begin.

Grilling begin from original, non-flavored pork belly, graduating from the lighter to the strongest flavor.


Egg Custard – RM14

Its a Korean version of steamed egg. The steamed egg was steaming hot and has a very nice fluffy texture. Suitable for children too.

Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice – RM28

Kimchi Fried Rice on bed of omelet was not bad. But its not volcanic at all. (not spicy).

Pork belly was grilled to perfection. Meat was tender and succulent. However the flavors were not really contrast. I couldn’t really taste much difference on each flavor. Perhaps you should try eating the meat on its own without any sauce and sides to taste its originality. I felt the food at Palsaik are not too salty and its quite mild. Nevertheless we enjoyed our dinner at Palsaik, and I was busy walloping the food. LOL! 😀

Palsaik Korean BBQ SkyAvenue Genting

Lot No. T2C-08 & T3-08,SkyAvenue,Genting Highlands ResortPahang, 69000 Pahang, Malaysia

Contact Number : 03-6101 3933

Operation Hour : 10:00AM – 11:45PM (daily)

Facebook page :

*solely based on writer's own opinion*
*imposed 10% service charge, 6% GST*

Dim Sum Breakfast@Good Friends Restaurant

Woke up at 9am the following day, got myself ready and packed up.

Checked out from the hotel room & headed for breakfast. Its a common thing among the Chinese to have dim sum for breakfast. As it was public holiday; you gotto be well prepared of the crowd!


Took a number. Waited for our number to be called. To my surprise; the numbers were calling fast. We only waited for about 10 minutes to our turn.


assorted dim sum



Once you got your seat; select your choice of dim sum from the list and mark them yourselves. Pass the list to the waiter and wait for the food to be served.


Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew Filling

I like the sambal paste to match with these cheong fun.


Char Siew Pao/ BBQ Pork Bun


Pork Porridge

The porridge cooked with corns, sliced pork. Unfortunately it taste quite bland.


Steamed Chicken Feet


Siu Mai / Pork Dumpling



Har Gau / Prawn Dumpling


Steam Herbal Chicken


Egg Tarts


Fried Lo Pak Kou


Food : 3/5  (Overall, the dim sum tasted so so only. Not every item is nice)

Price : Starts from RM4.30+ to RM8+



Good Friend Restaurant

Level 2, Highlands Hotel
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia



Dinner@Ah Yat Abalone Forum

When we were at Genting the other day; we went to Ah Yat Abalone Forum of First World Plaza. Often sees their advertorial in newspaper. Hence this is my first time trying it. They do have several outlets in Klang Valley.


Dad made decision on the orders. We just eat whatever he ordered. Since we got no idea what to order.


Though it was quite crowded; they still manage to cope with the endless good service. I.e: kept refill your tea.




sauces & nuts


Beancurd with Mushrooms – RM32


mui choi (preserved vegetables), kau yuk (braised belly pork) – RM36


The preserved vege were cooked till soft and the belly pork they served not just fats….you can actually eat the meat.


Cod Fish – RM83

The overall fish meat cooked in soya sauce. Taste good!


Baked Pork Ribs in “Chan Kong” – RM60

I like this dish the meat. As the ribs weren’t too hard nor just bones. Its quite meaty & the sauce coats well on the meat.


Mexican Fresh Abalone – RM420

The cooking method for this dish retained the freshness of the abalone.


Hot & Sour Soup in Sze Chuan Style – RM55

Contains huge prawns & fresh scallops. The soup tasted more like tom yum soup. Very appetizing!


FOOD : 4/5

PRICE : Quite Expensive.


Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

Lot F/L 2A23, Level T2A,

First World Plaza Hotel,

Genting Highland Resort,

69000 Pahang.

Tel : 03-64361286