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Jinjja Chicken @The Gardens Mall


Jinjja Chicken is now available in Malaysia. So nice kan.

Currently, there are 2 outlets in Malaysia. At The Gardens Mall and Sunway Pyramid.

Previously I heard it was at Singapore. And it was rated as Singapore’s Number 1 Halal Urban Korean Food! Wahh…

Jinjja Chicken is a Casual Korean Restaurant with fast food concept. Not just fried food, but they also serve rice and noodles.

Most of the Korean restaurant that we came across are non-halal. But Jinjja Chicken is a Halal Certified Restaurant. So, its a good news to my Muslim readers. 🙂


Inspired by South Korea’s rich street food culture, its love for fried chicken, and its pali-pali (빨리빨리) culture of speed, JINJJA Chicken aims to create and define ‘The Authentic Asian Fast Food Joint’. It serves up familiar, uniquely Korean meal fixes whipped up with daily staples such as noodles and rice – comparable to what burgers and sandwiches are to the West. 





The 4 pages menu is pretty simple and straight forward. No need to have headache making decision. LOL!

Just like any other fast food joint, you will need to go to the order counter to make your food order and pay upon ordering.


A device like the above will be handed to you. So, get back to your seat and wait for the device to beep and vibrate.


Then you will need to collect your food from the ‘collection counter’.


At Jinjja Chicken, the Jinjja Wings is a MUST order item. Crispy skin coated with flavorful sauce, whilst succulent meat. In this case, we ordered ‘mixed’. Half portion of Soy Garlic and another half of Yangnyeom. If you can take spicy, can try to go for ‘Monster’. 3 levels of spiciness 🙂


Jet wanted rice. Hence I ordered Chicken Bibimbap for him. But I remove the Kimchi and Gochujang Sauce because he can’t take spicy. Surprisingly he likes it. He actually finished almost the whole serving by himself.


Army Stew was good! You can opt for noodles/rice/vermicelli. The kimchi soup base was tasty. I upgraded the meal to set with additional RM5 for (soft drink + fries). Aiyaaa….forgotten to take a photo of the Seaweed Fries which was big portion and nice.


My friend had the Jjamjja Myeon (2 in 1 Jjampong & Jjajangmyeon). (spicy seafood noodles + black bean sauce noodles). Ideal for people who would love to try 2 flavors at one go.

Unfortunately my friend claimed it was abit too salty.


For dessert, they have soft serve ice cream (RM2.90 each). Its Blue Vanilla & Charcoal Caramel flavor. But I would say the black one taste better. 🙂


I love this shot take by my friend, Jia Qi who came from Sarawak for a lunch meet up. Thank you so much for this lunch treat too.


Verdict: I do like their food variations. Hoping to try more in future. Oh ya, the Yuzu drink is recommended too 🙂


JINJJA Chicken

Location: LG-241A, Lower Ground Floor (the new extension)

Operation hours: 10AM – 10PM


*solely based on writer's own opinion*

Dinner @Palsaik Korean BBQ, SkyAvenue Genting

When Palsaik Korean BBQ newly arrived in Malaysia, I heard about it through social media. I got attracted when friends shared about the 8 flavors of pork on a long tray. In Korean Palsaik [pa:sek] means ‘eight colours’.

Palsak Korean BBQ is now available at Mon’t Kiara (1st outlet), Scott Garden, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kota Damansara & Kepong.

Apparently, Palsaik is a popular Korean BBQ in Korea. When I was at Genting’s SkyAvenue, I didn’t want to miss a chance to dine here with my family.

Located at Lot No. T2C-08 & T3-08, SkyAvenue,Genting.

Seats are available at 2 floors.

It was on one Saturday night. Hence the crowd at 8+pm. We were put under the waiting list by jotting our name,number of pax and contact number. I wasn’t sure if they accept any reservation, but regretted that I didn’t try doing it.

Our waiting time was at least 30 minutes. But the outlet manager was very attentive and friendly to accommodate every waiting customers.

As shown on the wall, the signature 8 flavors pork belly.

Thus I ordered the 8 color set which is ideal for sharing. On menu stated, sufficient for 3-4 person. We did add on some other dishes as well. 8 Color Set – RM158

At Palsaik, the eight flavors are ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot pepper . All the color is naturally-derived, making the pork served at Palsaik 100% natural and free from coloring and any synthetic flavor additives.

The highlight of the night! Palsaik pork belly seasoned with 8 different special ingredient (75g per piece flavors)

The 8 colors set comes with a pot of Clear Clam Soup which is non-spicy. There were choice of 3. From non-spicy to mild then spicy soup. We added a portion of Ramen Noodle (RM8). Do note that the soup can’t be refill.

Complimented with some lefty vege (types of lettuce to wrap the meat). But surprisingly no banchan is serve here.

Leave the job to the professional. The trained staff will do the meat grilling for you.

As you can see, on the grilling pan its filled with kimchi + bean sprout (refillable), mushroom and enoki mushroom before the grilling begin.

Grilling begin from original, non-flavored pork belly, graduating from the lighter to the strongest flavor.


Egg Custard – RM14

Its a Korean version of steamed egg. The steamed egg was steaming hot and has a very nice fluffy texture. Suitable for children too.

Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice – RM28

Kimchi Fried Rice on bed of omelet was not bad. But its not volcanic at all. (not spicy).

Pork belly was grilled to perfection. Meat was tender and succulent. However the flavors were not really contrast. I couldn’t really taste much difference on each flavor. Perhaps you should try eating the meat on its own without any sauce and sides to taste its originality. I felt the food at Palsaik are not too salty and its quite mild. Nevertheless we enjoyed our dinner at Palsaik, and I was busy walloping the food. LOL! 😀

Palsaik Korean BBQ SkyAvenue Genting

Lot No. T2C-08 & T3-08,SkyAvenue,Genting Highlands ResortPahang, 69000 Pahang, Malaysia

Contact Number : 03-6101 3933

Operation Hour : 10:00AM – 11:45PM (daily)

Facebook page :

*solely based on writer's own opinion*
*imposed 10% service charge, 6% GST*

Lunch @Namoo Grey Korean Cafe, Seremban

Its has been raining non stop for 2 days 2 nights. On such cold weather, I would love to have a bowl of spicy and hot soup or food to keep me warm and cozy.

When my Uni mate, Ssu Ee was in town for work, I brought her to this newest franchised cafe in Seremban. Namoo Grey is a Korean cafe located at Seremban Gateway, not far from the Seremban toll.

A modern concept kind of Korean cafe. NAMOO, which means ‘tree’ in Korean, was founded on a deep-rooted that good food should be fresh, natural and timeless. 

The Korean fever will never end. At Namoo Grey, they have an extensive menu, from rice to noodles, burgers, pastas, korean pancakes, cakes and Bingsoo. Besides that, Namoo Grey is also a halal cafe. Therefore to my muslim readers, here’s the place for you to savor some halal Korean food.

Simple yet cozy environment with some Korean songs played in background.

My friend had Kimchi Jigae (Beef) – RM18.90

The Kimchi Jigae comes with a bowl of rice and some condiments or we called it banchan in Korean.

Rice burgers, probably one of their specialty. But I wasn’t in the mood of eating that. So I end up ordering Tuna Kimchi Ramyeon – RM18.90. It also comes with 3 side dishes of sausages, coleslaw & kimchi.

The noodles were cooked al-dente. Kimchi soup has the ohhmmpp of spiciness but wasn’t quite satisfied with the amount of tuna meat in it. Would prefer to add a lil more to enhance the soup flavor.

A meal wouldn’t be complete without a dessert.

We chose The King’s Bing Soo – RM18.90 (image of me pouring the condensed milk into the bowl of shaved ice dessert) Bingsoo is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and Azuki beans. The snack is highly popular in Korea.

 It was nice. The ice were quite smooth. The shaved ice topped with kiwi, strawberries, azuki beans, crunchy peanuts, tteok (Korean rice cakes made with glutinous rice flour) and a scoop of ice cream, which is ideal for sharing and best to be eaten during a hot day.

I would love to pay another visit to try out other food from their menu. 🙂

Namoo Grey Korean Cafe

3-L1 Seremban Gateway

Jalan Labu, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Business Hour :-
Mon to Thu (10:30am-11:00pm)
Fri to Sun ( 10:30am – 12:00am)

*solely based on writer's own opinion*

Bros.Cafe, a Korean Dessert Cafe @Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

I noticed the blooming numbers of Korean cafe in Klang Valley.

Not going to be a loser…Seremban here also has a nice & cosy Korean cafe. Hehehe…. Anyeong Anyeong 😉

Fret not…its featured on this web leh… *wasehhh*

Bros cafe occupying both ground and first floor of the building, strategically located at Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2. Merely 10 minutes drive after the Seremban toll exit.

I visited this cafe on 2 different occasions.

First visit was with my schoolmate@buddy, Wei Chi for a tea break.

Self service and only *cash term.

Orders are separated for ground and first floor. Cakes and drinks, you’ll have to place your order at ground floor. While for desserts/ bingsoo you gotto order it upstairs. Which I felt its quite troublesome. Imagine carrying the tray of bingsoo walking down the stairs. Luckily I didn’t roll down the steps. LMAO!

The upstairs counter to order bingsoo.

The all round windows made the cafe look bright and spacious.

some deco on the counter.

A guitar for display and some Korean products for sale.

Latte – RM9

The kind waitress gave up some colorful glutinous rice to go along with the drink.

Cappuccino – RM9

*I like the heart shape ♥ drawn on my drink*

“I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community.

~Howard Schultz
Bingsoo is a signature dessert in a Korean cafe. So we decided to order one and to share the serving.
~Types of Bingsoo served here~
I couldn’t decide which flavor to choose…the waiter recommended this Strawberry (RM20).
Snow ice mountain dish topped with cornflakes, red bean, and Haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream with glaze of strawberry syrup.
On a different occasion, I visited Bros cafe for the 2nd time during my sister’s birthday.
Dislike coffee? Perhaps you can go for Yuja Tea(RM9). A traditional Korean tea (herbal tea) made from the citrus fruit yuzu. Yuja (유자) fruit is thinly sliced with its peel and combined with honey or sugar, prepared as fruit preserves or marmalade.
Iced Latte – RM9
Nok Cha Milky – RM12 *recommended*
Nok-cha (green tea) is organic one all the way from Jeju Island, Korea. Its milky, creamy hence rich green tea taste for green tea lovers.
Cakes for the birthday gal… Choc Ganache Cake (RM13).
Banana Cloud Cakes – RM13
Not overwhelmed with the cakes. Somehow felt its a lil pricey.
Cacao Island Bingsoo – RM20 *recommended*
Snow ice mountain dish topped with cocoa puffs, cocoa Powder, Sweet Chocolate,
Haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream with glaze of milky chocolate syrup. Ideal for chocolate lovers….. like me! 🙂
Before you leave…you can bring home some coffee grounds use for eliminating foul smell/ household odors. Its FOC anyway.

Bros. Cafe

Address: No. 297, Jalan S2 B13, Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 11pm)

Contact Number: 066014880

More beautiful photos, hover to this blog:-

Dinner @Korean BBQ San Nae Deul, Setiawalk Puchong

Bulgogi, Dak-Galbi, Samgyetang, Kimchi jigae, Bibimbap, Ramyeon, Gimbap, Pajeon, Ddeokbokki are the common dishes in Korean Cuisine. Which is your favorite one? My all time favorite is kimchi jigae! But this round I’m sacrificing kimchi jigae for something else. Worth the sacrifice??

Varieties of food offered at Setiawalk, Puchong. I decided to try the Korean cuisine here. The only Korean cuisine at the moment. – Korean BBQ San Nae Deul. If I’m not mistaken, they have several outlets in KL.

The interior. Cosy environment. The restaurant do provide private rooms. Maybe required reservation….on safer side lo…

Our sitting place.

Complimentary plain water for diners.

Grilled meat is something you must not miss when you dine in a Korean restaurant. So, we ordered Grilled Spicy Pork in Korean Spicy Sauce – RM35.

Another thing I like about Korean cuisine is the Banchan(side dishes)!! Look at the varieties of banchan here! *LIKE*

Hassle free. Just leave the grilling work to the staff. BTW….do you know why they put a piece of mushroom on that grilling pan ar?

meat was cut into smaller pieces for easy consumption.

Okay…now the meat are ready to makan. Although it stated ‘spicy’…but not spicy pun.

condiments for the grilled meat.

Fresh and green lettuce to eat together with the grilled meat.

This is how you eat them. A piece of lettuce, place rice over the lettuce, a piece of meat and some sauce made of fermented bean paste. The wrap it. It was quite yummy!

Dolsot Bibimbab (Mixed Rice with various vegetable in the stone pot)RM25 wasn’t satisfying. Lack of red pepper paste.

Samgyetang (Boiled chicken with ginseng)RM35

I sacrificed my kimchi jigae for this Samgyetang!! Unfortunately this samgyetang was very disappointed. Hardly taste any ginseng and the soup was quite bland. Moreover its incomparable to the samgyetang I had in Korea. I miss the one I had in Korea….huhuhu….

Overall; only satisfied with the Grilled Spicy Pork in Korean Spicy Sauce and banchan. Dolsot Bibimbab and Samgyetang are below average.

**Only Cash Term**


Korean BBQ San Nae Deul
D-01-G, Ground Floor, Block D, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong Selangor.

Lunch @Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant, Midvalley Megamall


Jai Jinesseyo.

~translated as “Hello. How are you?”

I like eating Korean food. Especially Kimchi! Also the irresistible Kimchi Jigae. Just like how much I can’t say no to Tom Yam soup 😉

I thought its a good buy when I saw livingsocial was offering;

Dolsot Bibimbab (6 choices) + 3 Side Dishes + Free Flow Green Tea

for just RM10.

I grabbed 5 coupons and went together with my family over the weekend.

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Midvalley Megamall- the cinema floor. There’s a staircase to walk up to the restaurant which is above Taiwan Recipe.

I also noticed part of the customers here were redeeming their coupon. I suppose its a good deal that you should not miss?

There were 6 choices of bibimbap(stone pot mixed rice) for us to choose from.

– Fried Beef
– Spicy Octopus
– Kimchi Chicken
– Spicy Squid
– Curry Chicken
– Curry Beef

Refillable iced green tea to quench your thirst before food is served.

I chose Kimchi Chicken Bibimbap. Korean rice served in hot stone topped with lettuce, generous amount of kimchi chicken and a beautiful sunny yolk.

3 side dishes varies daily. We got here were kimchi, water crest vegetable and radish.

This is what it look after mixing everything in the bowl. The hot stone bowl able to keep my rice warm till my last spoon. I would prefer it to be spicier…more hot sauce perhaps. hehe…..

Mummy and Marcus had Curry Chicken Bibimbap. The curry taste wasn’t tad strong..and its not spicy either. If you can’t take spicy food….no worries about their curry chicken 😉

Alex had their Curry Beef Bibimbap. The beef were thinly slice. Not tough but tasty.

Stirring the ingredients thoroughly before eating.

Michele had Spicy Octopus Bibimbap. Becos octopus is her favorite! 😉

I also added an additional Grilled Pork Platter (RM39.90). I asked the waiter to do the grilling job. hehe…..

How to eat these grilled pork? Wrapped with fresh lettuce leaves, with rice, thinly sliced garlic, ssamjang (a mixture of gochujang and dwenjang).

Whole table filled with food!!

Verdict : Overall a decent and satisfied Korean food. The only downside I felt was the restaurant abit cramp and warm.

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant
T-049, Third Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2282 1112


(Random photo of the day). Today’s quote: “There’s two days in every week you can’t worry about. YESTERDAY & TOMORROW. You can’t change what happened yesterday and can’t control what will happen tomorrow. SO LIVE FOR TODAY!” By Anonymous

Dinner @ Seoul Palace Korean BBQ, The 19 USJ CITY MALL

Redeemed a deal which I purchased earlier through Groupon.

A deal which consist of :-

Korean BBQ Pork / Chicken Set Meal. Includes Kimchi Jjigae + Dolsot Bibimbap + 10 Side Dishes + 1 Rice. Meal for 2 (RM43)

There are total of 4 outlets in Klang Valley. (Bandar Baru Klang, Bukit Tinggi Klang, Kuchai Lama & USJ). I chose the one located at USJ because its just 10 minutes drive from my house.

Nice and inviting entrance.

We were greeted and directed to our seat. I handed over my printed copy coupon. Confirmed our order and within minutes 10 side dishes were served while a waiter preparing our BBQ Pork. (not crowded because its on weekday therefore the service was good?)

I like the ambiance here. Its bright and well-arranged.  The dining area is separated into 2. The tatami style and the normal one. I like the tatami area. Feel as though I’m having a meal in Korea.

The best part about Korean food is the side dishes (Banchan). Here are the 10 refillable side dishes.

The staff working on our pork. Doing the grilling and cutting on the stove right next to our table. Yes, we chose pork over chicken.

Samgyeop-sal (Sliced pork Belly). The perfectly done BBQ Pork Belly that you hardly feel the fats. They are cut into pieces so that its easier for people to consume.

With the green lettuce, miso sauce and bbq pork belly…we wrapped them with rice.

A bowl of piping hot Kimchi-Jjigae (Kimchi stew pork & tofu) was served pretty quick! The hot and flavorful soup is tasty and quite salty. Tasty and salty, went home feeling thirsty too!

Dolsot-Bibimbap, our final dish. Bibimbap is rice in hot pot topped with sauteed vegetables and chili paste. An egg will be cracked on the rice. Then mix and stir everything before eating. (photo above shows before and after mixing)

Overall, Samgyeop-sal (BBQ Sliced pork Belly) is the one I like most. The rest are just normal. Next I’m interested to try their Samgae-Tang (Ginseng chicken soup) because I love Korean Ginseng soup!

Seoul Palace (19 USJ City Mall)
1st Floor, Lot F31, The 19 USJ City Mall, Jalan Kewajipan, USJ 19, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Phone: 03-8025 9805 (Call 11am – 10.30pm daily)

Dinner @ Jade Dragon Restaurant, Seremban (with coupon!)

My 1st dining experience here was a pleasant & satisfying one! Read Here.

Thank to the deal offered in which gave me a chance to dine here once again at a discounted price. Unfortunately the word “Pleasant & Satisfying” has vanished in just one night! That is the reason why I need to insert the word “with coupon” on my title.

Pay at 50% off = 50% off Service

Pay at 50% off = 50% off Food Quality

Pay at 50% off = 50% off Food Quantity

Enjoy 50% OFF Authentic Korean Cuisine with a Korean Set Meal (3 Choices with Rice + Drink

——> Anyway, I don’t seem to enjoy. Handed my coupon to the restaurant owner and only came to confirm my order 10 minutes later ,even asked me again whether I’ve handed the printed coupon. Duhhh…Okay..I sounded like a cheapo dining there. Then waited for 30 minutes just to get our drinks served after we reminded them (gave us an excuse  the reason is that Korean usually serve drinks after meal!) Wat Da!

Then another 15 minutes to serve our food. (For your info; the restaurant was just 1/2 occupied!) *I was trying to be cool, though I’m so frus.

Dwenjang Chigae (Bean Paste Stew with Beef and Vegetables) is a stew made from Korean dwenjang. Usually, it contains a variety of vegetables and several shellfish including small mussels, clams, shrimp and/or large anchovies. (Note : I couldn’t find any mussels, jellyfish nor large anchovies)


Soondooboo Chigae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) is a spicy stew made with soondooboo, a soft uncoagulated tofu which is produced without undergoing the process of compression which removes water and curdling it firmly. It is usually made with some pieces of pork, several small clams, chopped garlic and red-pepper powder (kochukaru) along with chopped leeks and sesame oil.

(Note : Yes..indeed there were just ‘several’ ‘small’ clams, few pieces of pork & the mushy tofu.)

Kimchi Chigae (Fermented Chili Pepper Cabbage Soup) is a very popular soup made with kimchi and kochujang, served in a stone pot that allows the soup to continue boiling when served. The Kimchi Chigae contains kimchi as well as other ingredients that vary widely such as green onion, onion, tofu, beef and seafood.

One of our rice is 1/2 full! Wat Da!!

Do compare the food photos published on the deal HERE

Note : Ban Chan is no longer free. You’ll have to order and pay RM7

Jade Dragon Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No. 109-1, Lorong Haruan 5/4,
Oakland Commerce Square,
70300 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

Tel : 06-632 9646 (For Reservation)

Business Hours:
Lunch: 11:30am – 3.00pm
Dinner: 5.00pm – 10:30pm
(Open Daily)

Sorry…this will be my last visit!

Dinner @ Jade Dragon Restaurant (Dai Cheong Kam)

I like Korean food. However, in Seremban it is quite limited choice. Unlike in KL, you can easily get one. This restaurant operates by a Korean family and has been operating for several years. Unfortunately this was my first time trying their food. Previously, Baby Sumo did recommend this place to me. Finally I got the chance to try it myself after the suggestion was made by my sister and brother in law.

I recalled; each time I pass by this restaurant, it looks so quiet as if the business were not good and that they were not receiving much customers. Therefore I may have doubts on it. Until last Sunday, after I had my dinner there, my perception has changed! To my surprise, the food is good and it even taste better than SIL RO AM. Perhaps; I would say the best Korean food in Seremban.

It is located at Oakland. This street is rather quiet in the evening.

We sat at the section behind this partition. More privacy I suppose..

Ban chan (side dishes).

This is what I love most about Korean food. The varieties of Ban chan. The boss was kind enough to place 2 sets of ‘ban chan’ because there were 6 of us and we sat on a long table.

a bowl of rice at RM3 each. This is not our local white rice. Its Korean rice.

Gochujang Bul-Go-Gi (Spicy Marinated Pork) – RM25

Dae-Ji Bul Go-Gi (Marinated Pork) – RM25

This is the purpose of them serving lettuce along with the grilled meat. Place a small amount of rice, a piece of meat, the sauce and wrap/roll it.

Sliced Pork – RM25

All the pork dishes above are yummy! Moreover they will do all the works (grilling) for you.

Pah Jean(pancake) – RM25

My first encounter on the pancake. It taste good after you dip in the sauce given. Otherwise it taste quite bland.

Hae Mul Tang(small)(Seafood Steamboat) – RM70

The best dish of the meal! Soup itself is tasty and spicy. A mouth watering dish and appetizing as well. Contains generous amount of seafood too. -1 whole crab, 1 big piece of octopus, mussels, clams, prawns, tofu and bean sprout.

Perhaps a closer look…

Though ‘small’ size portion, but is enough for 6 person too.

**a complimentary watermelon and rice drink for the meal above**

Food : 4/5

Service : 4/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Jade Dragon Restaurant (Dai Cheong Kam)

(behind Columbia Hospital)

No. 109-1, Lorong Haruan 5/4,

Oakland Commerce Square,

70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel/Fax : 06-6329646

Contact Person : William Gwak (012-2278712)

Dinner @ Daorae Korean BBQ

We have noticed this Korean BBQ Restaurant for quite sometime. Finally; Alex brought me there to give it a try. And resulted…a satisfying Korean meal we had. Definitely will go again!


The one I’m referring here is located at Taipan, USJ. Eventually; they do have a few more branch at Desa Sri Hartamas, Kota Damansara, Puchong, Kepong and 2 outlets as well in Penang.



Just above the Affin Bank


Runs by Korean


Served us with rice tea.


Yummy & Tasty Seaweed Soup. (complimentary)


Inclusive of Assorted Banchan. ITS REFILLABLE!!


If you are here; you definitely need to try their BBQ or meat grilling. (Beef, Pork, Chicken).


Fresh Lettuce to wrap the meat


Pork Special – RM35

Selected cuts of pork that is soft and tender, served with seasoned sesame oil sauce.


Yang-nyum Dak-gal-bi  – RM28

Lean skinless chicken fillets marinated in their special special soy sauce.


The results after its cooked. Need not worry about getting your hands dirty or no idea on how to grill. Because they provide good services as their waiter will help you to grill them.


Kimchi-JJigae  – RM18

A spicy combination of pork belly, kimchi & tofu in a rich kimchi soup. Each bowl of rice are priced at RM2.50.


Complimentary Slice of Watermelon


Food : 4.5 / 5

Price : FAIR with excellent service


Daorae Korean BBQ

7B & 8B; Top Speed Business Center,

Jalan USJ 10/1
47620 Subang Jaya, Malaysia