Worth To Try Lou Shu Fun @Restoran Yi Poh, Seremban

I love lou shu fun.

I miss having lou shu fun.

Lou shu fun is my all time favorite.

*pause* I feel as though I’m describing my new boyfriend.

Please dun tell Alex about this BF. Hurmm….but I think Alex also love my bf. I’ve influenced him. LOL!

Perhaps some of you may not know what is lou shun fun.

Some people call it rat noodle.  I often call it ‘mee tikus’. I’ve just discovered an English name for lou shu fun. Eventually Wikipedia says..lou shu fun is call ‘Silver Needle Noodle’. Errrmmm….. what a name!

Seremban people like having lou shu fun. You can easily order lou shu fun at any noodle stall. Unlike in KL…most of the time they will tell me they don’t have lou shu fun. *sigh*

Friends who came over, I’ll bring them to Restoran Yi Poh. Needless to go over to the wet market although its nice and cheap…but I don’t want my friends to get disappointed because its often sold out early. (sometimes before 11am)

At Restoran Yi Poh I can have a better dining environment and most important is that the operating hours is till late noon. One can choose to dine in an air conditioned room or a non air-conditioned room.

2013-03-23 12.53.55

Simple 1 page menu. Other than their signature lou shu fun, they also serve other type of noodles as well.

2013-03-23 12.57.05

Yi Poh Lou Shu Fun – RM4.00 (S). Topped with generous minced pork and some pork slices. Stir the noodle before eating. Each strand of noodle will be coated with dark soya sauce and minced pork. What makes Yi Poh lou shu fun special is the spicy chili sambal, I guess.

Some said its similar to the noodle we had for assam laksa what..Hurmm…I think you’ll gotto try it yourself, then you’ll know the difference. *in terms of texture*

2013-03-23 12.56.40

Dislike lou shu fun, you can also try Hakka Mee – RM4.00(S). I would say their Hakka Mee is not as nice as Tow Kee’s Hakka Mee.

2013-03-23 12.57.58

Additional side order. Pork Balls (RM0.60/pc) are my favorite. Huge, bouncy and firm meat ball. Served with peppery soup.

2013-03-23 13.10.53

All wipe out! 😀

I heard that their wantan mee is quite good too. Tourist can conveniently shop for Seremban siew pao by just crossing the road. “Asia Siew Pau” is located just opposite. Freshly baked siew pao and other pastries can be purchase there. However I find that the siew pao quality at “Asia Siew Pau” are not really consistent. Sometimes nice sometimes not so nice. So far, I preferred the siew pao at Kampung Baru Rasah.

Restoran Yi Poh
Address : 26GR, Jalan Seng Meng Lee, Off Jalan Temiang, 
70200, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact No : 016-612 2711
Business Hour : 7.30am to 6.00pm


Random photo of the day: *play with food* A heart shaped sausage! HAHA!

26 thoughts on “Worth To Try Lou Shu Fun @Restoran Yi Poh, Seremban”

  1. ooo, i think it’s been a very long time since i had ‘lou shu fun.’ i’ve never fallen in love with it, but maybe i haven’t gotten to know it enough yet, heheh 😀

  2. Seremban is certainly a nice spot for food! Had a few good noms over the weekend drives down and now coupled with what I read…I am ready to visit seremban for many more weekends to come.

  3. Seremban lou shu fan is different with KL version, the former is more like “lai fun” (the outlook, not sure about the texture because I haven’t try it before).

    1. KL, I often get is the short ones…which is more nicer to use for claypot lou shu fun. For kon lou, I preferred the long one 😉

      Long vs. Short….LOL!! ahem…

  4. The first time I ate loh shu fan was in KL too! 🙂

    They serve it with pan mee although I’m not really a huge fan of pan mee. This looks better! I’ll be passing by Seremban tomorrow, will look out for this place!

    Thanks Mel!

      1. It’s awesome! 🙂

        Thanks for the tip Mel! Just blogged about me – me and my gf loved the Seremban style loh shi fun! It’s different and the special chilli sauce is spicy.


  5. I have to have this everytime I am back in Seremban. Can never get such good loh shu fan in KL. Still think food in Seremban is better than kl. Haha

    1. Jing Yi – I agreed! Can’t get any similar lou shu fun in KL!! Haha…..true indeed. Although there are plenty of food in KL…but certain food, you still can’t get it.

  6. Yi poh over rated. The loushifun lousy, service like crap, over all taste crap. Seremban plp dun even go there anymore since the real yi poh din makr anymore. U want real loushifun, go pasar besar. Theres still 1 last ORIGINAL seremban lou shi fun left. Its a few shop from the famous hakka mee. Go try it out.

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