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Dinner @ The Beer Factory, Setiawalk Puchong

Sorry for the delayed post. There are still so many enqueue post which I haven got the time to blog about it. Moreover with the photo editing.

Recently, been quite busy with work. Don’t understand why am I always busy at the same period. End and beginning of the year. I thought construction works will start to slow down when approaching Chinese New Year. But I’m always wrong.  *sien*

Earlier I did mentioned that apart from IOI Boulevard, Setiawalk has now became another happening place in Puchong. I’ve visited Sector 7, then now to The Beer Factory..both are under the same roof.

Photo by The Beer Factory

The Beer Factory, not only serving liquor or beer…but also food!

photo by The Beer Factory

The Beer Factory’s Warzone like layout. Impressive isn’t it? Reminds me of ‘Counter Strike’ :-p


Sorry, we are not Kenny’s enemy. We don’t kill Kenny. But this beer is call Kilkenny for RM15/pint before 9pm.

20121230_193148Not only Western food, but Asian food is also available here. We ordered a Claypot Lou Shu Fun (with generous amount of minced pork & an egg cracked on top of it)RM18 which I thought it quite salty and abit charred at the bottom (perhaps left unattended when cooking). *disappointed*


My mom ordered Tom Yam Fried Rice (with chicken wing and egg)RM16. The rice is flavorful…with taste of tom yam. Mom also claimed that the chicken wing is nice.

20121230_194308Brother had Grilled Pork Chop (grilled marinated pork chop, drizzled with pepper corn sauce and served with mustard herb potato salad) RM28. I’ve tried it before when I was at Sector 7.

20121230_193815I made a good choice with ordering Pork Burger (served with garden salad and french fries)RM25. Big serving and delicious pork patty!

20121230_195052I dislike burger if they uses dry bun. Surprisingly the burger bun here is quite soft and not dry. Look at the juicy pork patty! Its tasty and well marinated too.

20121230_194907Come to Beer Factory before 9pm to enjoy lower price beer! I will go back for the Pork Burger. Hehehe…..

The Beer Factory
 B-11-G, Block B,
 Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
 Pusat Bandar Puchong,
 47160 Puchong.

Dinner @ Sector 7, Setiawalk Puchong

Sorry peeps, on the silent blog for the past 2 weeks. Was kinda busy.hehe…..

2 weekends ago, I was here at Setiawalk Puchong. Recently I’ve heard alot of eateries opened at Setiawalk Puchong. Often passed by the Puchong road, but only managed to have a glance at the outdoor facade. Didn’t know that actually this place does look nice and happening at night until when I came to Sector 7 for a drink and dinner as well. There are few pubs over here. Considering Sector 7 is one of them?


An overview of Sector 7 at Setiawalk. Located by the man made lake.



At Sector 7, they have al fresco dining. I preferred to be seated here, enjoying my drink and meal by the lake. It was a rainy evening. The weather was quite breezy. Feels so good. I like the environment paired with music and sound of water (from the water fountain).

20121209_185438Good news for alcoholics! Come before 8pm to enjoy the cheaper beer. For Carlsberg’s beer fans, currently they are doing a promotion RM5/pint for orders before 8pm! Dirt cheap rite?

20121209_190306Well, I preferred Hoegaarden. RM15/pint.


All mine?

20121209_190416Spaghetti Carbonara – RM25

Spaghetti Carbonara with bacon and mushroom. The cream consistency was alright. Just that I find it a little bit salty. Could be due to the cheese powder.


Marinated Pork Chop – RM28

Thick slab of pork! Well marinated too. 100% lean meat! Can’t finish all by myself. Too meaty already ^^

20121209_191825Bacon Lollipop – RM25 (recommended)

Highlight of the night! I like this ‘lollipop’ alot. This can be a good snack too.

Lollipop reminds me of the song by 2NE1 ft. Big Bang! Wahahaha…. :-p

20121209_193553Crispy on the outside and heavenly on the inside. Rolled bacon with cheese and tiny strip of chili! Ishh…..really sinful! Oh my gawd….

Food : 7/10

Ambiance : 8/10

Price : 7/10

Sector 7
 Block B,
 Persiaran Wawasan,
 Pusat Bandar Puchong,
 47160 Puchong

Business Hours:

Mon – Thu: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am
Fri – Sat: 5:00 pm – 3:00 am
Sun: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am

Sarawak Laksa @ Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong

[41% Off] Sarawak Laksa OR Curry Laksa for 2 people at Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong for RM20 instead of RM33.70. For RM10 per person. Pork-free

(Served with Thai fish cake, mini Ngoh Hiang roll and Vietnamese prawn roll.)

When I saw this deal (above) offered at Groupon page, I was attracted by the ‘Sarawak Laksa’. Furthermore I heard a positive feedback from my friend over FB. Therefore I’m convinced! Sarawakians who are residing in Klang Valley and also misses their home-ground food can try Hai Siang Kopitiam’s Sarawak Laksa, and 3 layers tea (yet to try). Its quite similar to the authentic ones which I had in Sarawak. Ada jugak rasa Sarawak….

I was told that the owner of Hai Siang Kopitiam is from Borneo and the ingredients are from Kuching. Ohh..patutlah…

Very vintage feel. Matches the environment of a kopitiam.

Hai Siang Kopitiam started business in August 2006 in a new township of Bandar Puteri Puchong. Huh…so long edi ar…now only I knew about this place. So outdated!

A menu with more food and drinks. (will try more in future) I guess their signature drink should be coffee. But I didn’t order one. Because it was during dinner time and if I would to drink coffee…I will be an owl the whole night. I’m just like an old lady…can’t take tea or coffee at night. =_=

A beautiful bowl of Sarawak Laksa…with 2 fat prawns. Sarawak Laksa, the broth is different from our local Laksa. And the important thing for Sarawak Laksa is the sufficient spice and ingredient to make a perfect broth. Topped with shredded chicken, omelet and a calamansi.

Rice vermicelli for Sarawak Laksa is different from our local rice vermicelli. Its slightly thicker and crun.

Mini Ngoh Hiang Roll

Thai Fish Cake

Vietnamese Prawn Roll

Hai Siang Kopitiam
17, Jln Puteri 1/6, Bandar Puteri, 
Puchong, Selangor 47100
(near Giant Puchong)
Phone: 03-8061 6919 (Call during operating hours)
Business Hour:
Mon – Sat: 8:30 am 11:30 pm
Sun: 8:30 am 6:00 pm

Supper @ Bumbu Bali, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Alex & I had our dinner much early that day. By 9pm, we started to feel a lil hungry. “Little” ya…. hahaha.. After visiting Puchong Avenue, Alex decided to go rounding at Bandar Puteri Puchong and he asked me to choose a makan place. Hmm…shabu shabu? NO..thats too heavy! Crabs le? There got cheap cheap crab le… NO Crabs at this hour la…. Taiwan food le? Received only echo…. means not an option lo… you decide la….

Bumbu Bali is the corner lot of a multiple story building, successfully attracts our attention. We’ve not been to Bali, but dining in a Bali theme restaurant sounds good to me – pun jadi jugak la… I’ve watched Bali food from TV. Somehow this was the first time of me experiencing the real food. Looking at the food prices stated on the menu may be abit pricey. But a satisfaction from the after meal, hmm…consider worth!

The dim & warm lighting made me feel quite ‘warm’ too.   =_=

hmm…this place do attracts quite a number of crowd too.

Dining in a Balinese ambiance…

Stairway to first floor. Using Balinese umbrella is quite creative!

oil-lamp in a bowl of water with some flower petals, looked romantic huh..

Looking through the extensive menu from assorted drinks and food, everything seems to look delicious. Made me had some hard time to make a choice.

Alex ordered Barley Lime – RM5. A refreshing drink which has a good taste of barley and lime. Unlike some places serving dilute barley.

Then, I chose something interesting. Cucumber & Passion Mojito – RM13. It was a superb drink. I personally likes it very much. I like the crunchiness that I’m getting from the cucumber on every sip of drink. Ya..of course its refreshing too.

We chose something light, Bali Trio – RM42. A big appetizing platter combo  filled with deep fried calamari, chicken wings and sate lilit. Served with 3 different types of sauce: tartar, chili+lemon grass+spring onions+oil, spicy sambal. — a perfect order!

Sate Lilit is commonly known as minced seafood satay wrapped around a cleaned lemon grass (serai). The grilled chicken wings were so good which left me without any complains. Chicken wings were well marinated with rich spices, a lil char skin with juicy tender meat. While for the fried calamari, the batter is so crispy and not really oily though. Both sate lilit and grilled chicken wings having rich flavors and spices which you may ignore dipping any sauce.

**A place worth trying. Will return to try more dishes and also the rice. **

Bumbu Bali @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

 18 and 18-1, Jalan Persiaran 1,

Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03 – 8061 8699