A disappointed Sunday…..

There was MAPEX Fair held in Midvalley Exhibition Hall on 16-18 July.

Therefore Alex & I decided to pay a visit to check out the fair, to see if there’s anything that we could scout on our house hunting. We reached there at around 12.30pm. We were really surprised and went “HUH!, so small hall only?? Never mind lor….walk walk and see what do they have.” Walked 1 round (within less than 1 hour); KAUTIM!

Disappointed! Its either the locations not suitable or the type of property not suitable. We preferred to get a landed ones. But all they have mostly are condominiums. Mostly are so high density summore. We wanted to look for Subang area. Unfortunately mostly are in Bangi, Klang, Shah Alam. 😦

Fine then; we gotto think of second plan since the fair doesn’t works.

La Senza sales started on the same week. I thought probably I can get some new inner wears. Disappointed again! The sales wasn’t attractive at all…*sigh* Walked out from the shop and went for a drink instead. After a drink at ‘sweet chat’, then I went over to ‘COTTON ON’. Wah….I’m very surprised to see the only ‘COTTON ON’ with not much crowd ler….. Unlike the one in PAVILION & SUNWAY PYRAMID! So crowded!!

Managed to grab something I like here…Hooray..a reward for myself for the day! (less sad jor).

At around 6pm we left the mall; planned to send my brother back to his college in PJ. Planned to go pasar malam near his staying place in Taman Paramount. Mana tau….it was raining!! 😦 😦 Another disappointment! Had our dinner in Taman Paramount. There’s a popular hokkien mee there. Gave it a try. (will be on next post). Luckily the rain stopped after our dinner. Hooray!! Though there’s so many disappointment; but it ends with something nice too….. 🙂

Outing with my Galfrens

After a discussion, we decided to meet on last Saturday. Unfortunately, Vivian couldn’t join in this round. Wanted to go for a Karaoke Session, since I still have the free 1 person voucher(from the previous session). Therefore, we finalized our meeting place at Midvalley. K-Session over in Red Box, The Gardens. We booked for the lunch session which is from 11-2pm.

I reached Midvalley at around 10+am. Alex sent me there early because there’s a meeting he need to attend. Since, I’m early why not I drop by MNG(ada sales) first. There came Wanyi & Nicole who were early as well. Within the short period of less than an hour; the three of us managed to grabbed a bag from MNG. Ashley came later at around 11+am. Ordered her ‘lou shu fun’ which tak sampai sampai punya….hahaha….Ashley claimed that they went to tangkap lou shu** @_@

Here are the food we ordered:-

mini wok lou shu fun with minced chicken(quite tasty)

thin crust pizza (nicole said its not nice)

seafood spaghetti (yummy!)

Some of us eating while some will sing.

Ashley in action

Wanyi in action

Nicole in action

sing sing, eat eat & laugh laugh….time flies…

Took some group photos before Nicole went home.

Mel, Nicole & Wanyi

After Nicole went home; we continue with our ‘portraits training’ around the Mall….then we came across the center court which was having TM Roadshow. They were having ‘meet & greet with Woody & Buzzlightyear’ whom came all the way from HK Disney. We were persuaded to queue up to have a photo shoot with the 2 cartoon character. “Hmm…since the queue was still short, so why not take the opportunity”…afterall we have our own camera with us. Therefore we queued for about 30 minutes till the event began.

tadaahh…..a precious shapshot with “WOODY & BUZZLIGHTYEAR”

these are the clothes i got from MNG

We gals; then dismissed at around 5+pm because Mel got another round of event to attend to…. *you know what I meant* :-p

The Package Has Arrived

Ngek Ngek Ngek….AGAIN>>>> I shopped online again.Yeap…from the same retailer….you may type Chellepie Fashion-Gallery on your Facebook search box. This round I bought 3 items. 1 casual/OL dress, 1 high-waist denim shorts & 1 wide high-waist belt. I’m very satisfied with this batch of clothes too. Nevertheless; this batch ain’t the promo ones. I’m not sure whether the price consider money-worth-buying or not. But 1 thing I must admit that the designs are nice and some are unique lor…Why not you help me judge it… Yaya…again from the self-portraits here lor…what else… hehehe… :-p

the well packed package

dress, belt & shorts

the dress

the high waist shorts

Hasil Tangkapan from Korea

Here are all the goodies I bought from Korea.

The currency exchange during that period was RM3 for 1000 won. Check it out:-

bling bling hairbands. left = 5000 won; right = 10000 won. Bought from Chuncheon Myeongdong. Here selling more expensive. I saw from Vincci,almost RM40 each.

assorted candies from road side trader.

hubby bought this for me. its from teddy bear farm. price= 15,000 won

all these are from “Everland”. (from left-clockwise); sleeping bunny pouch= 8000 won, gummies=forgotten the price.sorry, Everland mascots pens = 4000 won for 2.

shirt = 20,000 won (from Doangdaemun)

cardigan = 30,000 won. I LOVE THIS VERY MUCH!(from Doangdaemun)

top = 10,000 won (from Doangdaemun)

1 set = 10,000 won.*but the material not the good one* (from Doangdaemun)

hubby bought this for me. price = 5000 won. (from Doangdaemun)

korean costumed figurine magnets = 13,000 won for 10 pc.

bookmark = 1000 won each

packed seaweed. each small packed weight = 4g/ 8 pc of seaweed. price = 10,000 won.

1 big pack consist of 18 small packs. abit expensive I felt. (from Myeongdong)

skincare from “The Face Shop”

(from left) Aqua Essence = 30,000 won, Bubble Massage Cleanser(very effective in removing dirts & make up) = 25,000 won, Peeling Gel(very good in removing dead skin) = 30,000 won, BB Cream = 30,000 won (if I’m not mistaken).

cute socks= 1000 won each. (from Myeongdong)

assorted trendy earrings = 1000 won per pair (from Myeongdong)

bag (from Sinchon Street) = 10,000 won

floral chiffon dress = 12,000 won (from Sinchon Street)

for my collection = 1000 won each

Online Clothing

This is an outdated post actually.hehe….Found this retailer from Facebook. Bought few pieces of clothes from her 2 weeks ago. Received all of it on the day I’m leaving to Korea. Its a promo batch actually. So, i managed to grab 2 tops and a dress. The quality is good and the price is fair. I’m doing fashion show for these 3 piece of clothes here…..muahahaha…

the red tube top

the blue & black tube top

the dress

Who is the photographer arr? Alex lor….kekeke….

Shopping Day

Met up with the gals on Saturday in Midvalley. Since I am in Midvalley and i seldom do my shopping in KL, so why not sekaligus clear my check-list. I need to get a present for my dad’s coming birthday on June, Jessie’s birthday present (next week)…

this kiosk was having sales. the shampoo & conditioner.both are big bottle, priced at RM19.90 each. The hair serum priced at RM19.90. And the hair color is only RM9.90 (usual price is at RM29.90).


shirt for my dad from G2000

Christian Dior’s Lipstick. Get from Robinson.

This is Jessie’s birthday present. I like the casing so much lor…

facial products

Few days back, i browsed thru this website and bought some facial products.


This brand is quite popular among the Taiwanese. I got tempted with the ‘essence’ and mask. Therefore I decided to try both. Eventually after i tried it for 2 times….the mask is quite good actually. Like it very much. I can see that my face look more radiant and smooth. Moreover I feel very refresh applying the cool mask(refrigerate before use) before going to sleep.While for the essence, let me try a few more times first.hehe….

red wine jelly mask

collagen essence