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Dinner @Rantau Happy Restaurant, Negeri Sembilan

Last month, my friend Wei Chi planned for a dinner trip to Rantau. Its just a 30 minutes driving distance from Seremban town. If you are driving from Seremban 2 or Mambau, its even nearer.

Wei Chi claimed that this restaurant is located at a fish pond. Hmm…it seems nowadays people quite fancy bout this type of restaurant.

As shown on the photo above which I copied from their FB page…you can see that there are 2 floating decks above the pond. It can fit up to probably 8 tables in total. You can also opt to be seated on ground area, which is slightly away from the view of pond. Since Wei Chi is more familiar with this place…Jessie & I leave the food ordering part to her & her HB, Andy.

As we arrived, Jet was happily checking out the place when I pointed to him, water & fishes. I believed there are many Talapia in the pond.


Come early before 7pm to watch the sunset here.

Wei Chi & Jessie….both are my primary & secondary school friends.

HAHAHA….a photo to proof that we were there! 😀 😀

The dishes were served quite fast. Steamed Egg (beneath) topped with beancurd & minced pork – RM10

Fried Sotong (Squids) in Salted Egg – RM16

Spinach Soup with Century Egg & Goji – RM8

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle in Thai Style – RM48

Marmite Sauce Crab – RM60/kg.

Overall, the food was good in terms of taste & freshness. Furthermore I felt the prices are affordable too. Services were alright. No complain.

After the dinner, my friends surprised me with a birthday cake! It was a fruit cake from our town’s renowned brand, Imbi Cake House.

Thank you girls!

My birthday cakes of year 2015. I’m blessed to have my family, friends & colleagues whom celebrated my 2015 birthday on different days.

Rantau Happy Restaurant
Lot 3720, no 29,

Kg Pasir
71200 Rantau
H/P : 012 – 7821781, 012 – 7061781

*cash term*
*solely based on writer's own opinion*

Dinner @ The Han Room, The Gardens Mall

Upon celebrating my 31st birthday (alamak….tak sangka I’m already 31 years old!), Alex asked what would I like to eat. Ya… he often let me decide.. therefore I hardly have surprises. LOL!!

This year, I’m telling Alex… I don’t feel like having Western or Japanese food. Lets go for Chinese cuisine 😀  I’ve heard many good reviews about this Chinese Restaurant that we intend to go to.

We put up a night at Cititel Hotel and then came here for dinner.

The Han Room is located very near to the entrance of The Gardens Hotel. Hmm… I should say, just next door.

We were served with this small plate of titbits (RM5). Its pretty addictive and nice. Not those dull looking titbits that I usually had. The above titbits has mild spiciness, comprised of crunchy peanuts, long beans, fried beancurd.

I’m not a tea expert, but I like to choose Chinese tea over other drinks when I dine in a Chinese restaurant.

Alex was still enjoying the titbits while we were waiting for our food to arrive. I like the ambiance here.

An appetizing Paku in Spicy Sauce (RM8)  ,a cold dish as our starter dish. It wasn’t really spicy actually. Crunchy fern mixed with shallots and dried shrimps. The dressing is abit spicy and sourish, something like kerabu.

Our meat platter. 2 combinations – Roasted Pork + BBQ Pork (RM30) with dipping sauce. I dislike the yellow dipping sauce. The smell was so strong. I think its made of ‘bamboo shoots’. While the red one is chili sauce.

The beancurd (center) came together with meat. The beancurd was really smooth. Love both ‘siew yuk’ and ‘char siew’. Juicy and succulent!! Not forgetting there were not much of fats attached. Love them! I’m sure you have your favorite place for siew yuk or char siew. 😉

It was a gloomy evening. Why not order a soup dish. We chose Braised Lobster Soup in Pumpkin – RM28.

The soup portion was enough for both of us. Rich flavors and ingredients. Each scoop has spoonful of lobster meat. The soup taste kinda reminds me of shark fins soup 🙂 Don’t worry….there ain’t any shark fins in the soup.

Pumpkin vs. My Face. My Face wins…. LOL!!

Then came this bowl of ‘geng’ noodle.

Fresh Water Prawn with ‘Hor Fun’ in Superior Prawn Soup – RM25

The soup flavor was so rich. Robust flavors of prawn roe. And the hor fun was smooth too. Nice to have this especially on rainy day.

Alex doing the un-shell job 😉

Only half piece of fresh water prawn was served with the hor fun. No doubt the prawn size was quite big lar.

Before ending the dinner… I wanna have some desserts! I ordered Thousand Layered Cake (Ma Lai Kou) – RM6. It was served warm and the texture was light and spongy. However it doesn’t look as though it has many layers pun. T_T

Last one would be tong sui for a sweet ending. Hehehe…. Mango Sago with Pomelo – RM8. Hmm… the mango sago tong sui was just average. I deducted points because the pomelo has bitter taste 😦

Alex also got me a small moist chocolate cake by Delectable. Its called 7 sins of chocolate. Wa…so sinful! (Chocolate cake crumbles with chocolate ganache dollops, topped with a generous layer of chocolate mousse, chocolate nibs, chocolate buttons and cocoa dustings) Okay…there goes my 31st birthday celebration. Muak Muak….  😉

Verdict : At Han Room, the food prices are of course higher than those normal Chinese Restaurant. But speaking about the environment, service and the quality of food I had, I’m pretty satisfied. After all its a once in a while thing ma. They do offer dim sum and set menus. You can drop by their website to take a look.

The Han Room
Lot G243,G246 &G247, 
Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL. 
Tel: 03-2284 8833

Dinner @Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

Pantai Cenang is a tourist spot. Therefore do not expect for dirt cheap seafood here.

My proposed plan did not work. We had to make a quick decision on where should we have our dinner. We wanted to have some seafood. Although there are quite a number of seafood restaurants along Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang, but we do not want to step into a restaurant blindly without knowing the price range. Therefore I quickly browse for recommendations through Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor has been a very useful website to me. I find the reviews are quite genuine especially on hotels.

Looks like Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant is an ideal choice with many positive reviews. It is located further down from Underwater World if you are coming from Pantai Tengah. It was less than 5 minutes driving distance.


The restaurant is brightly lit and the environment was not bad.


The restaurant was almost filled up with customers and majority are tourists. But getting a table for only 2 ain’t a problem. 😉

Sometimes I felt it is kinda difficult to decide what to order when there are only 2 eaters. Its like you wanting to try varieties of dishes and at the same time you do not want to end up with food wastage.

I assumed because the kitchen need to handle alot of orders..therefore our food was delivered abit slow. Waited for about 30minutes. You know right..when you are tend to be ‘quite’ impatient. LOL!


Pick your own fishes.


Erm….Crab are priced at RM80/kg?!! OMG!


Fresh and live lobsters. Look tempting. You can ask the staff to fetch any of this lobster and they weight it and priced according to its weight.


My small glass of orange juice.

IMG_5763Omelette with Oyster – RM12

Not memorable. The oysters were kinda small.


Fried Squid – RM18

Crispy batter and the squid was not rubbery. Fried till perfection.


Butter Prawn – RM18

The prawn size weren’t too small. Most important is that they are fresh! Therefore the prawns were crunchy. Average 6nos. of prawn.


Tom Yam Chicken – RM15

Not really big bowl, but sufficient for 2 eaters. This hot, spicy and sourish soup was really appetizing.

Overall..I find this place may be a good choice when you are at Pantai Cenang. We were quite satisfied with the above dinner. The prices for the above food consider affordable. Not too pricey. But if you fancy some Thai flavors cooking…do make a turn into Kuah Town and try this place; Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood.

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant
Lot 1225, Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, West Malaysia.

Tel: +604-955 4128

Open Daily: 11.00am – 3.00pm    6.00pm – 11.00pm