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KFC Flaming Crunch….Not bad at all wor…


Its crispier…and its crunchier compared to the usual Hot & Spicy.

Have you tried the new recipe from KFC called Flaming Crunch?

Ever since the “Kung Fu Chicken” incident…many people started to boikot KFC. But I didn’t bother…erm..I think I did boikot for 1 month. hehe..

Hence, I only choose selective KFC. Because not every KFC serve the same quality of chicken. Some outlet serves lousy chicken. What I meant by lousy is tough chicken (as though its re-fried), bad service (as in super slow) – fast food became slow food!

I made my first try when it was newly launched. Coated with crunchy cornflakes, Flaming Crunch is crunchier and spicier. SEDAP!!

Some people may find it addictive too…..hehe…

I like the way my friend, Andy commented on his KFC lunch. “Finger licking good and ‘healthy’ coz chicken is coated with cornflakes”. hahaha…

Then yesterday Wan Yi and Yew Kong bought KFC over to my house for a feast. They bought the KFC Limited Edition The Amazing Spider-Man Bucket Combo. Which consists of 9 pcs chicken, 1 Large Coleslaw, 1 Large Whipped Potato, 1 Regular Cheezy Wedges, 1 Twister Burst (1.5L) and 2 sets of TGV discount voucher (RM4x2 off movie voucher) for RM50.10.

Now, the Spider-Man plastic bucket is laying in my kitchen. What should I fill the bucket le? ^_^

Next, we complete our dinner with ice cream!

I bought a cheap ice cream from Tesco under the brand of First Choice. A tub of 1.7L ice cream for just RM7.90, I never expect that its quite good. I bought the Mango + Vanilla flavor (which I find it special, because I love Mango). The ice cream texture is quite smooth and fine..and it doesn’t melt so quick like Walls or Nestle. Conclusion…cheap thing can be good too, rite? ^^

We celebrated Vernice’s Birthday @The Manhattan Fish Market, Seremban

It was Vernice, my beloved niece’s birthday.

Vernice turns 3 on 25th of March.

Her mom, my sis decided to celebrate Vernice’s birthday at The Manhattan Fish Market, Seremban. The Manhattan Fish Market is currently offering great savings set meals called “Greatest Hits From the Ocean” starts from 1st March to 29th April 2012. 

We chose ‘Chart Highlight’.

With every purchase of  “Greatest Hits From the Ocean” , you are entitle to purchase these starters (shown above) with a discount of 50%.

We decided to get 1 Fried Country Mushroom. Crispy battered button mushrooms served with Cajun Honey Mustard.

We also add on Cream of Mushroom Soup.

 ‘Chart Highlight’ comprised of 1 Caeser Salad

1 Grilled Catch of the Day – Dory (Light)

1 Small Grill (Flaming prawns served with grilled squids, fish fillet, Chips, garlic herb rice with broccoli and carrots on the side )

1 Giant Fried Platter (Chips, fried fish nuggets, shrimps, calamari, fried country mushrooms, embedded with garlic herb rice)

See how my niece pose (ok la…I admit..she learnt from me..the poser yiyi)

Some said their standard of quality has deteriorate. However the food I had that day were all good. The seafood were quite fresh, especially the prawns. I specifically love the flavorful Garlic Herb Rice very much. 

MFM Jusco Seremban 2
Jusco Seremban 2, Shopping Centre
No G.41 Ground Floor
112, Persiaran S2B1
Seremban 2
70300 Seremban
Tel/ Fax : +606-6011707 
Business Hours : 11am – 10pm

Sis ordered a beautiful set of cupcakes for Vernice. One of her favorite cartoon character, Angry Birds! The thoughtful baker was creative to make them sort of more girlish after she knew its an order for a GIRL.

Details are so neat. The chocolate flavor cupcakes were moist and the fondant was not too sweet either. Check out her FB page (Thecupcakelicious – Couture Cakes & Gifts). Her name is Leni…..a very pretty baker.

Ello piggy~~~~

Yeah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Clapssssss….

Vernice : Hmm…let me rip off this angry bird. Chomp…Chomp…Chomp…

Happy Birthday Vernice! ♥♥♥ you!!!

Better be a good gal ya…& don’t kek sei your mummy =p

Lunch @ Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Midvalley

I’m Popeye the Sailor Man, (poot poot)
I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.
I’m strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach.
I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.
CUT!!! Nahh….Not that Popeye, the sailor man. This is Popeyes *Louisiana Kitchen*, the well known franchise fast food restaurant. Serving its best Fried Chicken. Ashley been telling me how good about the food. Till 1 day, after so long…I finally got the chance to try. Some even said it tasted better than the well known Fried Chicken in Malaysia.
Lets see if that proven right.
A set of Chicken Meal consist of 2 pcs Spicy Fried Chicken with coleslaw, biscuit with jam and a regular size soft drink for RM10.90. Not really spicy though. But it was crispy, tasty and the meat is tender. Yet its not too oily. While, the biscuit is quite special and rare to see it in other fast food outlet. It has the texture quite similar to scone.
Chicken Sandwich (with Regular Size Soft Drink)RM8.20. Me likey very much! The fluffy bun sandwiched together with juicy fried chicken patty and fresh lettuce.  Simple yet delicious.
Chicken Rice Bowl (with Regular Size Soft Drink) – RM9.55.
Must have rice in your meal? Here, they may able to satisfy you. A bowl of perfectly cooked rice topped with chicken meat in tasty brown gravy.
Fish Bites – RM4.80
Nicely battered bite sizes of fish. So crispy and no fishy taste….
4 pcs Wings – RM6.25
You don’t like the battered version? This is another alternative choice. Which is also a good one. Its tasty and its not dry.
Cajun Fries, the crispy fries with Cajun seasoning is simply irresistible!(texture is quite similar to curly fries)
Mashed Potato (Large) – RM5.20.
One should never miss ordering this mashed potato! Once eaten you’ll definitely falling in love (just like myself). I couldn’t resist the rich brown gravy filled with minced chicken while the mashed potato is so smooth.
Chocolate Surprise – RM4.25.
Sorry, don’t really like the dessert. There were 3 different flavors. All in a small cup. The other 2 flavors are Tiramisu & Strawberry Cheesecake.
So, lets head on to the nearest Popeyes to experience it yourself 😉
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Lot LG-012, LG Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall 1,
The Boulevard Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 7372
Business Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Remark: This restaurant has closed down. Thank you.


Pizza Hut is currently having the promotion of “WOW SAVERS 50% DISCOUNT” applicable only on weekdays. When it says 50%, it does sounds quite worth. I can have a meal while enjoy the saving of 50% off the price. However of cause they aren’t stupid to offer everything from the menu with 50% discount. Only selected ones which varies each day from Monday to Friday.

Here are the selected ones. One person is only entitle to order 1 item.

It was quite sometime I did not have a meal at Pizza Hut. I’m going to make use this opportunity.

I love pastas. Therefore I chose to go on Friday. Check out the slashed price from RM10.50 to RM5.25. Cheap right?? You may take a closer look on the “Creamy Carbonara” photo shown above and the real piece I’m having it here. **spot the difference game**

This is the real plate of “Creamy Carbonara” . Sorry to say, the taste is lousy…. And the bread-stick is missing from the plate too!!! Could it be fall somewhere while serving it?? =_=

A bowl of salad we ordered – RM5.50

I love to have alot of thousand island dressing on my salad. Unfortunately their vege started to turn yellowish. Which means not fresh already right??

Triple Platter – RM18.90 (add-on)

Honey BBQ Wings, Masala Spin Roll and Criss-Cut Fries served with cool lime mayo sauce.

The entire meal we had, only the “Triple Platter” was good! *bad bad*

Pizza Hut

Jusco Seremban 2

112 Persiaran S2 B1, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

McD 2 Free Big Breakfast

McD has came up with the idea of 2 Free Big Breakfast with purchase of RM5. All you need is just download & print the coupon. The promo ends on 31 March. My brother came home with the printed coupon and suggested to have McD breakfast on Saturday. The breakfast is serve from 4am to 11am daily.  There are only 2 McD in Seremban which serves breakfast. – Terminal 1 and Senawang. Therefore we chose Terminal 1 as it is nearer to my house.


We were there at 10am to make our purchase. However we waited about 20 minutes for our breakfast set to be served. That was because there were too many orders.


The printed coupon which enable us to save RM13.80 for 2 Free Big Breakfast (without drinks)


Look at the crowd. Usually there aren’t that many people during breakfast. But now with the coupon of free breakfast; so what do you expect.


Freshly brewed Premium Coffee with free refills

I like it to be with creamer


2 Hot Pancakes – RM5.50

Mummy likes the pancakes as it is fluffy & not too sweet


McD Big Breakfast

consists of Scramble Egg, English Muffins(crisp exterior with soft texture), Grilled Chicken Sausage and Hash Brown.