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steamboat gathering

Ever since the first gathering at Sin Wei’s house, all of us were looking forward for another gathering. Because all of them had fun & enjoyed the moment.

This round; Sin Wei & myself planned it and got agreement from the rest of them. Since; Sin Wei will be going for a holiday soon, therefore we decided to fix the date before it. All of us agreed to have steamboat. Where?? Where else if its not Sin Wei’s house wor…Her house will be ‘jui kai yan suen’ lor…

Both Sin Wei & hubby are so nice to prepare & buy the ingredients…(but I also got help buy abit lar…hehe) Ohh..yea..important thing is that Sin Wei boiled the soup with anchovies is so tasty wey!!! (no idea how many hours she boiled it). All of us enjoyed the meal again. Sin Wei even told me to dapao the soup home. Because there were still alot in the pot.

the well arranged food for the steamboat.

a must have chili for dipping – MADE BY SIN WEI’S MOM

dumped in part of the ingredient to allow it to boil

a nice set of fork?? erm..what do you name this??

yea…dessert time!!

A plate of fruits. (sweet Mango & Kiwi)

the crystal clear koniaku jelly. made by Sin Wei

yea….a group photo before we dismissed.


It was bro Khong Hean & Lu Xuan wedding on 10 July 2010. This day will mark as a memorable day for the newly wed couple.

I took a day leave on Friday so that we could reach Sg. Petani by dinner. Started our journey from Seremban after Alex & I had our lunch. Fetched Tat, Chip & Yau from USJ. The entire journey went smoothly just that there goes the rain on and off; which made us slow down. Met up with Alex, Daphne, Darren & Ginny along the toll exit. We managed to reach Khong Hean’s house at almost 9pm. Had our dinner there. After the dinner, we hang around there awhile. We overnight at a house rented by Khong Hean. A terrace house with 4 rooms.

Woke up early the next morning for bro’s ‘big day’. Got ready my gears(ahem…not really gears though.just 1 ‘tai kau sui’ jek), hope to take some beautiful & memorable shots.

Here are some shots I manage to cover throughout the day; morning & night. Although there were few more photographers, I tried to selit myself on any allowable space :-p

double happiness lamp

the happy groom

along with his buddies

the beautiful bride

so lovely…..

during the march in session

the beautiful ladies on the reception

a graceful dance from the couple. so sweet

luckily I managed to capture this

the gang

the buddies

Alex & Mel…acting again.. @_@

lets YUM…SENG..!!! (shout out loud)



So Near Yet So Far

Meeting up the ‘old frens’ of mine on Tuesday nite. They are my high school frens. It has been years we have not meet up officially as in gathering. Normally just the ‘hi & bye’ style only whenever bump on each other in the malls.

This round was planned by Sin Wei & myself. We decided to hang around at Sin Wei’s house.

At around 7.30; I drove to Sin Wei’s house. I was the 1st person to arrive. Sin Wei brought me tour around her house. Ohh yeah…Sin Wei’s house is so cozy & nice!! Well furnished and comfy.

Envy betul 😛

ps:- “Sin Wei; I like you karaoke set very much ler”….(If I would to have one, that would be GREAT! Then I can visit REDBOX less often.kekeke…)

While waiting for the other 2 ladies; me tak habis-habis taking photos of her house’s deco. kekeke… don’t mind rite, Sin Wei. 😛

By 8pm; Pei Ling & Pei Wen joined in with their lovely child (Issac & Kai Xin). Tak sangka all the 4 of us live so near to each other…but we hardly meet. Perhaps; we should continue this gathering more often rite?? Sin Wei is so kind to pack us dinner. So, we started our dinner after Pei Ling & Pei Wen arrived. We had fried rice, ‘wat tan hor’, fried bee hoon, stir-fry ‘choi tarm’, marmite chicken & fried sotong. wah…quite alot though. Ohh yea…not forgotten the last one, dessert from her too…longan+peach slice drink.

Sin Wei's scented candle

salt & pepper shaker

a beautiful figurine of Andy & Sin Wei

Andy's Collection

Here are some photos of Issac & Kai Xin

mummy & daughter

mummy & son

from left: Pei Ling, Sin Wei, Pei Wen & myself.

check out both the kids… cute!

from left: Sin Wei, Pei Wen, Pei Ling, myself

I had a great time with them. So does the kids. Especially little Issac. 🙂


Chatted , photo taking till around 11+ before each of us dismissed.

Outing with my Galfrens

After a discussion, we decided to meet on last Saturday. Unfortunately, Vivian couldn’t join in this round. Wanted to go for a Karaoke Session, since I still have the free 1 person voucher(from the previous session). Therefore, we finalized our meeting place at Midvalley. K-Session over in Red Box, The Gardens. We booked for the lunch session which is from 11-2pm.

I reached Midvalley at around 10+am. Alex sent me there early because there’s a meeting he need to attend. Since, I’m early why not I drop by MNG(ada sales) first. There came Wanyi & Nicole who were early as well. Within the short period of less than an hour; the three of us managed to grabbed a bag from MNG. Ashley came later at around 11+am. Ordered her ‘lou shu fun’ which tak sampai sampai punya….hahaha….Ashley claimed that they went to tangkap lou shu** @_@

Here are the food we ordered:-

mini wok lou shu fun with minced chicken(quite tasty)

thin crust pizza (nicole said its not nice)

seafood spaghetti (yummy!)

Some of us eating while some will sing.

Ashley in action

Wanyi in action

Nicole in action

sing sing, eat eat & laugh laugh….time flies…

Took some group photos before Nicole went home.

Mel, Nicole & Wanyi

After Nicole went home; we continue with our ‘portraits training’ around the Mall….then we came across the center court which was having TM Roadshow. They were having ‘meet & greet with Woody & Buzzlightyear’ whom came all the way from HK Disney. We were persuaded to queue up to have a photo shoot with the 2 cartoon character. “Hmm…since the queue was still short, so why not take the opportunity”…afterall we have our own camera with us. Therefore we queued for about 30 minutes till the event began.

tadaahh…..a precious shapshot with “WOODY & BUZZLIGHTYEAR”

these are the clothes i got from MNG

We gals; then dismissed at around 5+pm because Mel got another round of event to attend to…. *you know what I meant* :-p

Saturday Workout

I woke up at 9am, suppose to get myself ready to go kai kai…but it was raining heavily outside. Since it was raining heavily, then I thought, may be I should continue to laze on my bed, guling guling first.hehehe….

Therefore I woke up at 10am, got myself ready, as usual, took bath, do coloring on my face, put on a nice outfit, etc… ^_^

We departed from Seremban and reached Sunway Pyramid at around 12pm.

Alex and I were quite hungry by that time. Alex suggested to have lunch in a Hong Kong styled food in a restaurant. However he doesn’t know what is the english name of the restaurant. He kept telling me its called; “siang kang chou mian”. duh….mana lah saya tau what restaurant is that. Then we walked around the mall just to find the restaurant. Before that; I spotted ‘Body Shop’ and its having sales. Members are entitled for an additional 10% off the discounted price. The kiasu me sure go grab something first so that I don’t need to return to the shop ma.hehe….Then, the restaurant hunting continued again~~~~ Ahh Harrr…there goes, Alex spotted an advertising board showing the food that he is aiming for…walau..itu siang kang chou mian is actually “CANTON-I” larr….dear hubby, next time please remember the english name instead ba….. :-p

To my surprise; the food is quite good actually. We ordered shrimp dumpling wantan mee, century egg with shredded meat congee/porridge and bbq meat chee cheong fun. The congee is real good lor…very tasty and smooth! Walk walk kejap..then Alex will be leaving me there, because he need to attend a meeting. sob sob….

Nah…not sad either….because Wanyi was so nice. She offered to accompany me after knowing that I will be alone in the mall while waiting for Alex. At 2pm, Wanyi took shift with Alex to shop with me.hehe….touchy touchy =p (thank kiu arr Ms. Wanyi).
Ashley wanted to come along too, after she saw my post on my facebook status. However its difficult for her, because its quite far from her house. Some other time yea, Ashley =)

Wanyi and I spent few hours in the mall, did some window shopping, tried out some clothes and the best part was makan! We had ice cream, after ice cream; we head over ‘My Honeymoon’ for dessert.
(sorry pals, I got no photos of nice food to show you all. Because somebody hor…is so careless,eventually brought a camera to the mall without its heart(battery) with it. That ‘somebody’ here arrr…its me larr!! muahahaha….

I leave the mall at 5.30pm when Alex came pick me up to get ready for another round.~to attend his colleague’s wedding.

fragrance bought from ‘Body Shop’

Karaoke for a DAY

Karaoke for a day? Yea….that was one Saturday. Had 2 session of karaoke with friends. 2 different group of friends. The ‘day’ session was in Red Box, Gardens Mall. While the ‘night’ session was in Green Box, Sungei Wang.

Met Wanyi & Ashley for karaoke session. Unfortunately Vivian & Nicole couldn’t make it to come. The karaoke session was real good, released some of the stress from the hectic work. Now that I’ve missed the BSB’s “EVERYBODY” song. Really shout em loud…After the karaoke session, we had a simple photo shooting session to practice our so-called photography skill I would say =p. Then we head over to Cititel Hotel, Midvalley to do my checking in. Because Alex & I will be spending a night over there. Therefore, all of us lepak in my room after the room checking in. Before leaving, we had ice cream in “New Zealands Ice Cream” which I have not try before.

my sizzling noodles

wanyi & ashley’s lemon chicken chop

thanks Ashley for this piece

the making of “ashley woo”

(behind the scene)

for complete version of mine; pls visit:- ASHLEY WOO

the lenglui photographer

from left: Ashley, Wanyi & Myself

The night karaoke session was meant for ‘khong hean’ the host. Jimmy organized it to celebrate khong hean’s upcoming wedding. While Jimmy will be leaving to Shanghai for 2 months to attend training.

khong hean & wifey

Chip & Tat

Alex in action


Louis turn 1 today!

It was Baby Louis birthday on 1st May 2010.

Yeah….Louis is now 1 year old lu…big big boy lor….

Elaine invited me to Louis’s birthday party in Regeant Seremban.

I brought Alex along to accompany me.hehe…..I think it was a good date….because the whole restaurant was full with different celebration/occasion, ie: weddings, birthdays. I was there at almost 7pm. Since it has not started yet, so I have a chat with Elaine…because Louis was still asleep at that time. The dinner was a buffet style. I recalled the dishes all were not bad, very tasty. They provide us with fried rice(yong chow fried rice), fried mee hoon, curry chicken, braised pork knuckle in vinegar, stir-fry broccoli, fried wantan, fried spring roll, sweet sour fish fillet, fried shrimp, fruits & some nyonya kuih. Elaine mom is so geng….she can even make 2 types of kuih & cooked the ‘wine chicken’.

I waited till the cake cutting session. Wow….the cake was so nice & cute!!

Elaine put so much effort to have a ‘moo moo theme’.

p/s: Elaine, thanks for the invitation & nice to meet BB Louis. Luckily I managed to carry him awhile before he cries…

Elaine & Mel

Mel & Alex

(not yet start….test camera first lor)

cake cutting session

very lovely & cute cake

yeah….finally able to get Louis for a snapshot

got this suit of clothing for Louis