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I Live in “Boleh” Land Ma…

I live and grow up in Malaysia.

Malaysia is my beloved country.

In this peaceful country, we are always capable in many things. That’s why we often have the strong spirit of “Malaysia Boleh!”

When you say impossible. I say, Boleh…Can…可以….முடியும்…

What’s more? We are very good in implementing new stuff but hardly maintain it.

Malaysia Boleh Ma….

Below are some of my favorite picks.

We created lots of records. For the longest….the biggest….so and so.

We have Proton, our “branded” local cars. Which sold at lower price in the foreign countries (source from internet)

We once have on this beautiful “Eye on Malaysia”, transportable Ferris Wheel. Cantik kan? From year 2007 to 2008 it was located in KL.Then its transported to Melaka (just like funfair..can pindah here and there) till year 2010. And now its ‘vanished’. Luckily I managed to have a pleasant ride.

We have Komuter (1 of the main transport) since year 1995, but hardly arrive on time or often breaks down.I traveled 1 hour and 20 minutes just to reach Midvalley (from Seremban) – minus the waiting time. (if you missed one..pls wait another 30 minutes). Ohh ya, not forgetting if you like to have some free sauna session, please hoop in during peak hours. Bestnya…..

Then they introduced the ‘Coach for ladies only’ in komuter since year 2010. Of cos I’m jumping in joy la…I won’t be getting some ‘hamsup‘ stare wat. But hor…I often sees MAN getting into the coach. Hmm…they can’t understand the symbol? Or the MANs wore skirt?

Then on year 2010 we spent so much on Malacca Monorail Project . Kononya to attract tourist la..but broke down several time since the operation started. Passengers gotto get down from the stalled monorail using ladder (with the help from Bomba)

Then on year 2011 we set up own brand products. Yuhuu…the 1Malaysia brand, the not very cheap price products. I brave myself experimenting the lychee. *Feel so proud la* Alamak….sourish punya le…

Then the latest one, we are getting Lynas into our country despite multiple disagreements from the citizens. Opps…not getting. Its already consider as an on-going project. Government proclaimed that “its safe ma!!”  Why you all still scare.

Today, we are getting new coaches le…*So Hepi*…I was told that the coach is longer and our waiting time will be reduced wor. Let me take a ride this weekend. Lets not grumble…see…we bought new trains le…must feel proud ma…

Below are some feedback I gathered from friends.

  • Ashley – the thais can be bumi but not other races who have been residents since looooong time… for generations… M’sia BOLEH!
  • Angeline – our RM cant do currency exchange in bank in China.. they accept SGD, Brunei Dollar.. sigh


Well…you’ll gotto love my country more…We are the BOLEH country ma. 😉

OMG! I felt so outdated lah!

I usually watches movies from TGV cinema. To me TGV are more accessible.

I can’t remember when was my last visit to GSC. That must be quite sometime ago. Yesterday, Alex wanted to watch The Wedding Diary. It would be either we go Summit USJ Mall or Puchong IOI Mall, which are nearer to our staying place. Unfortunately, this movie is not shown in Summit USJ. Therefore we decided to choose GSC, Puchong IOI Mall. I made an online purchase through GSC website. (you are required to sign up an account in order to make an online purchase)

Same as TGV, I received a copy of confirmation number sent to my email address. It stated there ‘SelfPrint Ticket’. So, I printed a hardcopy and I assumed that should be my ticket. When we arrived at the cinema, I asked the ‘check-ticket boy’, whether can we enter using this ‘SelfPrint Ticket’. He then replied, yes…please scan here. I was like ‘Ohhh…thank you’…..(Wahh…now so Hi-tech edi le…..). At that point, I felt so outdated. Dunno since when they implemented this ‘hi-tech’ thing for e-ticketing.

For TGV e-ticketing…you’ll have to collect your movie tickets purchased at the selected cinema by producing confirmation ID of the transaction at the ticketing counter. See….its different.

Scan the Barcode on top right of page before entry. You may either you print the page or save it in your phone.

p/s : Don’t laugh at this ‘katak di bawah tempurung’ lady ya…Muahahha…

Can Ice Cream Make You Feel Happy?

As usual, my weekday’s morning routine would be a cup of coffee and a copy of The Star newspaper before I leave home. I must admit that most of the time I’m reading on headlines rather than content. To be precise, I’m sort of ‘laser-ing the newspaper’. If the headline is interesting, I’ll continue to read on the content. Else….skip skip…(bad habit) Ya…but that enables me to save time and get a quick news. Am I right? *raise eye brow*

Every Wednesday, there’s a page on StarMetro, story written by Xandria Ooi (TV Host, Writer & also a Producer). I must say her articles kinda attracts me to read from beginning to end. Most of the time, her article is interesting and quite true. Today’s article was about “The secret to happiness-It cannot be derived from pleasures alone”.

Well; I’m not going to elaborate the whole story here. You gotto read it yourself. She said; “One of my favourite things in the world is ice-cream, and I’ve always said that ice-cream makes me extremely happy.” which I couldn’t deny. Ice cream is one of the dessert that makes me feel happy and stress free. Do you agree? Somehow because of the ‘fat factors’, it made me hold back many times. Like what was said by Xandria too…. “I would feel very good as I consume a pint of ice-cream, but after the pint is gone, I would feel guilty. What’s worse, I would feel fat.”

—But I still pamper myself once in awhile la…..

Why ice cream can make you feel happy? Unilever scientists says “Ice cream has an immediate effect on parts of the brain that previous research shows responds to pleasurable tastes, including the orbitofrontal cortex (the ‘processing’ area of the brain)

MAGNUM’s Chocolate Truffle is so heaven!

Pappa Premium Ice Cream – from Papparich

This classic sundaes from famous fast food chain which never fail to tempt you.

Delicious and creamy ice cream from New Zealand Natural

The ‘teppanyaki’ style ice cream from The Cream & Fudge Factory…share the happiness among your girlfriends.

The superb ice cream from ColdStone. Which made me fall in love!

OK…these photos brightened up my day! WEEEeeeeeee….. 😉

Everybody Talking About “Steve Jobs”

The moment I log in to my Yahoo page, the front news was about ‘Death of Steve Jobs’. Then I log in to my Facebook page, and again everyone was sharing about the news of ‘Steve Job – The APPLE Founder is dead’. iPhone 4s was announced yesterday, (people were criticizing about the not so outstand features) and today people are hearing the bad news about Steve. Guess, its a shocking news to everyone.

Therefore, I also want to kepoh and blog about the news while showing my greatest gratitude towards ‘Steve Job – The APPLE Founder’!! Whom has great passion and inspiration. Though I do not own any of your i fons or whatever Macs or Pods, but I did go crazy about your iPad2 and proudly owning 1 since the 1st day it was launched in Malaysia. (count me in as 1 of your fans too)

R.I.P. Mr. Steve. *sobs*

The important man behind the successful APPLE. Successfully made everyone chasing the numbers. (from 1, 2, …. and 3, 4, and hopefully there is 5)

Thank you so much for your contribution.

Tokyo Street in KL

Tokyo Street in KL?? How could it be??

YES! Tokyo Street is now the happening place at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Pavilion has refurbished part of the level 6 (alongside Centre Court, Connection, Couture Pavilion, Gourmet Emporium and Seventh Heaven) into Tokyo Street, the newest retail concept. The design of Tokyo Street was inspired by Asakusa, a district in Tokyo, that blends the urban cosmopolite feel with rich heritage and traditions of Japan.

What can we see here? Japanase culture, food, lifestyle and gifts! Ain’t enough choice for me. I somehow felt that there are more on food and snacks. But why no clothing or fashion stuff?

I posted a series of photos in my Facebook with the name “Melissa@Tokyo Street”. A friend of mine commented; “I thought you were in Tokyo. Din know there is a Tokyo Street in Pavilion”. …. Wow…I wish I could be at Tokyo too… A dream is still a dream.

Officially opens on 29 July 2011

A huge red lantern just above the elevator
It was so crowded
There was a demonstration of Japanese Martial Art
DAISO; a concept store that offers great value. Everything here at RM5
Hello Kitty (ハローキティ), a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu…… kawaii !!
Mel met Domo (どーもくん), the official mascot of Japan’s NHK television station at Action City.
**above are the photos that I managed to shoot because it was quite crowded and each shop has its queue and crowd. I will definitely gonna revisit!
For store listing. CLICK HERE

BLACK Friday!

Today is a wet Friday. It was raining heavily. I started my journey to work as usual. Sat on the driver’s seat, put on my seat belt, (an extra step today) car wiper and switched on the car lights. Started off with  40km/h constantly. In less than 500m, PONG!!! A loud bang on my car…… %$&!@*#

I was shocked! This black MPV car came out from a junction without noticing my car!!! DAMN….. So angry, pissed & heartsick!!!!

The careless driver blamed it on the RAIN*.  To be exact, the main reason “because he was in a rush”!

The careless driver admit that it was his fault and agreed to bear the cost. Most important is that, he must settle the bill of the repair works. I don’t wish to go through all the tedious process too.

A broken headlight & damaged front bumper

Dislocated bumper

Broken headlight & chipped bumper

*Sigh….A Black Friday to me. Hou hak jai….

Anyway…dear drivers, please becareful when you drive. You may never expect the cost that you gotto bear!

What does your pimples say?

What does your pimples say? Pimples can speak wan meh?

Nah….what I’m trying to say here is there are reasons lead to pimples on your face.

Fact :

Toxins often cleanse through the skin, when the other eliminating systems are sluggish; hormonal imbalances over stimulate the oil glands and impurities in the blood will often affect the skin. All of these can clog pores. Acne is the body’s reaction to those clogged pores.


Few days ago, I told my friend that I had pimples breakout on my chin. My efficient friend browsed and showed me this link within seconds –  Face Reading


A straight forward picture that do all the talking.


Do you like coffee?



How often do you take coffee?



And that’s how many cup a day?



Are you addicted to coffee?



How coffee affects you?



Each day I usually drink  a cup of coffee before I go to work. (A cup of aromatic Nescafe Gold). Knowing that coffee has more CONs than PROs, so I thought of cutting my 1 cup a day coffee habit. -Trying to minimize the intake. Therefore I had a cup of hot chocolate with 2 slices of toast for my breakfast. I came to work with my mind in a state of blur, sleepy and alil giddy. I was feeling sleepy the whole morning. Few more hours to go….Hope I would be able to get over it. Damn…was it all because just a cup of coffee?? Common…….its TGIF wey…I should be jumping in joy ler….

a short getaway……..2D/1N@Avillion Admiral Cove

In conjunction to our anniversary and with a minimal budget; we decided to choose Avillion Admiral Cove as our destination of a short getaway! Avillion Admiral Cove is located at Port Dickson, which is just approximate 30 minutes drive from my home (I can save travel expenses too…).

*If you would like to head to PD town, you will need to drive for about 15 minutes.

My planned iternary of the day. Looks kiddie..but cute right?? ^^

The crowded lobby. Duno why so many people chose to go on the same day =_=

View from lobby

The grand stairway

The room check-in was done quick. May be because I’ve already made my payment when I booked the room through PYO Travel website.

I booked a Superior Room for RM220 (inclusive of breakfast for 2). It could be that I did not inform them much earlier that I wanted a big bed. Therefore I was given the room with 2 single beds. In resultant of that; Alex pushed both beds together.

The Bathroom – Standing Shower Area.

I wasn’t too sure how come the toilet area stinks alil. There could be a hidden area which was uncleaned *yuckiieeee*

This area looks like an office to me ^^

A small sofa for you to watch TV

Well….I switched it to ‘timer’ with ‘continuous shot’ for the photos above…

(wahh…now I realized that our shirt color matches the sofa lerr….)

Left side view from our room’s balcony.

The marina view

Kids Pool

Adult Pool

Seeing the pool, plus with the hot weather, I felt like jumping into the pool immediately!

Only reveals the back…..

Hand in hand we walk together…Till when? I hope is forever!

From the hotel main entrance, walk about 5 minutes to the private beach.

hehehe….stole a snapshot of the sand castle did by a little gal

We had fun with our shadows! =p

Over here, you may rent a bicycle. RM15 per hour (if I’m not mistaken)

Mel at Art Space

They do serves good breakfast….

Review :  The Superior Rooms are located at ‘View Wing’ (which is the one room that I shared photos here). The furniture seems to be alil old. If to be given a chance to stay again; I think I will choose Deluxe Room located at ‘Vista Wing’ which is much newer. Facility wise; if the pool table would to have more than 1; that would be better. heheh….

*stay tune on my next post about Buffet Dinner at Trader’s Food Shop*

Avillion Admiral Cove

5 1/2 Mile, Jalan Pantai 71050 Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: 06-6470888 Fax: 06-6482444


Feeling nervous and anxious

I am having butterflies in stomach now. 1 more day to go……

My schoolmate has now upgraded to be a MUMMY! She asked me do to her a favor. To attend her baby shower and also to be the photographer of the lil party. I was like….HUH & HAH….Not that I am humble..but being just an amateur photographer. and shoot for pleasure…I just worry if I couldn’t produce the best outcome. “please don’t put too high expectation on me ya”…However without much hesitation I promised her. Though she told me; “take it easy..just shoot as usual..I have faith on you”. *take a deep breath*…Hopefully my inspirations won’t be zero tomorrow.