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admiring the beautiful landscape…….

What will you do when you were to be seated on the passenger seat, while the driver will be doing the driving?? Will you be sleeping? Munching tit-bits? Read a novel? Chit-chatting? Did you ever admire the beautiful landscapes or scenery along your journey?

I used be sleeping if I’m on a long distance journey. But not now. Because I would like to accompany the driver (Alex) or else he might gets bored or felt sleepy. ^_^

Though he will be saying its ok larr….but I do understand that you will feel more alert if someone would be keeping you accompany. Therefore, what I will do now to keep myself awake or alert at the same time, I will try to capture the beautiful landscapes view from my car. At times,you may not be able to witness them from your house nor even from you office. Throughout the journey, you may witness the changes of clouds, changes of the sky color. So, why not “STOP & STARE”.

Here are some beautiful sky, landscapes that I manage to capture during my recent trip. 🙂

this was taken when our car stopped for the ‘red light’-near my house

the formation of clouds; looks as though its snowing over the mountain

the beautiful cloud patterns on the sky

huge rock mountain near Ipoh

entrance of the tunnel-the famous tunnel along ‘Karak Highway’

the tunnel

its evening now- rows of transmission tower.

its almost sunset. the color of sky changes again.

the beautiful sunset shot

coconut tress with sunset background

the sky is so colorful, ain’t it?

the blooming ‘ladies finger’

the blooming water lily

the green green paddy field in Sungai Petani

this was taken on the way back to KL. The sunny sun hidden behind the clouds

*sings* somewhere over the rainbow…….

Aren’t they look pretty. 🙂

Happy 2nd ROM Anniversary

My ROM date marked on 14 June. This year should be counted as 2nd year. We did not really celebrate the 1st one, as we both were busy preparing our wedding on last September. So, this round also we had a simple one only though since we just return from Korea trip (pocket kena refill sikit). Thought of getting some nice hotels to spend a night. But the nice ones are so costly. ie; Sunway Resort, Traders Hotel, etc. With the price of around RM500 per night(just to tidur); I’ll rather spend a lil bit more extra on the Legend International Water Home with private swimming pool lagi best! Hor….Alex hor…**I’ve hinted liao….next trip yea…yea??**

Our last resort; booked CITITEL Midvalley (superior room)-good location with affordable price , booked buffet dinner over Sun & Surf Cafe of Sunway Resort-recommended by Wanyi.


the cakes section

1 whole lamb

my plate (YUMMY)

Alex’s plate

meat for grilling or BBQ

the grilled food (the sausages are nice. the rest, abit too cooked)

tepanyaki chicken (so so only)

fresh oysters (very fresh & nice)
**thumbs up**

fresh prawns & oysters

fresh crabs

curry noodles (taste bad… =(

chicken kebab roll (not bad)

assorted caked (so so only)

desserts (clockwise; chocolate, pandan, mango)


ABC (very bad, cos the crushed ice aren’t fine enough)

chocolate fountain strawberry(good!)

hb ate pao pao liao…

Mel also ate pao pao liao…

Some snapshots taken at the poolside after the heavy meal

back to hotel room. finally a photo of both of us with ‘Ms. Teddy’

Ohh yea…not to forget; our anniversary gifts.

a diamond ring as promised by Alex last year

a watch from Mel


Duan Wu Jie

Today; on lunar calender(5th day of 5th month) marked Duan Wu Jie(端午節) or better known as Dragon Boat Festival. On this day, rice dumpling(粽子) will be the main role, where you can see traders selling them or some people will prefer to custom made it. Actually there’s a story behind this festival. Besides that; there are various types of rice dumplings & even different methods of wrapping.

The link above shown the ordinary or traditional types of rice dumplings. Some people may opt for a luxury one. But it may cost a bomb. Because it consists of expensive ingredients such as; abalone, dried oyster & etc.

these are the rice dumplings I had today

the cross section: pork, beans, mushroom, salted egg yolk


how much do you miss your BARBIE & KEN Dolls

Barbie & Ken used to be very popular among the children,teenagers & adults I suppose. Nevertheless; it still remain its popularity till this decade. I recalled them as my childhood game. How I filled my time by then, playing with my sis & my neighbor. All of sudden, I’m missing those days, where you normally dress your barbie in the most stylish wear, comb their hair, twist its body, date barbie with ken. Ewww…I wish I have the time machine! Dad used to present Barbie for me & my sis as Christmas present. Can’t explain the excitement during that time. I can still remember how excited I was whenever dad would to bring us to Toy’s R Us shop. It was a huge toy shop in Subang Parade. (but now has the shop size has shrunk *sigh). Just like other kids you see these days, wide smile, pulling their parents over their favorite section. So enlightened when I saw a wide range of clothing, dolls, houses, accessories & etc. My parents couldn’t afford to get me big bungalows for my Barbies (so, my barbies only live in a basket/box) couldn’t afford to get luxury car for Barbie nor Ken (so, they just walk). Now that I can earn my own money, shall I buy some as a collection?? Hmm…..still doubting it…;-) I know the prices are expensive.

~I’m checking the latest design, see what have they improved…lets check them out here….

wahh…can change hair lagi!

she is a great shopper too??

so pretty…

OMG! so elegant…

wahh…ada anak pun…since when Barbie & Ken kahwin?? :-p

walau..check out the house. got swimming pool lagi!

my goodness….anjing pun ada..

**There are alot alot more…couldn’t post all of them here larr…..

Can I keep one puhhless….

I suggested to Alex, why not we keep a dog once we have our own house. Each time I came across cute dogs, I would turn over to Alex and said; I WANT ONE!!! I do have dogs, but its over my parents house. Dogs are really a good companion. Can accompany me while I’m alone at home also ma. I do admit that keeping a dog ain’t an easy task. Somehow the conversation continued again yesterday. It just came across my mind again. So, I asked Alex again over the phone. The conversation went this way……..

Mel : *Long;  can I keep a small dog at home when we have our own house? puhhless…

Alex : Huh…what happen if we would to go for holidays, then who’s going to take care of the dog??

Mel : We can put it to DOGS HOTEL. I’m sure KL would have alot!

Alex : Ohhh….okie then. But please don’t allow it to sleep with us in the room ok.

Mel : Harr….. but I can buy a nice little bed for the dog and place it in our room ma….

Alex : Then you sleep with the dog larr….

Mel : Huh..*jahatnya* !!!  *DENG* %#X!@  (but I know he is joking de larr…..ngek ngek)

Never mind…I pick my dogs first har….*Long* tengok sini yea….ini lar jejenis anjing anjing yang ku inginkan…hehehe.... 😉

long-haired chihuahuamore

(more about chihuahua)


(more about pug)


(more about maltese)


(more about pomeranian)

*Note: All dogs above are small breed dogs. For more dogs, you may pay a visit here:

MY TM Blockbuster

My FM is having roadshows over several states; collaborating with TM. This week, on 23rd May, they had it in Jusco Seremban 2. Alex and I were quite curious about it, so we decided to go over there. The event begun at 2pm. We reached there at around 1.45pm, saw the long queue of car entering the parking bays of the mall. Worried we might end up rounding the mall to get our car parked, without any hesitation we parked our at the open area just opposite the mall. Though I brought my camera along, I did not manage to take many photos, because it was quite crowded. Moreover I did not stay back until the end of the event. They had several games for the audience to participate and of cos there were prizes for the winner. Then it continued with some performance by the guest singer and so on.

The present My FM DJs were Gan Mei Yan, Royce Tan, Jason and Jim.There’s a singer here named Will Ng 黄威尔 . Here are some snapshots of it.

from left: Jason, Jim, Mei Yan, Royce

game for the audience to participate

Mei Yan & Jim

Will Ng 黄威尔

haha…took this shot from a fella standing in front of me

check out the crowd

Saturday Workout

I woke up at 9am, suppose to get myself ready to go kai kai…but it was raining heavily outside. Since it was raining heavily, then I thought, may be I should continue to laze on my bed, guling guling first.hehehe….

Therefore I woke up at 10am, got myself ready, as usual, took bath, do coloring on my face, put on a nice outfit, etc… ^_^

We departed from Seremban and reached Sunway Pyramid at around 12pm.

Alex and I were quite hungry by that time. Alex suggested to have lunch in a Hong Kong styled food in a restaurant. However he doesn’t know what is the english name of the restaurant. He kept telling me its called; “siang kang chou mian”. duh….mana lah saya tau what restaurant is that. Then we walked around the mall just to find the restaurant. Before that; I spotted ‘Body Shop’ and its having sales. Members are entitled for an additional 10% off the discounted price. The kiasu me sure go grab something first so that I don’t need to return to the shop ma.hehe….Then, the restaurant hunting continued again~~~~ Ahh Harrr…there goes, Alex spotted an advertising board showing the food that he is aiming for…walau..itu siang kang chou mian is actually “CANTON-I” larr….dear hubby, next time please remember the english name instead ba….. :-p

To my surprise; the food is quite good actually. We ordered shrimp dumpling wantan mee, century egg with shredded meat congee/porridge and bbq meat chee cheong fun. The congee is real good lor…very tasty and smooth! Walk walk kejap..then Alex will be leaving me there, because he need to attend a meeting. sob sob….

Nah…not sad either….because Wanyi was so nice. She offered to accompany me after knowing that I will be alone in the mall while waiting for Alex. At 2pm, Wanyi took shift with Alex to shop with me.hehe….touchy touchy =p (thank kiu arr Ms. Wanyi).
Ashley wanted to come along too, after she saw my post on my facebook status. However its difficult for her, because its quite far from her house. Some other time yea, Ashley =)

Wanyi and I spent few hours in the mall, did some window shopping, tried out some clothes and the best part was makan! We had ice cream, after ice cream; we head over ‘My Honeymoon’ for dessert.
(sorry pals, I got no photos of nice food to show you all. Because somebody hor…is so careless,eventually brought a camera to the mall without its heart(battery) with it. That ‘somebody’ here arrr…its me larr!! muahahaha….

I leave the mall at 5.30pm when Alex came pick me up to get ready for another round.~to attend his colleague’s wedding.

fragrance bought from ‘Body Shop’

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

I have been noticing this restaurant each time I go to The Gardens Mall.

Its always full with crowd. Therefore this time Alex suggested that we should try the food over there. We were there at around 1pm. Unexpectedly the restaurant was full. The waitress gave us a number (43) and asked us to wait to be call. I was like; “huh….macam bank pulak,kena ambil nombor”. But luckily we waited for about 10 minutes, then our number was called.

They have a wide range of food in their menu. The minimum price for each dish will be around RM10. We ordered ‘smoked duck noodles(myself), BBQ pork rice set, ohh jien (fried oyster with egg), apple yogurt drink & COKE.

Our bill came up to be RM75. Quite expensive also hor…

Overall i would rate them as:-

FOOD = 4/5




I do not like their table seating for 2 person. The tables are so close to each other. Its like I’m sharing table with strangers.

Alex just couldn’t make up his mind

the menu

fried oyster with egg


poor broadband line

Do you experiencing the same case of poor speed of the broadband that you are using?

Its a yes to me here….

As explained by TM; there’s a disruption due to cable works.

I do understand that I need to be patient until 2 May 2010. But you do tense to get annoyed or frustrated over it. When it comes to take hours to upload a standard size photo or you try to open a browser. Luckily I’m my work field does not really involve into the server or anything to do with the internet line.Or else I will be really pissed off.


The usual and somehow abit of old-fashioned; self intro is still a necessary thing to do. Today I’m creating my own blog. The feeling & thoughts just suddenly came by today. Therefore I told myself I must get this done before the thing gets cold. Hence I did told myself that I would never have a blog because i hardly write.See…everything can change right.

My name again; Melissa. I was born & brought up in Seremban. Currently still living in Seremban too… Don’t want to comment much about my town yet.But I think I will try to publish more photos on the good food in Seremban.Can’t believe that I am at the age of 28 this year. (Hahaha…age does really matters).

I will start to write about myself, my life & whatever i can think of…Of cause write the important ones larr….not d daily routine of how do I get to my workplace, what time i woke up, & etc…else my blog will end up so dull. I might be using rojak English here too…hehe…(more like myself ma).Don’t worry, my English will set to ‘auto mode’ when it meets different situation.(ie: formal situation will set to formal English). Therefore; to dear fellow students, please do not follow my writing style when writing your composition yea…or else you will end up getting lotsa ‘red ribbons’ over your examination sheet. =p

Motto: Life should not be so serious. Try to enjoy it the fullest when time is permissible.