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Lunch @ Kita No Zen, Hokkaido Ichiba; The Garden Mall

This lunch was planned as a meet up before Wanyi left for work to Singapore. I wouldn’t say its a farewell, after all she will still return and we can still meet. Midvalley and The Gardens  will normally be our meeting point as its more like a center point between us. Should be more convenient I guess. Trying to figure out what should we eat or try this time. Each time we would try different food. I wonder when only we can finish trying all the food from both Midvalley & The Gardens ^^


Initially Ashley suggested Yogi Tree. Couldn’t remember how the plan changed. Lately I really craved for Japanese food ever since I watched this drama; The Rippling Blossom showing on Astro on Demand. Therefore; I would say this restaurant has fulfilled my wish!!


Nic and Mel arrived earlier then came Ashley and Wanyi. Lucky it was still early (at 12pm), therefore we don’t need to queue long.

Facing directly in front of the center escalator


The interior


We were directed to our seat. And was given 4 booklets of menu which comprises of set lunch, ala-carte, ice cream/dessert & the last one I have forgotten. Oppss


While studying the menu, Ashley said the menu is kinda similar to Rakuzen. The answer to your question; (I got it from a blogger) —-> Kita No Zen (the restaurant) and Hokkaido Ichiba (the adjoining ice cream/ dessert lounge) were opened by the people behind Rakuzen and Sushi/Pasta Zanmai.

Hot towels & Green Tea are served to guests for free of charge.


All of us decided to go for set lunch.

Nic ordered Yakiniku Zen(Grilled Beef Set)- RM28

Based on Nic, Ashley & Wanyi‘s interpretation; the meat is tender and juicy. While the gravy is tasty too.


Ash ordered Unagi Kabayaki Zen (Roasted Eel Set) – RM30

The size of unagi will not disappoint you. Apart from that, the unagi taste good too.


Mel ordered Nabeyaki Udon to Salmon Don Zen (Claypot Udon & Salmon Rice Set) – RM32

This set is good! Especially the slices of salmon. Its very fresh.


There was a moral lesson to learn here. Please read up the whole description of food before ordering. I somehow missed the word ‘rice’. Therefore it surprises me with 1 bowl of noodle & 1 bowl of rice. How can I finish all??  So, I scooped some noodle for Wanyi.

There you go, Wanyi’s Set. (No name)


All of us very bersungguh-sungguh to clear everything.


We requested for desserts to serve after meal.

Wanyi ordered Macha Ice no Hokkaido Milk Parfait (RM8.80)

Green Tea Ice Cream served in Hokkaido Milk with Glutinous Rice Ball & Green Tea Jelly, topped with Hokkaido Red Bean.


Macha Waffle (RM9.80)

Waffle with Green Tea Ice Cream topped with Green Tea Sauce & Hokkaido Red Bean


Sesame Indulgence (RM8.80)


The above desserts; only the green tea ice cream is good. Not applicable to the waffles. Because both types of waffles are so-so only.


Just 4 of us


We were at Hokkaido!!!


Love this cheeky pose of us!! (Wanyi, Ashley, Mel, Nic)


**Definitely will re-visit. Hinting it on Hubby now ^^

Food : 4/5

Ambiance : 4/5

Price : Worth the price. Big portion of food.


Kita No Zen, Hokkaido Iciba
T-201, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-612 1060 / 03-2283 3060

A mini gathering @Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

On last Saturday dated 22 January was exactly 1 year since we were in Taiwan. It was on 20 January 2010, since our trip to Taiwan together. If  I’m not mistaken, on 22 January 2010, we were at LeoFoo Village right Ashley, Wanyi??


Wanting to remember these sweet memories we had, therefore we made a small anniversary dinner. Wanyi suggested to have Taiwan food. Apparently, Fong Lye is the Taiwan restaurant which came across our mind.


We were there at 6+pm. As usual, its always crowded especially on weekends.

We were given a number for a table of 6. Waited for about 10 minutes till our number was called.


While waiting for Andrew to come, everyone is so hardworking to study the menu.

menu with wide selection of food (with photos to explain)


1 whole page of drinks


seriously studying the menu


really a tough decision….


It took us about 15 minutes to decide. After the decision is made, there’s a pencil and paper for us to write our order and pass it to the waiter.

Fried Squid with Pepper – RM9.30


Spicy Chicken Chop with Rice Set – RM19.80

(comprised a bowl of rice with gravy, braised egg, spring roll, pickled cucumber, a bowl of soup & 1 big piece of chicken chop)


Taiwan Chicken Chop Rice Set – RM19.80

(comprised a bowl of rice with gravy, braised tofu, spring roll, pickled cucumber, a bowl of soup & 1 big piece of chicken chop)


Chicken with Scallion Sauce – RM19.80

(comprised a bowl of rice with gravy, braised tofu, spring roll, pickled cucumber, a bowl of soup & 1 big portion of steam chicken)


Spare Ribs Set Meal – RM19.80

(comprised of rice with gravy, braised tofu, spring roll, pickled cucumber, a bowl of soup & 1 big piece of fried pork)


Stewed Beef in Hot Pot Set Meal – RM19.80

(comprised a plate of rice, braised tofu, spring roll, pickled cucumber, a bowl of soup & 1 small pot of stewed beef)


Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish Set Meal – RM19.80

(comprised a bowl of rice with gravy, braised tofu, spring roll, pickled cucumber, a bowl of soup & a pot of fish and egg cooked with tomato)


Kong wants to be under the limelight too …..



a group photo before started the meal.




FOOD = 4/5


PRICE =  on above average price, but the food portion is big.


Location: Lot T-208, 3rd Floor

Tel: 03-2282 8699


Taiwan Steamboat at “Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant”

Met up Jeanly at The Gardens on Saturday before attended Chin Hock & Ching Ching’s wedding in Mines Wellness Resort. Initially we thought of having sushi from the restaurant opposite Fong Lye. However failed to do so because we gotto wait for 15 minutes to be seated. Well; since Fong Lye is just opposite it…then I said why not lunching there, moreover Jeanly have not tried it. Its my 2nd time trying their food. Food wise I can still say it has wide range of choice, ambiance wise….don’t really like , macam pasar when its crowded, same goes to the table arrangement for 2. So close to each other…The feeling was like; “can I share your food”??  =_=

After looking through the menu; both of us were undecided on what to order. Jeanly was worrying the big portion of the food served. Therefore; I suggested why not we order a set of taiwan steamboat to share among us. We ordered a plate of fried oyster with egg.

avocado milk (RM10.80)

watermelon milk (RM7.30) – yummy!

the pot of soup for steamboat.

Consists of chunks of yam, cabbages. The soup-base is really tasty.

the ingredients for the steamboat.

special dipping sauce & tong fun

dump everything in for a boil

The steamboat price is at RM29.80.

Taiwan style fried oyster with egg (RM13.80)

The steamboat is good. However the fried oyster with egg is so so. But at least the oysters are not too small & its fresh lor….

FOOD = 4/5




Location: Lot T-208, 3rd Floor

Tel: 03-2282 8699


Mel’s birthday – Part 2

Hubby celebrated my birthday over the passed weekend.

Initially we thought of dining at “Chili’s”. However I changed my mind few days ago. Thought of trying something new instead. Since I know there are plenty of new food or restaurant which I’ve not tried before. Despite of trying something new, I do not want it to be too pricey though. I asked my friend, asked Ashley for suggestion. She suggested Chinoz. Well, since it has good reviews from some food blogger too…Therefore I told Alex, the changed of plan. Alex answered; up to u….’lei wa si…lei tai sai today’ ~  (u decide, u are the host today) :-p

the sauces

Alex’s orange juice – RM13

My Mango Fizz – RM12

complimentary toast bread

crispy potato wedges – RM9

Fish & Chip – RM28

(the fish meat is very yummy)

Grill Chicken with brown sauce – RM25

I like the fries very much though!

CHURROS – RM20 (with hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce)

I seriously miss this dessert very very much. I have no idea what’s its made of. Its like a soft dough, like soft donuts texture, warm, top with cinnamon powder & sugar. Dip into the chocolate sauce when its warm. VOILA~~~

when I looked up; I noticed this beautiful high ceiling right above me.

Mel cam-whoring….

NOTE: Nice ambiance, cozy, quiet. Food are nice. Price is above average.

Food portion size is average.

chinoz @ THE GARDENS (no longer available here. pls head to KLCC outlet)
G212, Ground Floor
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2287 8277

delicious korea food in food garden

I have discovered a delicious Korea food in FOOD GARDEN. Food Garden is a food court located in T-216A , 3rd Floor of The Gardens Mall. The business runs by a Korean family. So, I would consider the food is quite pure though. Despite of the affordable price; the food is very satisfying too. **STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BY Mel**

Photos here are the set of Bebimbap. (comes together with a ‘kimchi chigae’, kimchi, potato). For the price of RM19.90 + 5% government tax.

Besides these; the Chicken BBQ Set is nice as well!

set of Bebimbap. (comes together with a ‘kimchi chigae’, kimchi, potato)

kimchi chigae (kimchi soup)

closer view of bebimbap

this is the stall I’m referring to

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

I have been noticing this restaurant each time I go to The Gardens Mall.

Its always full with crowd. Therefore this time Alex suggested that we should try the food over there. We were there at around 1pm. Unexpectedly the restaurant was full. The waitress gave us a number (43) and asked us to wait to be call. I was like; “huh….macam bank pulak,kena ambil nombor”. But luckily we waited for about 10 minutes, then our number was called.

They have a wide range of food in their menu. The minimum price for each dish will be around RM10. We ordered ‘smoked duck noodles(myself), BBQ pork rice set, ohh jien (fried oyster with egg), apple yogurt drink & COKE.

Our bill came up to be RM75. Quite expensive also hor…

Overall i would rate them as:-

FOOD = 4/5




I do not like their table seating for 2 person. The tables are so close to each other. Its like I’m sharing table with strangers.

Alex just couldn’t make up his mind

the menu

fried oyster with egg