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An Engineer, a daughter, a mother to an adorable child who has passion in photography, food & travel. My photography covers food, people, landscape....whatever that caught my attention in just a click! I admired people who actually put effort in food arrangement before presenting it to guests. Presentation gives the first impression. I love to eat and also sharing it to my readers. I also love to travel. I meant who doesn't? Because that's the time when you are work free. LOL! You don't have to be rich to travel. A local trip is considered as traveling too. What matters most is the time. I am reachable at '' Thanks for your visit!

Shopping Day

Met up with the gals on Saturday in Midvalley. Since I am in Midvalley and i seldom do my shopping in KL, so why not sekaligus clear my check-list. I need to get a present for my dad’s coming birthday on June, Jessie’s birthday present (next week)…

this kiosk was having sales. the shampoo & conditioner.both are big bottle, priced at RM19.90 each. The hair serum priced at RM19.90. And the hair color is only RM9.90 (usual price is at RM29.90).


shirt for my dad from G2000

Christian Dior’s Lipstick. Get from Robinson.

This is Jessie’s birthday present. I like the casing so much lor…

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

I have been noticing this restaurant each time I go to The Gardens Mall.

Its always full with crowd. Therefore this time Alex suggested that we should try the food over there. We were there at around 1pm. Unexpectedly the restaurant was full. The waitress gave us a number (43) and asked us to wait to be call. I was like; “huh….macam bank pulak,kena ambil nombor”. But luckily we waited for about 10 minutes, then our number was called.

They have a wide range of food in their menu. The minimum price for each dish will be around RM10. We ordered ‘smoked duck noodles(myself), BBQ pork rice set, ohh jien (fried oyster with egg), apple yogurt drink & COKE.

Our bill came up to be RM75. Quite expensive also hor…

Overall i would rate them as:-

FOOD = 4/5




I do not like their table seating for 2 person. The tables are so close to each other. Its like I’m sharing table with strangers.

Alex just couldn’t make up his mind

the menu

fried oyster with egg


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. On every 2nd week of May, it is the celebration for every mom.

A day to show our gratitude to our beloved mom. Same goes to me as well. But then it doesn’t mean that the rest of the days throughout the year we don’t do that. Just that on this special day we would normally bring our mom to have a nice dinner, not necessary to be in a great restaurant. I think just a simple bowl of noodle, it does make her happy feel proud too. On this day, you will normally expect the extra large crowd on every restaurant. (A good day to make business.) Therefore, I made my food ordering & table reservation in advance. We just dine in a simple Chinese restaurant near my house.

On this very special day; it reminds me on the dark side. Those moms who were abandoned by their kids. Its really sad to them right? Mother’s Day just couldn’t exist on them.

My mom is a very important person to me. She has been working really hard to raise us. Now we have all grown up. Its time for us to take care of her.

Mummy; I might not be a perfect daughter. I may not show my passion in words. But deep down in my heart I do care for you very much and for sure I will definitely show them all in action. I will try my very best to give you the best!

I LOVE YOU Mummy!!

To all moms in the world…HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY

A cake bought by Alex from Bread Story

chocolate cake

from left: Michele, Melissa(myself), Mummy, Marcus

Vernice & her Mummy (my niece & sis)

Grandma & Vernice (my mom & my niece)

yea…not to forget…a special gift for mummy from Lancome

Fashion Show

Was in Midvalley on Sunday. There was a wedding fair at the exhibition hall.

I saw there’s a fashion about to start (3pm)…The gowns sponsored by Ivory Romance Bridal Shop. So, I was wondering shall I try some snap shots of the fashion show? Since my camera is with me. No doubt i couldn’t get the good location for me to stand…but at least I am still standing in the middle of the stage; with some ‘heads'(audience) in front….Nicely taking my shots…here come one fella blocking my good view…really blows me off…at that moment,I really feel like ketuk-ing his head… T_T

Here are some of the best shots I’ve selected…hmmm…some of the gowns are really awesome!!

Karaoke for a DAY

Karaoke for a day? Yea….that was one Saturday. Had 2 session of karaoke with friends. 2 different group of friends. The ‘day’ session was in Red Box, Gardens Mall. While the ‘night’ session was in Green Box, Sungei Wang.

Met Wanyi & Ashley for karaoke session. Unfortunately Vivian & Nicole couldn’t make it to come. The karaoke session was real good, released some of the stress from the hectic work. Now that I’ve missed the BSB’s “EVERYBODY” song. Really shout em loud…After the karaoke session, we had a simple photo shooting session to practice our so-called photography skill I would say =p. Then we head over to Cititel Hotel, Midvalley to do my checking in. Because Alex & I will be spending a night over there. Therefore, all of us lepak in my room after the room checking in. Before leaving, we had ice cream in “New Zealands Ice Cream” which I have not try before.

my sizzling noodles

wanyi & ashley’s lemon chicken chop

thanks Ashley for this piece

the making of “ashley woo”

(behind the scene)

for complete version of mine; pls visit:- ASHLEY WOO

the lenglui photographer

from left: Ashley, Wanyi & Myself

The night karaoke session was meant for ‘khong hean’ the host. Jimmy organized it to celebrate khong hean’s upcoming wedding. While Jimmy will be leaving to Shanghai for 2 months to attend training.

khong hean & wifey

Chip & Tat

Alex in action



Was surprised that mummy made pizza for dinner today….

Though it wasn’t the perfect pizza, cause she replaced mozzarella cheese with normal cheese & replaced the tomato puree to an ordinary tomato sauce but with the stress that I’m receiving from work…its does meant a PerFecT one to me. My work is really give me lotsa stress lately. I certainly agreed that eating may minimize your stress. But bear in mind; you can’t repeat that everyday..its very unhealthy.

pizza time

the cross section of the pizza. can you spot the sausage on the pizza crust?

after having pizza then makan ‘onde onde’

then finally, makan mango =p

very sweet geh…

Thumbs up to Ip Man 2

Just watched Ip Man 2 from TGV, Jusco Seremban. Luckily Alex managed to grab the hot selling tickets. As usual, getting ready with my chips & soft drinks, but this time I had popcorn instead =p.

I recalled Ip Man 1 was screened last year 2009. I was totally amazed with it….

Nevertheless Ip Man 2 indeed a good one as well! I did not expect it to be much better than the first one (Ip Man 1)…. I was totally amazed again this time. A movie with nice story line and filled with touchy moments & humor. May be because they added more good actors e.g: Sammo Hung & kent Cheng.

Donnie Yen held the role of ‘Ip Man’ pretty well.Honestly I do really admire the HK actors with real kungfu moves.Besides Donnie Yen; the second actor will be Jet Li. Besides watching the amazing kungfu moves, the part which inspired me the most was how he try to defend the chinese kungfu ‘weng chun‘ and there’s a sentence he mentioned really touched me as well. The sentence was something like this: “the glory does not prove that the chinese kungfu is much stronger, but what I want to share here is that we all human are with different personality & culture, therefore we must try to respect each of it. (erm…..i think its not the exact sentence larr…but it meant something like this lor…hehe).

~Do check it out, you will never regret watching it. AWESOME SHOW!!!

Mom’s first bake for Month of May

Did not know how come mom’s baking spirit seems to be quite strong recently. Last week made char siew buns, this week baking chocolate cakes.

May be because the oven is still ‘hot’ so its good to continue baking…kekekeke…

Anyway its good for me lor…then I can continue to have them every week ma….hehe….”mummy, so what will you be baking next weekend ler”??

(alamak….i think she will ask me to bake instead ler…cause next week is Mother’s Day ler….shhh….)

moist chocolate cake

Louis turn 1 today!

It was Baby Louis birthday on 1st May 2010.

Yeah….Louis is now 1 year old lu…big big boy lor….

Elaine invited me to Louis’s birthday party in Regeant Seremban.

I brought Alex along to accompany me.hehe…..I think it was a good date….because the whole restaurant was full with different celebration/occasion, ie: weddings, birthdays. I was there at almost 7pm. Since it has not started yet, so I have a chat with Elaine…because Louis was still asleep at that time. The dinner was a buffet style. I recalled the dishes all were not bad, very tasty. They provide us with fried rice(yong chow fried rice), fried mee hoon, curry chicken, braised pork knuckle in vinegar, stir-fry broccoli, fried wantan, fried spring roll, sweet sour fish fillet, fried shrimp, fruits & some nyonya kuih. Elaine mom is so geng….she can even make 2 types of kuih & cooked the ‘wine chicken’.

I waited till the cake cutting session. Wow….the cake was so nice & cute!!

Elaine put so much effort to have a ‘moo moo theme’.

p/s: Elaine, thanks for the invitation & nice to meet BB Louis. Luckily I managed to carry him awhile before he cries…

Elaine & Mel

Mel & Alex

(not yet start….test camera first lor)

cake cutting session

very lovely & cute cake

yeah….finally able to get Louis for a snapshot

got this suit of clothing for Louis