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Christmas Deco At MidValley Megamall

Christmas celebration is getting nearer. Counting on the days made you feel the excitement. The other day I posted about Christmas deco at Sunway Pyramid. Well, today I shall tour you to Midvalley Megamall….another popular shopping complex in Klang Valley. I recalled Midvalley often scored the highest point on Christmas deco, beating the rest of the competing shopping malls.

Myself and my gfs, we made a sudden changes to our meeting venue. Instead of Pavilion & Fahrenheit, we changed it to Midvalley Megamall. (erm…due to several reasons). I always sees Midvalley is creative in their festive deco. Last year they had it with the theme of “Have A FUNTOYSTIC Christmas!” – using toys and also stuffed toys as the main deco. While this year, their theme would be “An ‘A-maze-ing’ Christmas”. Able to imagine how does it look?

The main deco is located at Center Court.

A huge Christmas tree is placed in the middle.

This is what they called it “An ‘A-maze-ing’ Christmas”. The maze!

Greeted by this huge lion statue at the main gate to the maze.

Uhhh…the sleepy lion…

These are all artificial plants.

What do you think? A nice place to take photographs with your friends, family and your loved ones right? But dislike the crowd during weekends lah..

Ashley vs. Melissa

The outstanding Ashley Woo….

Thanks you, Ashley for this lovely photos of ME ^^

Santa…Please free us..We promised to be good next year…. =p

Yippie….Santa & Santarina both arrived just on time to free us…

Grab hold of a shopper to take the photo above. Finally….a photo all 3…

Melissa, Ashley, Wanyi.

Check out the event listing HERE

Christmas Deco at Sunway Pyramid

Christmas is just around the corner. Hence its a celebration to be jolly, to gather family & friends. And the most interesting part is…..about PRESENTS!! Nevertheless, shopping malls are putting their very best effort in the Christmas decorations. Each and every malls with usually come up with their respective ideas to create a theme. These atmosphere began a month before Christmas or even earlier.

I love visiting shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur during the month of Christmas. I felt that, that’s the place where I can feel the best Christmas spirit. Admire how creative they are…….

Here I’m touring you to Sunway Pyramid, with their Christmas tagline

“Joyful Christmas”

Christmas without pine trees?? No way!! How I wish to get one for my house….Unfortunately, there are some delays…therefore I shall push the idea to next year lah…

Children loves Christmas too….

And of course, not forgetting myself too!!  ^^

Christmas is all about the beautiful lights that brighten up the town.

Adorable Christmas bears for your love ones.

A walking Christmas tree?? @_@

No worries…It’s just a man dressed in Christmas tree outfit.

Feeling the excitement…..snapshot with the candygirl! Awww…she’s way too sweet….

Just can’t get my eyes off from her sifattt butt with all the soft dolls.

Looking for Santa? Be there at the center court from 2-4pm on every weekends.

Santa Claus is in town…you better be good!

iPad…indeed a useful gadget…

Ending my post with an overall Christmas deco on center court (shoot from Orange Concierge, ground floor)

For more details, check out the programme schedule.

My Part Time Model…..

I got my age 2.5 years old niece as my part time model. I must say that I made her got used to pose naturally in front of the camera. And now whenever she sees I held my camera, she will insist me to take a photo of her. Nevertheless, she is a quick learner. She picks up pretty fast. Simple instructions like; look more to the left or to the right, she can grasp that easily. Or I’ll just show her how you should pose, then she really did able to follow accordingly. Well, obviously practice makes perfect.

My sis is a fulltime housewife taking care of my niece and giving her fullest attention most of the time. I’m so proud of my sis. 2 weeks ago, when my sis and BIL went for an overseas vacation for a week, my niece was left with us (under the care of my mom). I was the one who was so worry that my niece may not be able to cope or misses her mom (my sis) very very much. To my surprise, she only cried awhile on 1st night. The following days, not only she did not look for her mummy…but she was playing her toys, doing coloring by herself, watch tv (with us lied to her that mummy has gone to work/office…duhh…wonder she knows what is ‘office’) without being cranky as well. At that moment…I felt that she’s so grown up and I’m so proud of her. Hence, my sis did make some phone calls back to talk to her. Listening to her ‘everyday also same conversation’ was funny though. (mummy…today I went buy jelly ohh…I go where and where..afterwards you buy chocolate ahhh…)

My beloved niece, Vernice

My first swimsuit photo shoot.

Can play with water…very fun and she likes it very much.

I so want to LOL each time I look back to this photo.

A recent photo taken at the playground…Vernice loves to spend her evening here….

She likes the slide very much. Will often tell her mummy; “don’t say last one ahhh”…..

And this is the latest photo…where I request to put her hand on the face with a slight head tilting.

The Charms of Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition

Just about 2 months ago, during the opening of Tokyo Street, Pavilion, I spared a day to visit  Despite the crowd, I managed to take several shots on the environment and facade. (TOKYO STREET IN KL)

I came home, only realized there’s this photo contest, The Click Shop x Tokyo Street Photo Contest! held in Tokyo Street.  I grabbed chance while trying my luck as well. Therefore I return to Pavilion on another weekend to submit my entry.

Then, a week ago Tracy rang me up asking me about this photo she saw at Pavilion. Apparently she spotted my name printed on 1 of the photo published for ‘The Charms of Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition’. I was quite surprised! I thought am in the winning to own a Diana F+. Unfortunately NO…. a mixed feeling, between upset and also overjoyed. A friend of mine said, ” its strange they didn’t even notify  you that they’re publishing yr pic.” Hmmm….quite true also. May be I’ve missed some tiny words upon filling up my particulars, that the photos will be use for XX & XX purpose?? But at least a notification would be better hor?? If not because it was spotted by Tracy, guess….I wouldn’t know anything about it.

Alex, busy admiring all the photos.

Photos of Top 3 Winners. CONGRATS to them.

Able to spot mine??

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*  am honored that 1 of my photo was chosen for the exhibition with the title “Sakura Beauty”. As beauty as me?? Wuek wuek wuek wuek…

Well…its ok. I’m still feeling proud of myself too….Am loving my workpiece!!

Back from Sarikei, Sarawak

I was away the past whole week. Together with Alex, we returned to Sarikei, Sarawak – Alex’s hometown. To reach Sarikei, we took 2 hours flight from KL and reaches Sibu Airport. From there, we traveled on road for 1 hour only to reach Sarikei town. I understand that many of you may not familiar with this place. Majority of the Chinese in Sarikei are Foochow dialect. If you ask me, can I speak Foochow language? Hmm…I would say a little. hehe….. It took me quite sometime to grasp part of it.

Sarikei Division is one of the eleven administrative divisions in Sarawak, east Malaysia, located on the island of Borneo. Formerly part of the Third Division, which included Sibu and Kapit, Sarikei Division has a total area of 4,332.4 square kilometers, and is the second smallest of the administrative divisions of Sarawak.

Sarikei Division contains four administrative districts: Sarikei, Meradong, Julau and Pakan. The total population is 116,290. The population is ethnically mixed, with mostly Iban, Melanau, Malay and Chinese predominating.

The economy of the division is mostly agricultural. Sarikei Division produces more pepper than any other divisions in Sarawak. It is also famous for fruits, especially pineapples and oranges. The timber industry, as elsewhere in Sarawak, is also a major component of the local economy. (source from Wikipedia)

Would love to share some photos on landscape, buildings and people.

The first Pineapple Statue in Sarikei town located at Repok Road

Sarikei, better known as the Pineapple town that produces juicy and sweet pineapples.

Pepper plantation


Traders selling local fruits along the road. It was season of Durian & Langsat.

An old couple selling Dabai Fruit

Bus Terminal at Bank Road

An old bicycle shop

An old hut located at former Nyelong River ferry jetty, operated for decades.

Sarikei Mosque located at Jalan Masjib Baru. Was told that it was completed since 1979.

St Anthony’s Church at Repok Road

Methodish Town Church at Repok Road

Majority of the resident here are Christians. Therefore you can see many churches.

The government quarters

Wooden Houses

Iban Longhouse at Sungei Minus, Jakar. The Ibans dwell in longhouses, stilted structures with a large number of rooms housing a whole community of families.

An old Iban Longhouse

Rejang River

at Bintangor

Boats parked along the Rejang River shore

Wooden jetty next to Rejang Wharf. (loving this photo very much)

Though I am not a Sarikeian, I do like this peaceful town and the people here are friendly too. Moreover they live in harmony.

Join the Sarikei Facebook Page

MEL was at The *Click* Shop, Pavilion KL

Interested on Film or Lomo? Instant photos? Or anything that has to do with funky cameras.

The *Click* Shop will be your designated place. It was first opened at SS2 since  1st April 2009. Huh….April Fool’s day? Hahaha…

At Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL is the 2nd outlet which opens on July 29, 2011.

All this while I only had a glimpse through their website. Therefore I’m very curious and anxious to take a tour there.

“Song Song” is the shop icon. See how crowded it was.

Mel busy posing with ‘Polaroid’ & Superheadz at the *wall of fame.

A full set of Diana

It was fun exploring new stuff. Can touch, can see, can compare.

Holga 135 Series

Hmm…checking out on Diana F+ Mr. Pink……COOL!

I’m trying to tempt Alex to get me one!

I’m so blank

Still blank. Question Marks…I can’t make up my mind which to choose. Any idea?? Everything is so nice and attractive. I am so tempted by the colors!

SO COLORFUL! Spent half an hour there but came out empty handed =_=

My niece said; “So many adults here…and I look so tiny…”

***I will return after I made up my mind*** ^^

The Click Shop @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours:
Everyday: 10am – 10pm


Tokyo Street in KL

Tokyo Street in KL?? How could it be??

YES! Tokyo Street is now the happening place at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Pavilion has refurbished part of the level 6 (alongside Centre Court, Connection, Couture Pavilion, Gourmet Emporium and Seventh Heaven) into Tokyo Street, the newest retail concept. The design of Tokyo Street was inspired by Asakusa, a district in Tokyo, that blends the urban cosmopolite feel with rich heritage and traditions of Japan.

What can we see here? Japanase culture, food, lifestyle and gifts! Ain’t enough choice for me. I somehow felt that there are more on food and snacks. But why no clothing or fashion stuff?

I posted a series of photos in my Facebook with the name “Melissa@Tokyo Street”. A friend of mine commented; “I thought you were in Tokyo. Din know there is a Tokyo Street in Pavilion”. …. Wow…I wish I could be at Tokyo too… A dream is still a dream.

Officially opens on 29 July 2011

A huge red lantern just above the elevator
It was so crowded
There was a demonstration of Japanese Martial Art
DAISO; a concept store that offers great value. Everything here at RM5
Hello Kitty (ハローキティ), a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu…… kawaii !!
Mel met Domo (どーもくん), the official mascot of Japan’s NHK television station at Action City.
**above are the photos that I managed to shoot because it was quite crowded and each shop has its queue and crowd. I will definitely gonna revisit!
For store listing. CLICK HERE

Preview of Princess Alysha

If you’ve been reading my blog, you will know that I was quite nervous few days ago. Due to an assignment which I have doubts on myself. Well…everything was quite fine on the actual day…. (hope I covers most of the important stuff)

I am now in the process of editing the photos. Here, I would like to show you a preview. Please enlighten me if the outcome and the way I am editing is fine. In a way that, the colors and so on…..will the colors look dull?


This is so ME

After the drink at Starbucks; Wei Chi and I head over to Vincci Accessories. There were on going sales. Checking out the accessories such as necklaces, rings, earrings, pouches, belts. Ahaa….spotted this necklace which really caught my attention and somehow got the feeling of ‘this is so me’ thingy. Without much hesitation, I told myself, I want to have this.


Look! Its a miniature camera pendant. It cost RM31.20 after 20% discount.


You might feel surprised seeing this…can you spot the word “DSLR” on it?? Don’t you think its way too cute??


Vernice: Chik Chak! I’m using this to capture photo of you, yiyi. haha….


Can’t stop using Vernice as the model. She’s good you know.

Portraits of Wei Chi @ Starbucks

Wei Chi is a friend of mine since primary school. We used to stay back after school hours for our co-curricular activities; i.e: Taekwondo, Red Cresent and also tuition class. We still keep in touch with each other till today.(yes, I’m still waiting for her wedding day to come!!)


She called me up few days ago and asked to meet up on last Saturday. Since we were both in Seremban, the nearest place to meet would be at Jusco Seremban. We decided to hang around at Starbucks. Ordered a drink each & a slice of cake, we shared. Took out my camera and did some portraits photoshoot of Wei Chi. I told her; “don’t look at the camera…just pose naturally & talk as usual.”


Cocoa Cappuccino


Cafe Latte


Marble Cheese Cake