Louis turn 1 today!

It was Baby Louis birthday on 1st May 2010.

Yeah….Louis is now 1 year old lu…big big boy lor….

Elaine invited me to Louis’s birthday party in Regeant Seremban.

I brought Alex along to accompany me.hehe…..I think it was a good date….because the whole restaurant was full with different celebration/occasion, ie: weddings, birthdays. I was there at almost 7pm. Since it has not started yet, so I have a chat with Elaine…because Louis was still asleep at that time. The dinner was a buffet style. I recalled the dishes all were not bad, very tasty. They provide us with fried rice(yong chow fried rice), fried mee hoon, curry chicken, braised pork knuckle in vinegar, stir-fry broccoli, fried wantan, fried spring roll, sweet sour fish fillet, fried shrimp, fruits & some nyonya kuih. Elaine mom is so geng….she can even make 2 types of kuih & cooked the ‘wine chicken’.

I waited till the cake cutting session. Wow….the cake was so nice & cute!!

Elaine put so much effort to have a ‘moo moo theme’.

p/s: Elaine, thanks for the invitation & nice to meet BB Louis. Luckily I managed to carry him awhile before he cries…

Elaine & Mel

Mel & Alex

(not yet start….test camera first lor)

cake cutting session

very lovely & cute cake

yeah….finally able to get Louis for a snapshot

got this suit of clothing for Louis

1st of May ~ Labour Day

As usual on Saturdays I will normally spend my time with my family in Jusco Seremban 2. It was a crowded day. We head over to “Shilin Taiwan Food Street” for our lunch. Because sister wanted to eat the famous handmade mee suah. Besides mee suah, we ordered some side dishes as well. The food over there is not bad actually. Especially the mee suah i would say.

Oyster Mee Suah

Seafood Tempura

Crispy Floss Egg Crepe

soya bean

After the fine lunch,we head over to Jusco for walk.

Then i spotted a cute top/blouse for my lil niece. Tak boleh tahan…so i bought it for her… =p

ain’t it look lovely for her?

My so-called dream design

A so-called design that I would like to have in my house. Why do I named it so-called design?? Well…if you would to see the photos I am posting here…you might be thinking…”ahem…not so grand oso lorrr”…yealo…don’t need so grand want..after all I am not a millionaire oso ma….LOL..

The external of the house is very important, because the first look might give people a very good impression. Nevertheless the interior of the house does play an important role as well. Because you wouldn’t want your house to look like a worker hostel right?

BRAVO!! Now is the moment where all the ‘kaching kaching” $$$$$ comes in.

What to do…want nice thing sure need to spend some money & effort lor.. I would like to have kitchen, bedrooms or living hall to be something like these:-

*got the ideas from here:-




choice 1

choice 2

choice 3


simple & nice



this will only happen if i would to get a huge house with huge bathroom T_T


every girl’s dream i suppose….

facial products

Few days back, i browsed thru this website and bought some facial products.


This brand is quite popular among the Taiwanese. I got tempted with the ‘essence’ and mask. Therefore I decided to try both. Eventually after i tried it for 2 times….the mask is quite good actually. Like it very much. I can see that my face look more radiant and smooth. Moreover I feel very refresh applying the cool mask(refrigerate before use) before going to sleep.While for the essence, let me try a few more times first.hehe….

red wine jelly mask

collagen essence

poor broadband line

Do you experiencing the same case of poor speed of the broadband that you are using?

Its a yes to me here….

As explained by TM; there’s a disruption due to cable works.


I do understand that I need to be patient until 2 May 2010. But you do tense to get annoyed or frustrated over it. When it comes to take hours to upload a standard size photo or you try to open a browser. Luckily I’m my work field does not really involve into the server or anything to do with the internet line.Or else I will be really pissed off.

Porridge Steamboat

Had porridge steamboat for dinner. Got the idea after Wanyi shared hers over in FB. (Thank Wanyi for sharing it). Erm…the porridge turned out quite watery actually. But I think should be alright. Won’t feel full so fast ma. LOL!!

We prepared so many types of ingredients to dump into the pot. But at the end; we did not able to finish it also…haha….keep it for mom to cook as dish the next day lor then…

standby everything.get ready!!

its boiling now

Char Siew Bun

Mom baked char siew bun on Saturday. It was her first time baking bread.

I don’t know what ingredient she put in…just saw she bought the high-protein flour, char siew(minced), eggs, tak tau apa lagi =p

Tah Dah…here are the outcome(below). How much should i rate it ar?? Ermm… 8 out of 10? Cause the dough/ bread a lil hard…abit hard oni larr…not like rock ok.. =p

hot from oven

the cross section of the bun


The usual and somehow abit of old-fashioned; self intro is still a necessary thing to do. Today I’m creating my own blog. The feeling & thoughts just suddenly came by today. Therefore I told myself I must get this done before the thing gets cold. Hence I did told myself that I would never have a blog because i hardly write.See…everything can change right.

My name again; Melissa. I was born & brought up in Seremban. Currently still living in Seremban too… Don’t want to comment much about my town yet.But I think I will try to publish more photos on the good food in Seremban.Can’t believe that I am at the age of 28 this year. (Hahaha…age does really matters).

I will start to write about myself, my life & whatever i can think of…Of cause write the important ones larr….not d daily routine of how do I get to my workplace, what time i woke up, & etc…else my blog will end up so dull. I might be using rojak English here too…hehe…(more like myself ma).Don’t worry, my English will set to ‘auto mode’ when it meets different situation.(ie: formal situation will set to formal English). Therefore; to dear fellow students, please do not follow my writing style when writing your composition yea…or else you will end up getting lotsa ‘red ribbons’ over your examination sheet. =p

Motto: Life should not be so serious. Try to enjoy it the fullest when time is permissible.

to live to love to learn