Lunch @ Coffee Chemistry Signature, First Subang Mall

2-Course Western Meal: Grilled Salmon Steak, Classic Roasted Lamb Shoulder, OR More + Dessert at Coffee Chemistry Signature, First Subang Mall for 2 (RM39).

Managed to grab this deal from Groupon.

Alex and I decided to redeem the coupon to settle our lunch.

Coffee Chemistry Signature is available at First Subang Mall since January 2011. If I’m not mistaken, before this..they were located at Sunway Giza.

Since their name come with the word ‘Coffee’, so I assume they served good quality coffee. And I also read several positive reviews about their coffee.

This deal does not come with drinks. Therefore we browse through the menu serving varieties of fusion food and drinks, we ordered a drink for ourselves.

At the entrance of Coffee Chemistry Signature.

Its quite obvious as you come up from the escalator. Its on your right hand side.

Counter where barristers prepares the drinks.

I noticed that their ceiling is quite nice, with decorative lights.

♥ with love

Alex ordered Ice Lemon Tea. The ice lemon tea that I usually order has strong tea taste but lack of lemon taste. Eventually, over here its the other way round. Not much of tea taste, but strong flavors of lemon. Which I think its not bad also la…

I ordered a cuppa Cafe’ Mocha – RM8.50 for myself. Rich and aromatic drink with nice coffee art.

Happily admiring my drink. But feel so ‘sayang’ to damage the art…. @_@

For the main course, there were total of 5 choices applicable for Groupon user.

I chose Grilled Salmon Steak, served with mashed potato and vegetables. The yellow gravy that you saw on plate is not oil but its maltaise sauce. Good match with the salmon. Unfortunately I felt that my salmon is slightly overcooked. But I do like their mashed potato. Very smooth and buttery.

Alex chose Grilled Chicken Chop served with homemade mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables. I like the mushroom sauce but not the chicken. I find it slightly overcooked as well. Because the meat is abit dry.

For dessert, it comes with Brownie in ice cream. The brownie is warm and moist. It tasted great together with vanilla ice cream.

And Affogato. Espresso topped with vanilla ice cream. This is absolutely good for coffee lovers. Rich flavors which gives you the ‘umhhppp’!!

Verdict : I would love to return for their coffee! ^_^

Coffee Chemistry Signature
First Subang Mall, 
Jalan SS15/4G,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No: +603-5612 2299 / +6012-667 7512
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (10am – 11pm)
GPS Coordinates: 3.077759, 101.586562

Dinner @ Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, Empire Shopping Gallery

Last month, during our Anniversary, Alex and I decided to have some Japanese food as a simple dinner celebration. We chose Rakuzen because my 1st experience at Rakuzen, GTower was good. Unfortunately the other day, Ashley was telling me her recent visits to Rakuzen, GTower, the food were lousy. Food arrived cold and service was poor. *Sigh* Why can’t something good maintain its quality and whatsoever?

There are total of 7 Rakuzen outlets over Klang Valley.

This time we went to the Rakuzen located at Empire Shopping Gallery. We were there at around 8+pm. To my surprise the place is already quite crowded. I never expect it could be so many people even on weekdays.  We did not make any reservation, therefore no nice feng sui seats T_T

How can Japanese food go without wasabi??

Ebi Tempura – RM26

Crispy battered tempura prawn. Prawns were fresh and crunchy.

Uhhh…my favorite dish of all!! Plate of fresh sashimi at RM60

Couldn’t find any fault on this plate of Stamina Maki – RM38. Sushi roll with thick slices of tasty unagi.

Wanna share some sushi? 😀

Collagen Nabe (S) – RM30

Hot pot using miso soup base. Fresh ingredients are vegetables, enoki mushroom, tofu, udon and oysters. The oysters were good and soup was tasty as well.

Alex is quite a rice person. So we ordered a bowl of Garlic Rice – RM9. This garlic rice is quite normal.

Alex said Shishamo at Rakuzen is good. So we ordered a plate of Shishamo which comes in 3pcs for RM10.

I then conclude my meal with a cuppa Yuzu Sherbet – RM6. The icy cold dessert is refreshing to have after meal. Moreover yuzu is helps to digest my food so that I can eat another round ^_^

Lot UG 17, Upper Ground Floor,

Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jln SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

TEL : 03 5635 0100 / 012 460 2320
FAX : 03 5635 8840

Daily 12.00pm – 3.00 & 6.00pm – 11.00pm


KFC Flaming Crunch….Not bad at all wor…


Its crispier…and its crunchier compared to the usual Hot & Spicy.

Have you tried the new recipe from KFC called Flaming Crunch?

Ever since the “Kung Fu Chicken” incident…many people started to boikot KFC. But I didn’t bother…erm..I think I did boikot for 1 month. hehe..

Hence, I only choose selective KFC. Because not every KFC serve the same quality of chicken. Some outlet serves lousy chicken. What I meant by lousy is tough chicken (as though its re-fried), bad service (as in super slow) – fast food became slow food!

I made my first try when it was newly launched. Coated with crunchy cornflakes, Flaming Crunch is crunchier and spicier. SEDAP!!

Some people may find it addictive too…..hehe…

I like the way my friend, Andy commented on his KFC lunch. “Finger licking good and ‘healthy’ coz chicken is coated with cornflakes”. hahaha…

Then yesterday Wan Yi and Yew Kong bought KFC over to my house for a feast. They bought the KFC Limited Edition The Amazing Spider-Man Bucket Combo. Which consists of 9 pcs chicken, 1 Large Coleslaw, 1 Large Whipped Potato, 1 Regular Cheezy Wedges, 1 Twister Burst (1.5L) and 2 sets of TGV discount voucher (RM4x2 off movie voucher) for RM50.10.

Now, the Spider-Man plastic bucket is laying in my kitchen. What should I fill the bucket le? ^_^

Next, we complete our dinner with ice cream!

I bought a cheap ice cream from Tesco under the brand of First Choice. A tub of 1.7L ice cream for just RM7.90, I never expect that its quite good. I bought the Mango + Vanilla flavor (which I find it special, because I love Mango). The ice cream texture is quite smooth and fine..and it doesn’t melt so quick like Walls or Nestle. Conclusion…cheap thing can be good too, rite? ^^

Dinner @ Yun Long Seafood Restaurant, Hoon Leong Temple, PD

The other day when I was in Port Dickson (PD), I decided to settle my dinner together with my family there. At PD, there are several seafood restaurants. However, I still couldn’t find a restaurant serving impressive seafood in PD. To me, they are just average.

Hence, Yun Long Seafood Restaurant is easily sighted. It is located just in front of Hoon Leong Temple. Hoon Leong Temple is located along the 7th mile of the Port Dickson coastal road, just opposite the PD World Marina Resort. This Chinese temple, with its opulent architecture and imposing fortress walls, is hard to miss at left along the main road, if coming south towards Malacca from PD town. The temple name means ‘Dragon of the Clouds’, but it pays homage to several oriental deities, including Kuan Yi (goddess of mercy) and the Monkey King.

If you understands Chinese character…do read this blog for more story.

“Hoon Leong Temple.”

Yun Long Seafood Restaurant is located in front of Hoon Leong Temple. Which is pretty visible at the roundabout.

It was quite vacant when we arrived there at about 6.30pm.

Japanese Tofu with Minced Pork – RM10

Kung Pou Chicken – RM15

Siong Tong Lala – RM15

Stir Fry Kailan – RM8

Hot Pot Seafood – RM60 (small)

Delicious and tasty soup base with hint of spiciness from dried chili. Filled with 1 whole crab, prawns, fish fillet, squids and some fried beancurd.

Hot Pot Seafood is to be eaten together with cooked vermicelli and bean sprout. Feel like I’m eating Laksa. So yummy!

Verdict : Reasonable price. Hot Pot Seafood is highly recommended. While the rest were just normal.

Yun Long Seafood Restaurant
Batu 6, Hoon Leong Temple,
Jalan Pantai,
Teluk Kemang Sirusa,
71050 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 06-662 1032/31

Happy 1st Birthday to Ayden Boy

Last weekend, I was given an opportunity by Mummy Pei Pei to capture the memorable moment of her son, Ayden. Mummy Pei Pei planned a birthday party celebrating Ayden 1st birthday at their condo’s poolside. Apart from that…it will be a memorable place to her since she’ll be moving to Butterworth soon. Wishing her all the best there!

The event began from 5.30pm and ended at 7.30pm. Capturing Ayden wasn’t tough. Because he is such a cute little boy. I was quite surprise that he wasn’t cranky too. Guess he enjoyed his birthday too. Receiving presents (which he may not know what are they), meeting baby friends, getting most of the attentions!

A beautiful BEE fondant cake made by Mummy’s friend. Such a thoughtful friend. It was a moist chocolate cake. Taste good too!

Ayden is very attached to his Kong Kong.

Ayden with 2 front teeth!

Ayden doing ‘live conference’ with Aunt.

Ayden greeting baby friend.

Ayden meeting another baby friend.

Aren’t he looks so adorable? I would call him miniature Pei Pei la…he looks just like mummy! hahaha

Ayden had a fun time with baby friend!

Uhh..I caught him standing. And he was smiling too!

The family bond. Daddy & Mummy Ayden.

I’ve just released these few photos and uploaded them on my FB. Hope Mummy Pei Pei will like the rest of them. Ohh ya..immediately after I uploaded these photos…a friend of mine text me, asking me to photoshoot her daughter’s 1 year old birthday party too! Wow…seriously..I did not expect I’ll become a baby photographer. May be I should have confidence on myself huh. What do you, my blogger friend feel about the photos le? All comments are welcome! 😉

Picnic at Port Dickson

Last weekend I spent some time with my family at Port Dickson beach. We planned to go picnic there. And the weather was all good. Not really sunny and did not rain. Port Dickson is just half an hour drive from Seremban. Therefore, the idea of getting there for a family day isn’t tough.

Port Dickson is developing now. Finally there’s a McD!! Located at PD Waterfront  (near town). Unfortunately there are still many abandoned resorts which is an eye sore. Whenever I sees an abandoned building…my mind will start to imagine some spooky stuff… =p

Nice weather with people strolling along the beach.

I chose this part of beach which is located next to Avilion Resort. (Not so crowded & quite clean). But you will need to walk further if you need to go to toilet.

There are tables and benches provided for people who planned to picnic there.

Mummy prepared some light food. Otak-Otak Samosa (bought from supermarket and self deep fried it) ,Fried Chicken (marinated overnight with kunyit) and Apple+Water Chesnut drink. The fried chicken was ‘finger licking good!’ ^^

visitors having fun at beach. There are people doing fishing there too.

guess this couple were having fun at beach too.

Do you like the sandy beach?

Alex abandoned his slipper here. *kesian…

my slipper and a dead coral.

Sis brought some toys for Vernice to play there.

She has yet to get used to the beach. She kept saying dirty @_@.

Vernice : YiYi…tissue please….

Yea..this was the purpose of asking tissue from me. Busy wipping her feet! =p

Finally! Braving herself to lift her ‘heavy’ feet from the mat. hahaha…

Everybody getting their hands on the sand.

Mummy was happy too…

The result. A rejected ‘sand castle’ and a cacat feet! Hahaha….

Mel with Alex ^_^

Alex : Aiyohhh….so heavy lah! Can’t carry. My bones are cracking!!

Mel : Kahwin time can carry…Why now can’t edi?

Alex : Last time was light, and now so heavy!

Mel : @_@ KNS!!

Water sports; banana boat, water scooter or a boat ride with some charges.

Have a nice day! ♥

Dinner @Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Kawan, Temiang Seremban

When Baby Sumo blogged about What to do / eat in Seremban, there is this particular food which I thought “I MUST go there soon”! I’ve heard about this place. I’ve heard about how good the business is. I’ve heard people saying you gotto be there early.

This makan place is popular for its porridge and ‘pak cham kai’. It has been a long time business. Before they moved to this new place (current location), I remember when I was younger, my dad used to bring us there for supper. Will usually order their ‘G Jarp Juk’ & ‘Pak Cham Kai’. Can’t imagine its still good as before.

The shop opens at 6pm. I went together with Alex & Marcus. We reached there at 7pm. The tables are already fully occupied. And also a long queue, customers queuing to ‘dapao’. So, I stand and waited for a vacant table.

Cooked chicken and pig’s innards are hung there. The kitchen is so busy. Bowls after bowls of porridge were served. Freshly cooked chicken were brought out so many rounds. I see that uncle non stop chopping those chickens. Dunno whether sleeping time also will dream about chicken or not. LOL!

Ordered the refreshing ‘Calamansi + Assam Boi Juice’.

Waited 10 minutes to get a seat. Drinks were served quite fast. Waited 5 minutes to take our order. Waited 20 minutes for our food to be served.  >.<

‘Pak Cham Kai’ – RM26 (1/2 chick)

The chicken meat is really smooth and tender. (okay, I’m drooling while writing now… apology) =p

*closer view*

G-Jarp Juk (Pork Innards porridge)

So sorry, I couldn’t remember whether its RM4 or RM4.50. But its still cheap, judging from the generous amount of ingredients hidden in the bowl of porridge. Moreover the porridge is smooth too. Add some sesame oil and pepper. Or use the gravy from the chicken to drizzle on the porridge. Lagi best!

Some of the fried intestines. Hubby who hardly take pig’s innards also find this acceptable. And he said, next time we come again ^_^

Their Fish Porridge(Sang Yu Juk) also is quite popular. Do come early if you don’t want to get disappointed. Sometimes it sold out at 8+pm.

Before go home, bought some freshly baked ‘siew pau’ and egg tarts from Kee Mei Siew Pau. Located just next door.

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Kawan
(next to Kee Mei Siew Pow)
76B Jalan Temiang, 70200 Seremban
GPS Coordinates: 2.733207, 101.937654
(Closed on Tuesdays)
Remark: This restaurant has moved to Templer (opposite Caltex petrol station) with a new name of “Restoran Seremban Chicken Porridge”. Thank you.

Bangkok 5D4N & My Shopping Haul

To summarize my BKK trip, I will try to make it simple. Actually we do not have a proper itinerary. Moreover things were planned kinda last minute. hehe…But Ashley being the well-organized person she will jot down most of the info.  I am good at pointing out the places we should visit, but I don’t think I’ll be able to travel F&E without her. 😀

Day 1

Fly to BKK by MAS (food served in MAS sucks big time!). Then we arrived Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK at 10.15am, walked quite far to claim our luggage. At the airport, please read clearly on the directions. Or ask for directions to get to get Airport Rail Link. Hence, do not forget to grab some maps. Because some maps may attached with discounted coupons. (ie: discount 20% entrance fee to Siam Ocean World). Our accommodation place is at Bangkok City Hotel. To get to the hotel, we took Airport Link, take the City Line (Blue), cost 15 Baht, from the airport, take off at the last station, Phayatai. After you get off at Phaya Thai, purchase a ticket to Ratchathewi station. It is only one station, costs 15 Baht. When you reach Ratchathewi station, please take Exit 3. Exit 3 is the direction to go to reach Bangkok City Hotel. Walk for about 5 minutes until you reach an intersection, turn LEFT at the intersection. Don’t cross the road, just turn left. Walk for another 5 to 8 minutes and you’ll reach Bangkok City Hotel which is on your left. – source from Ashley

Hotel Review – Bangkok City Hotel.

– By noon, we took a cab from our hotel to Siam Paragon (less than 60 baht). You may also reach here by BTS. At Siam Paragon, we decided to have our late lunch at Paragon Food Hall.

– After the satisfying lunch, we went to Siam Ocean World located at Basement floor of Siam Paragon. An aquatic wonderland the size of three Olympic swimming pools, claimed as one of the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. Over here, you may purchase a package which includes the entrance to Madame Tussauds. Remember the map attached with 20% rebate? I use that to get discount on the entrance. Siam Ocean World (Super Pack) for 900 baht. (Inclusive of Aquarium, 4D theatre, Glass-bottom boat, happy fish happy feet (fish massage), back of the house tour, and Pepsi & popcorn) 4D show was below average. While the popcorn is not nice. Well, the aquarium is worth visiting. For complete album, click HERE

– After a tiring day, before we had our dinner…we went for foot massage few doors away from our Hotel for just 200 baht! For 1 hour.

– Next, our dinner nearby our hotel. (Choose the one with more crowds and more locals).

photo by Ashley

All of us except Wanyi were enjoying our foot massage. ^^

Day 2

Chatuchak Market (Click HERE for the full info)

– By evening, we went to Chinatown Bangkok by cab (from Hotel, less than 50 baht). At Chinatown, you will feel as though you are at a real Chinese town. Some of them can speak Chinese too. Generally there are nothing much for you to shop here.

How to get to Chinatown. Click HERE


Our Dinner at T&K Seafood(The green shirt troop). Fresh and delicious seafood with reasonable price. It may be crowded, but they work efficiently!

Our dessert. Walked along the main road, spotted a mini lorry parked at the road side with many durians. Bought a pack of Mango sticky rice and Durian sticky rice for total of 150 baht. Dirt cheap with incredibly sweet and generous amount of mango. While durian is so creamy.

Day 3

Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok. Click HERE for full info.

Coconut Sugar Farm & Damonen Saduak Floating Market. Click HERE for full info.

Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount). Click HERE for full info.

MBK Shopping Center Bangkok

at MBK Shopping Center Bangkok, there is a food court named MBK Food Centre (located at 6th floor). Varieties of food served here. You are required to purchase coupon from the counter there before you order food from the stalls.

While shopping here…hmm..I don’t quite like. Its quite similar to our Sg. Wang & Berjaya Times Square.

– By evening, we return to Paragon Food Hall for second round of food. Because the food court here is so huge! You can never get enough.

– After dinner, head on to Siam Square Outdoor Market (which is just across the road. Opposite of Siam Paragon).

Its like a fashion pasar malam. Stalls are set up here every evening. Despite the humid weather and sweaty feeling, I like shopping here. Clothes, watches, shoes, bags, earrings, necklace, accessories, and many more at a good price. Some may require a lil bargaining. Can you imagine you can get a denim shorts for just 200 baht! Its not poor quality okay. And their fashion sense…so update!

Blog to refer; click HERE.

Day 4

Platinum Mall (walk from Bangkok City Hotel, around 15 minutes). Its a very huge mall. More like a wholesale mall. You may purchase 1 item. But you will prefer to get more than 2 item from one shop in order to be entitle for a wholesale price. Which gives you a better bargain. Shop till drop here!

Address: Petchaburi Road, Pratunam
Opens daily from 9am to 8pm
Getting Here: BTS Siam, BTS Chitlom, BTS Ratchatewi – 10-15 minute walk to the mall.

Central World

(located next to Platinum Mall-walking distance). Here, you can shop for branded goods. Seeing the price is not much different from KL, so we just window shop. hehe….

Address : CentralWorld 999/9 Rama 1 Rd., Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

BTS: Chit Lom station. So, go on sky walk between Chit Lom and Siam station.


Day 5

– Our flight to KL is in the afternoon. Therefore, we only able to go to TESCO Lotus Bangkok. A hypermarket just like Malaysia. Came here to buy some Thai instant noodles! hheeh…Bought 1 whole box and several packets of tom yam & duck instant noodles.

… are my shopping haul in BKK.

Lovely magnets at 100 baht for 2 pcs. (from Chatuchak Market)

Keychains at 100 baht for 2pcs. (from Chatuchak Market)

(from Chatuchak Market)

(from Siam Square Outdoor Market)

Earrings. 4pcs for 100 baht. (from Siam Square Outdoor Market)

(from Platinum Mall).

go to BKK, must not forget to shop at Naraya lor…Naraya at Siam Discovery has more designs and the outlet is quite big too. Click HERE to refer to their outlets.

Hope my simple itinerary able to guide you on planning your BKK trip. Good day everyone