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I am One Lucky & Happy Winner.

I’ve been following Bangsar Babe’s blog every now and then.

On July 2012, she organized an annual blog giveaway in conjunction to her blog’s 5th anniversary. The giveaway consist of F&B vouchers and also Hotel stay. To stand a chance on winning bigger prizes, you’ll have to take a photo of your favorite food along with Bangsar Babe website (header photo), add in a short description about the food photo then emailed it to Bangsar Babe and she’ll upload it on her facebook page. All you need to do for the whole 5 months giveaway period..get as much people to like your photo (not forgetting to LIKE Bangsar Babe FB page first) in order to have a higher chances to win the grand prize.

Despite begging asking favor from people to like your photo, there’s no slogan needed..which I thought its pretty simple (because I am not a slogan person). So, I decided to try my luck and submitted my entry on July 2012. However my numbers of LIKE on my photo grew so slow. I couldn’t even catch up with the highest score. I have 600 over friends on my FB..but there were only 100 over likes on my photo (including some unknown people) How sad huh. I thought there ain’t hope of winning anything already. Although there are 2nd and 3rd prize…no chance also lar…I meant myself. :-p

This was my photo submission. A good Japanese meal I had at Senjyu.

On October 2012, I received an email from Bangsar Babe saying I was chosen as best monthly photo entry. I walked away with a 8inch mille crepe cake from Food Foundry! Wow…..happy jugak lar…. *smile widely*

Together with Bangsar Babe (not only lenglui but also a friendly person), Pin Pin of Food Foundry and Min Xian (the other selected entry), redeemed my mille crepe cake voucher. (I’ve already redeemed a Vanilla mille crepe cake, nicely shared with Alex and also my family)

1 week ago, the final result has announced! Received an FB notification, that my friend congratulated me. I was really surprised, overjoyed and excited knowing that I was selected as Best Photo Submission. Seriously I never expect there is such category and I felt lucky as well.

Thank you for giving me hope ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are my prizes… ๐Ÿ˜€

The prize giving ceremony was held at Maju Palace, a restaurant serving Chinese Halal food. Located at Maju Junction Mall.

Participants who came on the prize giving day. I meet new faces and I made new friends. It was a good 2 hours event.

Some light refreshment prepared by Maju Palace.

Bangsar Babe handing the prizes (vouchers) to me. Oh My….she was with a 5 inch gladiator heels…while me with a pair of Crocs rubber shoe… @_@

I look so dwarf short!

Photo by Jenny

A photo with the lenglui Grand Prize Winner, Michelle.

photo by Jenny

My new friend, Jenny. We kenal at the wash room…before heading to Maju Palace. Hahaha!

I am One Lucky & Happy Winner!

Thank you KC Wong for pinjam-ing me the photos above. Nice meeting you in person too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Time is moving fast.

Time is moving fast. I mean real fast.

Before I could realize, its already end of the year. I don’t really remember what have I done throughout the year other than eating. HAHAHA!
It is true that TIME wait for no one.

I wish I could adjust the time. Hoping that the working hours could move faster and the non-working days could move a little slower. hehehe…. I know this wish will never come true. Hence, I do not understand why Alex still doesn’t want to install the wall clock despite us moving into our new house for almost a year. Maybe he doesn’t want to watch the ticking time.

Time is moving fast before we could really appreciate things. I must really fill my time with more HAPPINESS!

Yes…happy news came in recently. My friend Wanyi has just gave birth last week. Yays….I’ve naik pangkat to be a “Kai Ma”! ^_^

This photo was taken on February 2012, when I had a dream about Wanyi telling me she is pregnant on the week before we meet up. The dream became reality when Wanyi went home tested a positive pregnancy strip. We were happy for her!

On May, we even traveled together to Bangkok.

On 1st of November, proudly announcing the arrival of Abel Boy. The miracle of God’s creation!

CONGRATULATIONS to Wanyi & Yew Kong.

I am one happy Kai Ma! โ™ฅ

Look how adorable is Abel. The photocopy of Yew Kong. hahaha….

Alex said Abel is Yew Kong & Wanyi’s iPhone 6. Since they both kinda like Apple products. Hehehe….

I’ve visited 3 Buddhist Temple in Kelantan

During my past trip to Kelantan, our friend Jimmy has brought us to 3 large Buddhist temple on 2 different days. The architectural of the temples looks so similar to those in Thailand. Why ar? Probably because of the distance which is near to Thailand..therefore most of the founder are Thais. Apart from that, the name of the temples here begin with “WAT” or better known as Temple in Thai. Am quite surprise to see such nice temples there.

1) Wat Machimmaram

Address: Kg. Jubakar, 16200 Tumpat, Kelantan
Telephone: 09-7256769

Our first stop was at Wat Machimmaram. Known as sitting buddha. It reminds me of Hong Kong’s Tian Tan Buddha at Lantau Island. Wat Machimmaram claimed as the 2nd largest sitting Buddha in South-east Asia. Height is 30 meter and with the lotus base width of 47 meter. Some said the lip is made of gold.

Alex looks like a CD seller…hahahhaha…. ^^

Alex & I

Then, this “gay” couple request for a photoshoot. LOL!!

But after its done, then only I realized Mr. Laang’s eyes were closed. So, he asked me to edit and put a pair of eyes for him.

So, this was what I did…the result..which matches him very well. hehehe…

Gorgeous dragon carving on the columns.

Noticed a blooming lotus which I love it.

I think Jimmy was giving a story telling class. As usual..I do not pay attention..just like if I travel by tours, the tour leader will be telling story and I’ll be either roaming around, taking photos or yawning…and sometimes sleeping. HAHAHA!

2) Wat Pikulthong

Address: Kg. Terbak, 16200 Tumpat, Kelantan
Telephone: 09-7257153

a small welcoming standing buddha at the entrance. Noticed the architectural of the building? This is what I meant by influential of Thai and Chinese culture.

I think they are doing some upgrading works..I noticed the paint works were pretty new.

The sun was extremely glaring. And it was burning hot..I hardly open my eyes. Therefore I frown a little ^^

More steps to go…..

This is what I came for. The glorious standing buddha with the height of 36 meter.

Other than the standing buddha…we also came here for this ‘Khao Jam’ which is popular among the locals.ย  Also known as ‘green nasi kerabu’ or salad rice. A satisfying plate of rice for just RM1.80. You heard me right?

Porridge with chicken strips.

Ingredients to prepare “Som Tam” or Thai Papaya Salad.

An appetizing plate of “som tam”.

We were interested on these BBQ chicken wings too. And we ordered each person a piece.

BBQ Chicken Wings were surprisingly good. Well marinated, tasty and not overcooked.

We settled our lunch here. Its a small wooden hut pretty visible once you enter Wat Pikulthong. You may find it uneasy dining here with houseflies and stray dogs admiring you. Anyway…I did not “lau sai”… =p

3) Wat Photivihan

Address: Kampung Jambu, 16200 Tumpat, Kelantan
Telephone: 09-7193019, 019-9586322

Wat Photivihan known as sleeping/ reclining buddha is is one of the biggest Buddhist Temple in South-East Asia. It is 40meter long..longer than the one in Penang, which is 33meter. Siew Liek told me that those dead people’s ashes jar are placed under this sleeping buddha.

Had a good time visiting these popular temples in Kelantan. I was told by Jimmy that most of the Buddhist temples here are funded by King of Thailand. Really an eye opener to see such beautiful temples in Kelantan, often mentioned as Islamic state.

Kota Bharu, Kelantan…not bad at all..

Traveling together with a large group of friends somehow reminds me of my school days where we used to attend those ‘rombongan sambil belajar’.

My recent trip to Kota Bharu , reason to attend a wedding and at the same time to spend to travel around KB. Tat rented 2 units of serviced apartment for all of us at Kondominium Pelangi Mall.

photo stolen from Jimmy

meeting in our apartment ^^

Our room has nice view too….view of ‘teh tarik’ river.

Come to Kelantan must never forget to try their nasi dagang. I thought nasi dagang is from Terengganu. Then I asked mummy who came from Terengganu…she told me they are different in terms of rice. Nasi dagang in Terengganu, the rice is whiter.

My breakfast of day 1 was a pack of nasi dagang with curry ikan tongkol(fish) and 1/2 egg for RM3.30.

Kota Bharu is the state capital of Kelantan. Though Kelantan is ruled by the Islamic Party..yet there are many Siam Buddhist temple, probably due to the influential by the Thais which is very near to Kelantan. (will blog about the temples in my next post)

Our so-called tour guide,Jimmy brought us here, Siti Khadijah Market in Kota Bharu town.

My friend, Rock told me this market is unique because most traders are women. Here at this market, you can get many local products.

Come to Kelantan…must not forget to bring home some keropok ikan(fish crackers) too….

Makcik packing my keropoks…Weeee….happy purchase ๐Ÿ˜‰

fancy these jars of ‘jeruk’?

Then we came to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Located about 10km from Kota Bharu) which was formerly named as Pantai Cinta Berahi / Passionate Love. So, now its call ‘Moonlight Beach’. There must be a reason they changed the name. Probably people there are sensitive with the word “berahi”/passion.

I Love the photo outcome of this place. โ™ฅ

Don’t you agree that this place is beautiful? I’m using this photo as my PC’s wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜‰

Siew Liek told me, huge rocks were placed along the beach because of the erosion.

Oppa KB Style?

phew….panas sungguh cuaca hari ini…

Alex and I

My BF of the day…. ^^

Lets order some coconut drink to quench our thirst. Told you right…we are like a bunch of students. =p

Enjoying a coconut drink under the hut surrounded by coconut trees feels so good. You can’t have this kind of feel in KL city.

I’ve not seen those drinks, sarsi & ice cream soda in the bottle. Have you?

Some of our friends left KB a day earlier than us. Later in the afternoon…..we came to Pantai Sri Tujuh (about 17km from Kota Bharu town), is one of the famous beach in Kelantan.

Its an eye sore to see rubbish were thrown everywhere…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

work of a creative person.

Take 1 – High Jump

Take 2 – Then I requested something rather funny one.

Do you miss this kind of ice cream? Though it would not taste as creamy or as good as those luxurious brand…but it reminds me of school days ๐Ÿ˜‰

The power of technology. Shoot and post! I love the sun glare above Jimmy’s headย  ^^

Then I bought a big grilled corn for RM2.50 from a foodstall near the beach.

We had our Thai food dinner here. But the food was just, I didn’t bother to take down the details.

Say goodbye to Kota Bharu…we travel back to KL on a morning flight.

Thank you to Jimmy, Tat & Siew Liek for the hospitality ๐Ÿ˜‰


I was at Kota Bharu, Kelantan the past weekend to attend a UNI fren’s wedding.

When Tat announced his actual wedding date and its gonna held at his hometown, Kota Bharu…we, a group of friends managed to grab cheap flight tickets. We did not bother to drive because of the long hours journey. We took a night flight and reached KB almost 11pm. (about 1 hour flight). The wedding was on Friday.

A date to remember….

I love the color combination of the hand bouquet. So elegant…

During my time…because I need to travel far..instead of real flowers, the bridal shop suggested to make a hand bouquet using ferroro roche chocolate.

White color car really goes well with any color ribbons.

It was one fine day…no rain but a sunny day.

The groom together with his fellow mates @heng dais were all ready for the important day. (dress-code : white shirt with black short pants)

Wasn’t quite sure if the groom was nervous. Forgot to interview him ^_^

Obviously you can’t fetch the bride easily…the guys have to go through some games given by the gals @ji muis…from the bride side.

The jimuis treated the hengdais so good…at least they were not fed with disgusting stuff…you know what I mean rite?And also waxing..hehe…

@_@ Kesian Khong Hean…been treated as Barbie Doll

Torturing? Nahh….these guys looks like they were having fun.

A photo with busy HB =p


A photo captured at Tat‘s uncle’s shop during tea ceremony.

Night session during wedding dinner held at Grand Riverview Hotel.

Oppss…such a coincident that I wore the same color dress as the bride =p

Walk down the aisle….

Toast to the couple. Wish them a blissful marriage.

Once again Congratulations to Tat & Siew Liek. Wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness! โ™ฅ

Lunch @ Pasta Zanmai, Midvalley Megamall

Last month we had a complete 5 jimui gathering. Myself, Ashley, Wanyi, Nic & Vivi. Nic suggested Pasta Zanmai which is located at 1st floor of Midvalley Megamall. Pasta Zanmai is the sister of Sushi Zanmai. It was my first time dining here, same goes to most of them. Therefore we went ahead with the plan. The name comes with the word ‘pasta’, true enough the menu mostly consist of pastas!

It was 12pm and its already lunch time. I see the restaurant is quite full. But no problem in getting a table for 5 of us.

These chopsticks come in a handy way. Since its a wooden chopstick, I assume it will be thrown after usage. ^^

After reading the menu and place our orders, then we would like to order Green Tea for our drink. *sweat* Didn’t know order green tea also can be so much of hassle. Here’s the conversation….

We : Would like to order a jug of green tea with 5 empty glass pls. Bcos there are 5 of us.

Waitress A : Sorry, we can only give 3 glasses for a jug of green tea. But the green tea is refillable.

We : But there are 5 of us! So, if a jug is for 3 person, how about we order a jug of green tea and another additional 2 cups of green tea?

Waitress A : Sorry, we don’t serve green tea in cup.

We : *started to get benggang already* Fine! Then just 1 jug of green tea.

Then we asked from another waiter who brought us the jug of tea, whether can he bring us another 2 empty cups. He then answered “I can’t do that. But I can bring 2 cups of plain water for you”. Well….at least he gave us a better option! Thank you.

Agedashi Tofuย (sorry, forgot the price). Tofu was smooth but the gravy was quite salty!

The beautiful runny egg + teriyaki chicken + rice, stir well…it result was quite good.

The food above comes in a set of 2 items (serving size – average). There are several sets for you to choose. We chose 3 different sets to be shared among us. So sorry that I’ve forgotten the names. And I forgotten to keep the receipt. (Duno busy doing what oso @_@). But I do remember each set are price at RM25. The overall taste was not too bad la…but I minus marks due to the inconsistency spaghetti. Not well cooked. Some were still hard! Their pizza is the only thing I like. Thin and crispy crust. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Time to feast! :-p

From left; Wanyi , Ashley , Vivi , Nic and Myself.

PASTA ZANMAI (Mid Valley Megamall)
(near Toys R Us)
Lot F-051, First Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.

TEL : 03 – 2283 2160
FAX : 03 – 2282 6448


Vivi and Nic left earlier. Ashley, Wanyi and I felt thirsty later. So, we thought why not drop by Snowflake for a bowl of dessert and a drink. *As usual…the place was crowded! Need to grab a seat ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We tried Ochaโ€™Ryo (RM7.90), new in their menu. The shaved ice (bottom) is made of green tea. It was quite smooth, feels as though I was having green tea ice cream. Topped with red beans, baby pearls and black sesame balls.

I also ordered a cup of Lime Jade Jelly Green Tea (RM5.50) for myself.

*why my face looks so tired here huh??*

Yeah…TGIF and long weekend! A toast to everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Off Topic: Understand that its going to be a long Raya break for most of the Malaysians…wish everyone Happy Holidays and Selamat Hari Raya. These few days while driving to and from work, I noticed there’s many road accidents on highway. Please remember to drive safely on road.

Dinner @ South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang

On one fine Sunday, Alex and I decided to make arrangements with Alan and Yau for dinner. So I told Alex to discuss with Alan on the venue. My goodness…this 2 guys can really drag! So ‘po mah’… For 1 whole afternoon, still not decided yet. *pengsan*

Luckily Yau gave a suggestion and there goes our yummy seafood dinner at South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang. However she did warn us that its a lil pricey to dine here. No doubt the food is good la…

South Sea Seafood Restaurant is located near the Subang airport (can watch aeroplane while eating crabs). Moreover the food here is Halal. It would be good for the Muslim diners to enjoy nice Chinese Seafood with the Halal sign ya.

South Sea Seafood Restaurant started its business since year 1989 with just a simple building. Besides that, we did not face any parking problem here. There’s an open air car park space just across the rood, opposite of South Sea. Parking is free.

It was quite crowded. But we still manage to get a table for 4. The environment here is not bad. And its clean too!

Yeahhh…a trip to Aquaria!! hehehe….You can see there are many fresh seafood in those tanks.

Types of crabs and lobsters.

Anybody fancy the Geoduck? But they are quite expensive T_T

These Razor Clams are so fat!! Well…I think I still prefer the moderate size.

So, this is the famous ‘Empurau’ – RM70/kg! Have you tried it? How it taste like? Is it really nice?

Alan recommended this Barbecue Squid – RM18.00. Crunchy and tasty squid. Love the tentacles.

I then ordered a ‘Xiong Tong Lala’ – RM28. The lala is not big. But they are plump and juicy. Nevertheless I love the soup very much. Finished till the last drop. haha…The soup was flavorful and abit spicy (red cili padi and ginger).

Garlic & Pepper Mantis Prawn – RM28

Crispy batter mantis prawn flesh.

A vege dish to balance our diet. We chose Yin Yong Kailan – RM16. The leaves were deep fried till crisp. While the stem were stir fry.

Presenting you, star of the night! Deng Deng Deng Deng…….. Butter Crab – RM47/ piece. The gravy is best to consume when it hot. Woot Woot. This plate of crab was finger licking good!! The not too big crab was fresh and the flesh is sweet and firm.

I like eating crabs. Any cooking style will be fine for me. Guess as long as the crabs are matter how you cook them it definitely taste good too. I usually eat the ‘kaki’ first then only I’ll go for the claw. Save the best to the last ma….

These fried buns are ideal for dipping into the crab’s gravy. 6 piece of bun is price at RM4.20.

We enjoyed our dinner here. Thank Yau for recommending this place. Would love to return for more food! ๐Ÿ™‚

South Sea Seafood Restaurant
No 229, Jalan 2A,
Kampung Baru Subang,
40000 Subang, Selangor

GPS: 3.140688,101.54691
Tel: 03-7846 1401

Happy Birthday Baby Alysha

Two weeks ago, Sin Wei invited me to her daughter’s 1 year old birthday party at Royale Bintang Seremban. Time flies…so fast Baby Alysha is now 1 year old. I can still remember the day she was born and then fullmoon, where I took some portraits of her. Makes me wonder..children these days grows really fast. Hence watching their growing stages is the most memorable ones to every parents.

When she was 1 month old…….

The birthday celebration was held at Asiatique Restaurant.

Mickey & Minnie Theme for the birthday gal. Hhmm…mummy really puts alot of effort for tonight.

The cupcake tower.

A Minnie Mouse arch

It was a buffet dinner. So, I started with a plate of fresh sashimi. Salmon & tuna was very laku. When I took an empty plate to fill…all salmon & tuna finished. Leaving only octopus. No choice but to ask the staff to replenish.

I topped the sushi with some golden fish roe.

Udon, Tempura & Mussels. There were also some BBQ food. However the buffet dinner was just average.

Lovely Mummy Minnie & Adorable Minnie Alysha

Lets sing a birthday song for the birthday gal.

Alysha is so chubby and cute..feel like cubit-ing her.

Both Sin Wei & Wei Chi are my school friends. Ok lar…we adults also want to act cute ma… ^_^

A photo of me & HB. Ahemmm….how come HB looks like put on alot of weight in this photo?? Shhhh..I think is my bad …lately I fed him alot of food. haha…But I think Mother in law will be happy to see that his son is well fed rite? ahahah..

Once again…


Lunch @ WATAMI Japanese Casual Restaurant , Pavilion KL

When I was browsing through Pavilion’s FB Page…I saw they posted about WATAMI Japanese Casual Restaurant. Well..since I’ll be meeting the gals at Pavilion, KL…so I suggested to lunch at WATAMI. A new place for us to dine…so, why not give it a try.

“Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is a new type of tavern that concentrates on providing food with less emphasis on alcohol at affordable prices. It serves delicious Japanese food and drinks in a comfortable atmosphere. The dining environment is good for causal gathering and family.”

Why do they name it ‘casual’?? I see it as quite ‘class’ also ler…

The Interior & also the nice wall deco. *Creative idea.

Looking through the ala-carte and set menu, we were more interested on the set menu. We’ll be able to try more types of dishes.

We took the order of ‘Value Set for 2 at RM100++’.

Though it says Set for 2…But the amount and types of food in this set able to eat for 3 person. Ashley, Wanyi & I…we were struggling to finish the food!

Wafu Pizza. Very thin crisp pizza topped with Teriyaki Chicken. A savory dish! My first time seeing pizza served in a Japanese restaurant.

Ashley working on the pizza.

Onsen Tamago Caeser Salad. Fresh lettuce, cherry tomato, onions, hot spring egg, tasty chicken slices and lastly sprinkled with cheese powder and cream sauce. It was a good salad!

Wanyi working on the pizza.

How bout me le? Working on what? Think Think…Oh ya…I worked on the ‘Hot Pot’. hahah…

2 plates of Ni Hotate Sushi. Cooked scallop sushi. Not sure why both plates don’t taste the same. 1 was fine…while the other plate..the scallops were rather rubbery. *Chew chew chew*

Crispy Chicken & Potato. Deep fried chicken with french fries. I like the fried chicken very much. The meat was juicy and tender with real crispy batter…hmm…not sure what secret ingredient they uses lar…But I tasted the hint of ‘nam yee’ (fermented red bean cube).

Shio Chanko Nabe. Something like sukiyaki. Tofu, vege, enoki & shitaki mushrooms, egg with tasty and delicious broth.

You can choose 1 of 3 types of rice noodles. Udon, Ramen and Gohan. So we chose Udon.

(From Left to Right) Green Citrus Yuzu Marmalade Soda, Green Citrus Soda. I preferred Green Citrus Yuzu Marmalade Soda!!

Goma Ice Cream(Sesame Ice Cream) & Matcha Ice Cream(Green Tea Ice Cream). Here, I find that their sesame ice cream is smooth and creamy.

Food : 8/10

Price : 7/10

Service : 7/10

Watami Malaysia @ Pavilion KL
C4.04.00, Level 4, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-2141 6671

Pimp your kicks from KUMO by Leng Yein

I’ve been keeping track on Leng Yein’s FB updates. (am just a silent reader but not a stalker ^^) Knew about her ups and downs. Well…it doesn’t matter anyway…I know she is hardworking and strong. She now spent most of her money onto her new branding, which she was aiming and planned earlier.

KUMO by Leng Yein, located at Tokyo Street of Pavilion KL. Opened for business since April 2012. When I knew about it, I dragged my GFs to pay a visit. hehe….

Apparently KUMO is selling varieties of cool and funky shoe accessories for people who love to create a ‘new look’ for their shoes.

The Interior (By the way…I like the vibrant colors of the paper bags!)

Adorable Poppies price starts from RM18

Cool Wings are price at RM150/ pair

Okie…I started off with something simple 1st. In future will purchase more so that my shoes can ‘make up’ abit. ^^

Ashley trying out the “Hello Kitty” frames. Haha….so cute lahh…She was forced to use this photo as her FB profile picture. *nice wat…

Varieties of “Hello Kitty” frames. Price starts from RM35.

My fuchsia color ribbon poppie for RM18. Does it resemble Hello Kitty??

Pimp your kicks from KUMO by Leng Yein. So, what do you think? Matches my shoe or not?

P6.18.00 & P6.19.00 ,
Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Facebook Pageย ย 

Remark: This shop has closed down. Thank you.